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OS X Mavericks Finder Tags: Why they work the way they do

One of several new, pro-user friendly new features in OS X Mavericks is Finder Tags. On the surface, they work like any other tagging system, allowing you to categorize and later find files by association. But they also have quirks and oddities all their own. The reason for that can be found in how OS X handles metadata, both now and in the past. John Siracusa explains it like only John Siracusa can. Ars Technica:

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Google Nexus 5 now available... and the camera doesn't suck!

I missed linking to the Google Nexus 5 launch news, because, iPad Air. It's no secret I loved the original Nexus One by HTC, but didn't even bother getting the Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus. I did get the Nexus 4 and while it was serviceable, I liked the HTC One better. Now Google has announced - where by announced, I mean put on sale without benefit of an event or presentation of any kind - the Nexus 5. It looks to be something of a Nexus 7 2013 blasted by a shrink ray - slightly - and that might be a very good thing. 1080p, 5-inch display, with Android 4.4 KitKat, and, surprisingly, a camera that doesn't suck. I ordered one immediately, but Android Central's already gotten theirs, so check out everything they have to say, the come back here and let me know what you think!

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Indistinguishable from evil

I like to riff on Arthur C. Clarke by saying any company, sufficiently large, is indistinguishable from evil. I've used it before when Google failed to respect copyrights, trademarks, and, through their Motorola subsidiary engaged in a horrendous violation of the very spirit of standards-essential patents. And I'm using it again now to describe the actions of the Rockstar consortium - the entity that purchased Nortel and Novell patents, bankrolled by Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and others. They've now sued Google over search-related patents, which is an attack against the heart of Google's business, and it smacks of patent trolling, which is a fairly revolting practice.

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Which iPad Air did you get today? [Poll]

Which iPad Air did you get?

iPad Air day is drawing towards its conclusion, and hopefully by now everyone who was planning to pick one up on launch day – wherever you might be in the world – has had chance to. But now, we want to hear from you and find out which model you picked up in the end? We've been talking about how to decide which is the best model for you since the iPad Air first launched, but for many today was the time to put the talking to an end.

The iPad Air launch for pretty much everyone has been much smoother and less stressful than last months iPhone 5s launch. Stock seems to have been plentiful pretty much everywhere, and with in-store pickups and availability stretching to a number of third-party retailers as well, perhaps more of you actually found yourselves grabbing one today instead of waiting a while? Planned, off the cuff, whichever it may have been, which iPad Air did you get today?

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iPad Air launch day podcast LIVE! 9am PT, 12pm ET. Join us!

We're back and we've got the latest and greatest from Apple - the iPad Air. Join us as we talk all about the launch, and about the all new iOS device.

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iMore show LIVE! 8am PT, 11am ET - Join us!

Join Peter, Richard, and me for the live version of our iPad Air and iPad mini buyers guide! We'll be talking through upgrading, which models to get, how they compare, choosing the right capacity, color, and carrier, and more!

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Why Apple should be run like Bloomberg (or, you know, Apple)

Apple, like many big companies, gets confused for its stock. Like any public company, it's also subject to intense scrutiny, including from people who don't understand its position or business, or who simply want to take advantage of it. Felix Salmon does a great job explaining why that is, and what should be done about it. Reuters

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SMS, iMessage, BBM, Skype, Line, Twitter, Facebook: Which messaging systems do you use? [Poll]

Which messaging systems do you use?

My life is a series of dissonant beeps and buzzes. My friends and family contact me via Apple's iMessage or old-school SMS, which are at least both built into the same Messages app on iOS, and the former of which at least has a desktop app on OS X. We use Microsoft's Skype as our office phone system at Mobile Nations, so I that's firing away pretty much 24/7 as well (ironically, almost never because of our friends at Windows Phone Central). My colleagues over at CrackBerry use BlackBerry Messenger, so I get those too now. And, of course, the folks at Android Central use Google Hangouts, as do some of my legacy GTalk friends, so I get those in the Hangouts app, and erratically via Jabber in OS X Messages. (I get the occasional AIM there as well. Old school style.)

Twitter Direct Messages come in throughout the day as well. As do occasional messages. Once in a while a Facebook message will join them.

Then there's the wide world of communications and chat apps which seldom if ever cross my radar. The KakaoTalk and Lines that are so popular in Asia, the WhatsApp and Pinger and WeChat as well. Hell, even the Snapchat. (This must be what my parents felt like after finding out what music I was listening to when I was a kid.)

Unlike email, there's no universal protocol that "just works-ish" in every client. Almost every messaging service is garden walled up unto itself. Even if I knew what Line was, I doubt I could just log in with my iMessage ID and suddenly have all my contacts and messages just show up in their interface. Or my Skype chats show up in BBM. Or whatever.

And that sucks, literally, because it means I have to either leave a multitude of battery-draining apps open and the notifications that go with them, or risk finding important messages too late to really do anything about them. It's fragmented. And, frankly, it's maddening.

So that brings me to this poll. How are you handling your communications? Your instant messages? Your chats? Are you using a multitude of services like me? Or have you gotten every that matters to you all in one place, and that's it? Vote up top and then give me the details below. How are you managing your messaging?

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iPad Air reviews

Those outlets blessed with early iPad Air review units by Apple have now posted their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and if our iPad Air preview didn't do it for you, these had better!

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Will you be buying an iPad Air?

Will you be buying an iPad Air?

The iPad Air launches this Friday and we want to know if you're going to order one at the stroke of midnight, line up to get your hands on it immediately, or get one at any point, at your leisure? Just like our full iPad Air preview says, it's pretty much an iPad mini gone maxi. All the 9.7-inch Retina display you want, none of the weight you don't. So, are you getting one?

If not immediately, are you going to wait and try it out first when it goes on display? This year, more than any other year, it could be hard to choose between Apple's iPad lineup. If you're not getting the iPad Air, at least not yet, is it because you've got the new Retina iPad mini on your shopping list? It's got a Retina display as well now, and in an even smaller, more mobile, 7.9-inch package.

If you're not getting a new iPad at all, is it because you're still happy with your current iPad, and aren't ready to upgrade yet? Or are you simply not interested in the iPad at all?

Vote in the poll up top, and give me the details in the comments below!

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