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This year, file your beta bugs early

When it comes to reporting bugs on Apple's betas, get them in before it's too late.

Filing radars—the popular term for submitting problems to Apple's bug reporting system—is a lot of work. What's more, it almost never results in any official recognition or appreciation, and sometimes it feels like an exercise in frustration and futility. Yet filing radars remains invaluable to the engineers inside Apple, and the sooner you file, the better it is for everyone, especially your shared customers.

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An introduction to WebKit content blockers

I'm not sure what to think of content blockers in Apple's Safari for iPhone and iPad browser, and the technology that powers it, the open source WebKit.

As someone who makes content, I never block it. That's because I want more content and blocking it will lead to less. That said, I'm trying to understand content blocking and what it means not just for my work on the web, but my life on it.

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Code like a girl: The women of WWDC and the future of development

Our children are our future and women are half the planet.

Run the math and it's impossible not to see how important it is to get girls engaged in the community and empowered in the process. It's not just about our daughters, it's about our legacy and our destiny. WWDC 2015 was an important step in a better direction, but we all need to keep with the stepping. The video above highlights why.

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Here are our favorite #shotonapplewatch Instagram photos!

You showed us your best #shotonapplewatch photos, and here's our winner!

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iMore show 460 live! Join us now!

Join Serenity, Peter, Georgia, and Rene as they talk HomeKit and finish previewing WWDC 2015!

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iMore is hiring!

At iMore, we're dedicated to expanding your Apple universe.

That means helping anyone and everyone get the most from their Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and related products. Every day, we delight our audience with expert analysis, in-depth how-to content for beginners and experts alike, timely app and accessory reviews, and more. And we want your help!

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Is it more bugs... or more devices?

In the age of multiple devices, is managing them the biggest bug of all?

There have always been bugs and that won't change any time soon. Yet the bugs of today always feel more aggravating than the bugs of yesterday. Part of that could be the number or severity of the bugs, but part of it could also be the number and importance of the devices we all now use and want to enjoy.

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iMore show 459 live! Join us now!

It's that time of the week again, folks, so join the iMore team for all the news, views, and reviews for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and more!

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Photo Contest: Show us your best Camera Remote shots with Apple Watch!

Have you used the Apple Watch's Camera Remote feature? Show us on Instagram with #shotonapplewatch.

We love taking pictures with our iPhone here at iMore, and adding an Apple Watch into the fray has been an awesome new tool for iPhone photography. As such, we'd love to see any images you've taken with your iPhone and the Apple Watch's Camera Remote feature. Post them to Instagram and include the #shotonapplewatch hashtag, and we'll feature the very best on next Monday.

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How would you change Photos for OS X?

Photos for OS X brings Apple's new, system-live image and video service to the Mac.

That meant an end to Apple's traditional photography tools, iPhoto and Aperture, but in their place Photos for OX offers seamless integration with Photos for iOS. That includes sync for both content and edits via iCloud Photo Library. With optimized storage, only your most frequent, favorite, and recent images and videos take up space on your Mac's drive while the rest are stores a click-and-download away on Apple's servers. Yet, as much as Photos for OS X may have replaced iPhoto, it's left some Aperture users looking for more. So, what would you change?

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