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Best answer: No, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a dedicated handheld device and does not include the internal hardware necessary for it to connect to TVs.

Can I connect Switch Lite to TV?

Simply put, no, you cannot. Looking for more detailed answers? Keep reading.

Can I connect Switch Lite to TV? The focus of the Switch Lite is different

When Nintendo first announced the Nintendo Switch, one of its main selling points was versatility. The idea of having a console you can play on your TV and you can take with you is a powerful one. However, it turns out most people were simply using it in handheld mode and not connecting it to larger displays.

Nintendo has been gathering data on how we use our Nintendo Switch consoles, and the overwhelming consensus for the Switch is that people more often than not play in handheld mode. I think we all knew that to be the case, but Nintendo has taken it to heart and made the Nintendo Switch Lite solely an on-the-go device for this reason.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is currently available for just $200. That's a $100 saving over the original Switch. It is available in five different colors; coral, yellow, turquoise, blue, and gray. Not sure what titles to start with? Check out these Nintendo Switch Lite games.

Does the Switch Lite fit in the Nintendo Switch Dock?

No, it definitely does not. If you can imagine the original Nintendo Switch with one Joy-Con missing, that's about the size of the Switch Lite. You will only risk damaging your Switch Lite unnecessarily if you try to dock it this way.

Could I use cables to get the Switch Lite to show up on my TV without docking it?

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So you want to know if you can bypass the Dock and simply use cables to connect the Switch Lite to your TV? Unfortunately, this isn't possible. Nintendo didn't include the necessary hardware inside the Switch Lite to work with a TV. This isn't too surprising considering that Nintendo typically doesn't like people using their devices for anything other than the intended use.

It's probably for the better that this isn't possible. The original Switch was designed to have a resolution of up to 720p in handheld mode and resolution up to 1080p when docked. If you somehow can mirror the Switch Lite screen to a TV, it will still show in 720p, which would look horrible on a large TV.

Nintendo Switch Mini

Nintendo Switch Lite Blue

Nintendo Switch Lite - Handheld console

A smaller, less expensive Nintendo gaming system

This mini version of the Nintendo Switch works solely in handheld mode. It uses the same cartridges as the standard Nintendo Switch and can link with standard Switches to play local co-op games. Pre-order it now.

On the docks

Switch Oled Product Shot

Nintendo Switch OLED model

A new and improved Nintendo Switch

If you do want to play Nintendo Switch games on your TV, you'll want to opt for any system that comes with a dock. The Switch OLED model not only offers a docked TV experience, but an improved OLED screen that will make your games pop in handheld mode.

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