Can you replace the battery on Ultimate Ears Boom 3?

Can you replace the battery on Ultimate Ears Boom 3?

Best answer: Technically yes, but that doesn't mean you should. The Ultimate Boom 3 is a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, so you shouldn't really need to replace the battery unless there's a serious issue. Plus, pulling your speaker apart to make any changes will void your warranty.Amazon: UE Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker ($130)

Built to last

To say the Boom 3's design was well-tested is putting it mildly. It passed more than 25 durability tests, including drop tests, tumble tests, button pushing tests, and more. It's completely waterproof, boasting a IP67 water and dustproof rating, and can be totally submerged for up to a half hour (which shouldn't even happen, as it floats).

What's more, the exterior of the speaker is covered in a special light-shifting fabric originally engineered for fire equipment and motorcycle jackets. It's meant for action, meaning that as long as everything is functioning properly when you open the box, no drop, jostle, or flood should harm your battery, eliminating the need for replacements due to accidents. If the speaker is physically damaged enough for the battery to need changing, it's likely you've got much bigger issues to worry about.

Decent battery life

Outfitted with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, the Boom 3 can keep the jams, podcasts, audiobooks, and whatever else you listen to coming for up to 15 straight hours on a single charge, depending on environmental factors. When the power runs dry, you can whip out your trusty micro USB cable plug your speaker into a wall socket or other USB-friendly port to juice it back up. There's also the Power Up, which is an Ultimate Ears-branded charger that gets rid of any unsightly wires.

Since it's all rechargeable, there's just no need to replace the whole battery.

Protected by warranty

Worst case scenario, you start having power issues right out of the box due to a manufacturing error. If this happens, you still shouldn't have to replace your battery on your own. Each Boom 3 speaker comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty, meaning that if your battery is faulty from the get-go, you can get a refund or a replacement speaker by contacting Ultimate Ears or returning it to the retailer who sold it to you.

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