Cardhop 2 for Mac, iPhone, and iPad gets huge new features and a new business model

Cardhop 2 Screenshot
Cardhop 2 Screenshot (Image credit: Flexibits)

What you need to know

  • Cardhop 2 brings some big new features to the app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • The update is free with a subscription model unlocking some features.
  • The new model includes the excellent Fantastical app under a single subscription.

Flexibits today announced a new version of its popular contacts app Cardhop, adding new features for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This release also ushers in a new subscription model that brings both Cardhop and Fantastical under the same roof.

Starting with the Cardhop 2.0 update, users can look forward to new natural language inputs that make it easier than ever to make changes to existing contacts. You'll also be able to interact with contacts just by typing what you need to do.

Parser Cardhop

Parser Cardhop (Image credit: Flexibits)

Until now, managing and interacting with your contacts has been a real frustration. Cardhop's magical parsing engine is incredibly intuitive and lets you search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts with one simple sentence. Best of all, Cardhop automatically uses the built-in contacts, so there is zero configuration.Just type in "John G" and John's card will instantly appear. Or enter "Sarah Smith" and Cardhop will add a new contact to Sarah's card. Or type in "call Matthew S" and Cardhop will instantly start a phone call with Matthew.

Another new feature is relationships, allowing users to configure family trees and even company org charts for easier linking of people and their contact data. And because this is a Flexibits app you can leverage the power of Fantastical to invite contacts to meetings right from within Cardhop, too.

There's a ton to like here, and I haven't even mentioned the customizable widgets or the ability to scan business cards and have the data used to create a new contact, either.

Relationships Cardhop

Relationships Cardhop (Image credit: Flexibits)

In terms of the new subscription model, Flexibits seems to be doing the right thing. Existing Cardhop owners will get all of the features that they previously paid for even if they don't subscribe to Flexibits Premium – the new subscription offering that's priced at $4.99 per month or at a discount annually. There's a family plan available for $7.99 per month and $64.99 annually as well.

Both subscriptions get you access to Fantastical's full feature set as well, and existing Fantastical Premium subscribers will be switched to Flexibits Premium users automatically. You'll effectively get Cardhop 2 for free.

You can find further details about what Cardhop has to offer on the Flexibits website, too.

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