Can you wear the Fitbit Inspire as a clip?

Can you wear the Fitbit Inspire as a clip?

Best answer: Yes, the Fitbit Inspire can be worn as a clip in "On Clip" mode, using a clip accessory and attaching it to your belt, waistband, pocket, or bra.The Fitbit itself: Fitbit Inspire (opens in new tab) ($70 at Fitbit)The clip accessory you need: Fitbit Inspire Accessory Clip (opens in new tab) ($20 at Amazon)Alternative clip accessory: MENEEA Clip Holder Replacement for Fitbit (opens in new tab) ($9 at Amazon)

How does it work?

Sometimes you may not want to wear your Fitbit Inspire with a band around your wrist. You're in luck, because the Fitbit Inspire can indeed be worn as a clip. Note that the Fitbit Inspire HR cannot, however, as it needs to be on your wrist to detect your heart rate.

When wearing the Fitbit Inspire as a clip, you must put it into "On Clip" mode in order to ensure maximum accuracy. Here's how you do it:

  1. Press the button down and hold for two seconds.
  2. Swipe up and you'll see "On Wrist" mode.
  3. Tap on On Clip and then insert the Inspire into the clip accessory.

Be sure to go back to "On Wrist" mode if and when you place it back into a band to wear on your wrist.

In order to wear your Fitbit Inspire as a clip, you'll need to purchase a clip accessory, which isn't included with a Fitbit Inspire. Remove the Fitbit Inspire's band and place it into the clip accessory. The clip can then be attached to your belt, waistband, pocket, or bra.

A few other tips: You must use the clip accessory, since the Fitbit Inspire is not meant to contact the skin directly. You'll want to wear it with the Fitbit Inspire facing out. You also might want to place the Fitbit Inspire into the clip accessory upside down, if you're going to be looking down at it.

Fitbit sells an official clip accessory on its website, but there are cheaper third-party ones also available on sites like Amazon.

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