Best of Casetify's Special Edition HEINZ Accessories for iPhone and More iMore 2022

Through its Co-Lab program, Casetify offers attractive new special-edition accessories each year. Among these are Apple Watch bands, iPhone cases, AirPod Pro cases, and more. The latest collaboration is the HEINZ + Casetify collection launched in celebration of National Ketchup Day. The lineup is Casetify's first that's food-focused. Check out these fantastic pieces, including our favorites.

Ketchup Floaty Case

Unique and eye-catching: Ketchup Floaties Case

Staff Pick

The floaty iPhone cases from Casetify are protective and shockproof, made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). This compelling case includes floating ketchup bottles and French fries images that move when you shake or move your phone. It's available for the iPhone 11 series only.

$50 at Casetify
Heinz AirPods Pro Case

Protect your tunes: Ketchup Shelf Case for AirPods Pro

At only 1.2mm slim, you can count on the Casetify AirPods Pro Case to keep your tech safe from drops, dirt, and scratches. This is just one of many HEINZ Shelf Cases available for Apple's popular earbuds. This is not for the regular AirPods.

$35 at Casetify
Heinz Wireless Charger Red 20casetify

Look, no hands: It Has to be HEINZ wireless charging pad

Casetify's signature Saffiano wireless charging pad is compatible with phones and devices that support wireless charging, including iPhone and the current-generation AirPods (with wireless charging case). It's available in different styles.

$49 at Casetify
Heinz Keystone Band

Soft and comfortable: HEINZ Keystone Apple Watch Band

This printed leather Apple Watch band is made of water- and scratch-resistant saffiano leather for everyday use. The material is soft, and the unique cross-hatch pattern ensures a vibrant color finishing. It fits all generation Apple Watches and it's available in various styles.

$52 at Casetify
Heinz Keystone Case Macbook Casetify

Cover your MacBook: HEINZ Keystone Case

Available for different MacBook models, this sleek and minimal case provides maximum yet lightweight protection. The vent holes engineered at the bottom of the case allows the device to ventilate properly.

$55 at Casetify
Heinz Packet Quilt Case

Squeezable: HEINZ Packet Quilt Case

This unique case for the iPhone 11 series was created in honor of the best way to get ketchup out of the packet. And yes, it feels like a quilt to the touch!

$50 at Casetify
Heinz Custom Casetify

Leave your mark: Heinz Custom Case

Add your name to the iconic Heinz label on this custom case for the iPhone 11 series. It's available for Casetify's Impact and Puffy cases.

from $45 at Casetify
Heinz Airpods Case Casetify

For regular AirPods: It Has to be HEINZ (White) for AirPods

The Casetify AirPods Case keeps your tech safe and tells everyone just how much you love America's No. 1 ketchup. For regular AirPods only.

$35 at Casetify
Heinz Red Checker Iphone Stand Casetify

Up you go, iPhone: Red Checker Grip Stand

Keep your phone upright and stream-ready with this adhesive-shaped Grip Stand. Pull the band out, and it'll prop up your gear like a mini kickstand.

$25 from Casetify

Hold the mustard

If you're a Heinz fan, you're going to love this exclusive collection of accessories from Casetify. Featuring the iconic Heinz logo in various ways and designs, the collection includes cases for the iPhone 11 series, AirPods, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, and Mac.

Our favorite item is the Ketchup Floaties Case for iPhone, that's both protective and shockproof. Because it features floating ketchup bottle and French fries images, it's sure to turn more than a few heads. The Heinz Custom Case is another winner. You can have Casetify add your name to the Heinz logo to make it unique.

Finally, there's the HEINZ Packet Quilt Case, which feels like a quilt to the touch! It will protect your iPhone for many years to come.

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