Best answer: You can indeed use a meat thermometer when you're cooking with your Joule. It's a super-smart way to ensure proteins are cooked thoroughly. You simply need to pick up some sous vide sealing tape to protect the integrity of your vacuum-packed food.

Flesh it out

A probe-style meat thermometer is something all ambitious home cooks should own. Using a thermometer when cooking roasts, ribs, steaks, chops, chicken, and fish is a great way to ensure your food has reached the correct temperature inside. While you can enjoy beef rare, no-one in the world wants to find out their chicken is still pink. Sous vide cooking, when you vacuum seal food and cook it slowly in a water bath, is a classic case for needing a thermometer as you can't easily access the food to check for "doneness."

Check your sous vide

You can use a probe when cooking via sous vide, but first, you need to apply a small length of sous vide sealing tape to the side of your bag and use the thermometer through the taped off section. When you remove the probe, this specialist tape will then expand to cover the hole you've made in your bag. Once you've removed the food from the water bath and plastic bag, you can use the probe meat thermometer again in the more traditional way of inserting it directly into the food to double-check the temperature is what it should be.

Water baby

Joule Sous Vide

Sous vide loca

Connected, small and sleek, you can manage the Joule sous vide wand via an Apple or Android device to whip up perfectly cooked dishes.

Tale of the tape

Julabo Sous Vide Adhesive Sealing Tape

Penetration protection

Safe for use with all types of food and FDA compliant, this tape will protect your vacuum-sealed food when you use a probe or needle style meat thermometer.

Poker ace

ThermoPro Thermocouple Meat Thermometer

High steaks

This thermometer will give you an accurate to half a degree reading on its easy to see the display in three seconds. When you're not using it, stick it to your fridge with its magnetic back.

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