CASETIFY drops second collection of Pokémon mobile accessories

CASETIFY Pokémon Drop 2

CASETIFY and Pokémon are back at it again with the new Drop 2 collection of Pokémon-related iPhone and Samsung cases, AirPods cases, stick-on phone wallets, wireless charging pads, and more. This is following the super mega-successful Drop 1 launch back in May. There will be a total of three drops for the CASETIFY Pokémon collection.

The first drop of Pokémon-related accessories had a waitlist of 50,000 customers and everything sold out within 72 hours. The most popular item appeared to be the AirPods cases, as that seemed to be the first item to sell out completely.

In Drop 2, which is appropriately dubbed the "Pokédex" collection, customers can customize their accessories with their choice of Pokémon from the original 151 first-gen pocket monsters. So whether you're a Charizard fan or just love Slowpoke, there's going to be an accessory for you. CASETIFY is also bringing back some of the best-sellers from the first collection, so if you weren't able to snag something back then, this would be a good opportunity. The items in the Pokémon collection start at $25 and go up from there, depending on the accessory.

Casetify Pokémon Impact and Neon Sand

I got to take a look at CASETIFY's Pokémon Collection Impact and Neon Sand in my original review, and I found the cases to be sturdy, durable, and well-made. They offer fantastic protection and allow you to express your love for Pokémon in fun and bold ways. My personal favorite out of the two was the Impact because it was super easy to get on and off, and the case itself did not add much bulk to my iPhone XS.

CASETIFY's Pokémon collection is the first collaboration to show off CASETIFY's new creative program, CASETIFY Co-Lab. With the Co-Lab Program, it allows top brands and artists from around the globe to be creators of exclusive and never-before-seen products under CASETIFY's direction.

These new Pokémon collection accessories from CASETIFY will also be available offline through in-store activations, including Landmark in Hong Kong. There will also be pop-up stores in Los Angeles, London, and Paris in the coming months.

If you sign up for Priority Access, the collection will be available to purchase on July 9 at 9 pm PST. For everyone else, the collection will be available July 10 starting at 6 am PST.


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