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iMore iPad & Mac event live coverage starting 9:30am PT, 12:30pm ET - Be here!

Peter and I will be providing our usual live video play-by-play of today's Apple iPad and Mac event, along with color, commentary, and analysis, while Derek anchors our live text blog, and the entire iMore and Mobile Nations crew cover the stuffing over whatever more Apple has to cover!

Join us at our new iPad and Mac event superpage for all the action!

  • 9:30am ET. 12:30pm PT. Be here!

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Android Central Live coming to Samsung Developers Conference next week

iMore's sibling site, Android Central will be doing Android Central Live at next week's Samsung Developer Conference. That's right, Samsung is holding their own dev event, and AC is their official community partner. What can you expect from their amped up coverage? Pretty much what Mobile Nations did for BlackBerry with CrackBerry Live last spring. That means live interviews, show coverage, podcasts, and more, all hosted by our very own Phil Nickinson.

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What do you want to see most from Apple's October 22 event? [Poll]

What do you want to see most from Apple's October 22 event?

We're just a few days out from Apple's "still have a lot to cover" event in San Francisco, so what better time to step back, and ask ourselves what we're wanting to see most from the event. As is so often the way with Apple invitations, we're left with more questions than answers, but one thing is certain; there's a whole lot that we could be shown.

Top of the order are new iPads. The last refresh came 12 months ago when Apple introduced the iPad mini alongside the iPad 4. At this point it's pretty much a given we'll be seeing new versions of both, with a likely redesign of the full sized iPad. But, it doesn't stop there, not by a long stretch.

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#FollowFriday @iMore and team on Twitter!

Rene likes stories, cameras, and technology beyond Apple (who knew?!). Peter likes sci-fi and raging against the stupid (NSFW!). Richard likes lots of different phones, and proper British racing. Ally casts spells straight out of Harry Potter. Joe is an all-around geek. And me? Well, if you were following me - and us - on Twitter, you'd already know all about it! You see, on the internet water-cooler known as Twitter, you not only get hints at the stories we can't - or can't yet - make official, you also get to see our nerdier, off-duty selves in action. Sometimes we even have fairly decent advice to share and cool stuff to give away! So...

You really should be following us on Twitter!

And don't forget me!

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Changes to code signing in OS X Mavericks and what developers need to know

It sounds like OS X Mavericks, which could launch any week now, introduces some changes to code-signing that developers will find frustrating if they're not up to speed on them. Craig Hockenberry on

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iMore show 368 LIVE! 10am PT, 1pm ET! Be here!

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac joins Peter Cohen, Richard Devine, and me to talk about Apple's October 22 event, their new, and fashionable, head of retail, and more! Join us!

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Windows 8.1 now available on the Windows Store

If Microsoft's Windows is your iTunes-running, iCloud-synching operating system of choice, good news! Windows 8.1 is now available for download from the Windows Store. Rich Edmond from our sibling site, Windows Phone Central:

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10 years ago today Apple shipped iTunes for Windows, and hell froze over

10 years ago today iTunes shipped for Windows. Slightly more than 10 years ago, an argument rippled through the ranks of Apple over whether or not to do just that - to make their new music platform accessible to their rival's all-but-eclipsing computing platform, or to keep Apple's iPod unique to Apple's Mac. Chris Fralic excerpting from Max Chafkin's Design Crazy:

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What would you like to see in a next-gen Apple TV? [Poll]

What would you like to see in a next-gen Apple TV?

The Apple TV was last updated back in the spring of 2012, gaining support for 1080p video. Flash forward 18 months and a lot of people are asking if Apple is going to update it again this year, this month, at the October 22 event. So, we're asking - what would you want to see in a 3rd generation update?

4K video (2160p) is on the horizon, but there's not a lot of content for it yet, and not many people have the download speeds or bandwidth to really make use of it yet. H.265 could help there, but it still seems more like the future than the present. A FaceTime camera would be interesting for families and conference rooms alike, but could it be integrated in a manner that fits Apple's demands for function and form? More channels are always possible, including networks and more sports, including NFL. Apple has added channels without hardware updates in the past, however, and could easily do so again. A software developer kit (SDK) and an Apple TV App Store could be interesting, and would require new hardware, but it would interfere with Apple's existing channel partner program, and doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. Cable passthrough, DVR functionality, and other traditional TV technology seem not only plagued by regionalism, but smack of the past and not the future. And built-in Blu-Ray still seems a bag of hurt.

So what do you think? If Apple takes the Apple TV to version 3, what should the bullet points be? Vote up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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iPad event wallpapers in Retina for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Our own Derek Kessler has crafted up a stunning set of wallpapers based on Apple's October 22 event invitation.

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