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All this discourse about social distancing and self-isolation led to the misinformation that no one is allowed to go outside. Contrary to what everyone thinks, you actually can, but you need to maintain a six-feet distance from everyone else. That's not too bad, right?

Getting cooped up at home for extended periods can take a toll on your mental health, so make it a point to go outside and take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. And while you're at it, why not put your photography skills to the test? Pick up these premium Lemuro lenses to bring your iPhone photography A-game. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, they'll quickly turn your love of snapping the perfect shot into a full-blown hobby by making these professional-grade lenses more affordable and portable.

For Highly Detailed Close-Ups

For close-up shots, this 25mm macro lens is a great option. It lets you shoot amazing 10x magnified close-ups, allowing you to enjoy images in stunning clarity. It has a removable diffuser hood and a curved-shape protrusion to help the camera focus quicker than usual and capture snaps with even light across the entire surface. Normally $94.90, it's now on sale for $75.95.

For Reality-Bending Distorted Shots

View things from an entirely different perspective with this fisheye lens, which features a 238° viewing angle, an 8mm focal length, and a compact design, giving you GoPro-like shots. It lets you experiment with creative shots, from urban snapshots to aesthetic shots to even action images. Grab it on sale for $79.95.

For an Expanded, Extra-Wide View

Expand your camera's field-of-view with this 18mm wide lens that lets you capture images from an impressive 110° wide-angle. If you're walking around the city, it's ideal for capturing the beauty of landscapes, architecture, streets, and alleyways. Snag it on sale for only $79.95.

For Professional-Grade Portraits

This 60mm lens does a stellar job in capturing portraits. It doubles your iPhone's optical zoom and isolates your subjects to create a stunning vintage effect and a shallow depth-of-field that even your native camera couldn't deliver. You can get one on sale for $83.95.

Lemuro iPhone Photo Case

Premium Lemuro lenses need to be accompanied by a high-quality case. This one ensures your phone gets the protection it needs and improves your smartphone's aesthetic with its sleek Italian design. It also comes with a smart lanyard hook that lets you safely tie your iPhone to either your wrist or neck with a strap. Usually $44, it's on sale now for $35.95.