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iPad, iPhone enabling employees to surf porn at work?

Are the iPhone and iPad letting employees sneak a peek at porn while on the job? Recently, Harris interactive was commissioned by video surveillance company Qumu to survey 2,500 employees and ask them, "what do you search on your mobile device at work that you cannot do, or are afraid to do, from your work computer?" These are some of their top responses:

  1. Look for another primary job
  2. Watch pornography
  3. Visit an online dating website
  4. Research an STD

Harris also asked how employees sneaked a peek at their mobile devices while at work, and the most popular answers were:

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Why is AT&T asking if you want an iPhone with a hardware keyboard?

AT&T seems to be conducting an online survey, asking customers if they'd like an iPhone with a hardware keyboard.

Which one smartphone, if any, would you most likely consider buying if they were all using the iOS (Apple) operating system.

Along with the traditional full touchscreen slab (think all iPhone models to date, four other options are presented:

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Apple preparing to ship thinner, lighter iPhone 5?

It's not the wink-wink, nudge-nudge controlled leak we've come to expect from The Wall Street Journal, but according to their supply chain sources "familiar with the situation", iPhone 5 might indeed have a new casing:

According to some suppliers of components to Apple, the new version of the iPhone is expected to be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4 and sport an 8-megapixel camera. One person said the new iPhone will operate on Qualcomm Inc.'s wireless baseband chips.

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Be a star in your own comics with ComicBook! for iPhone and iPad

3DTOPO Inc. has released their new comic book creation app, ComicBook! After designing your realistic comic featuring you and your friends, you can tag everyone and share to Facebook.

  • 9 auto scaling text caption styles
  • 9 customizable comic photo filters
  • 30 unique page Layouts (both portrait and landscape)
  • 55 classic comic graphics (tap to scale/rotate!)
  • 3 different optional halftone styles
  • 7 licensed comic fonts
  • 4 different border styles
  • All border styles have an optional bevel style
  • Captions feature small, medium and large font options
  • Captions feature customizable background colors
  • 1 general use text tool for titles and more in 6 colors and 3 sizes
  • 1 stylized caption with a large first letter and gradient background in 6 styles
  • 2 manual-sized captions
  • All fonts feature international characters and a bold/emphasis mode
  • Facebook sharing with built-in photo tagging
  • Twitter sharing with Twitpics
  • Email sharing
  • Save to photo library
  • Tool tips
  • Comprehensive online help and a graphical Quick Start
  • Direct printing
  • Load photos from library
  • Direct image capture on devices with cameras
  • Universal app (one copy runs on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches)
  • App works in both landscape and portrait orientations
  • App settings allow defaults to be set

Excuse me - I have a comic about a pack of Ewoks who set out to steal Rene's Mac Pro but are surprisingly greeted by an angry, green version of our Editor who was recently hit with a Gamma Bomb to write. You're not going to want to miss this one!

ComicBook! is available for $0.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Wednesday, July 6

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Fit Friendzy: Challenging yourself to get in the best shape ever! Get your friends to do a challenge with you, join in on one with other Fit Friendzy users or do one on your own. [Free for iPhone, with in-app purchases - iTunes link

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PDF Patcher 2 updated to close PDF vulnerability [jailbreak]

Apple left  iOS 4.3.3 vulnerable to a PDF exploit, which allows to jailbreak your iPhone. This takes place over the air via the Safari mobile browser. The good news is that you can close this hole very easily, once you have jailbroken your device. Just Jailbreak and then search Cydia for PDF Patcher 2 v1.0, this little tweak will make you secure from any potentially malicious hacks using the same hole as JailbreakMe.

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JailbreakMe now available, jailbreak the iPad 2, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on iOS 4.3.3

That’s right folks, the waiting is now over -- JailbreakMe has now gone officially live, and the iPad 2 jailbreak we've been waiting for since March is finally here. Even better, JailbreakMe also supports the iPhone, original iPad, and the iPod touch runinng iOS 4.3.3. (And yes, it will also work on the Verizon iPhone running iOS 4.2.6 to 4.2.8.)

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Create a digital scrapbook with Skrappy for iPad

Riada International has updated their scrapbooking iPad app, Skrappy, with many new enhancements.

  • Choose from themes including Photo Album, Traveller, Romance, Recipes and more.
  • Design your own themes to use yourself or share with friends.
  • Flip through pages like a book by swiping, or jump to any page using the Page Navigator.
  • Add, copy, paste or delete pages from the Page Navigator, even from different scrapbooks.
  • Arrange objects by dragging, resizing or rotating, or cut, copy and paste between pages or scrapbooks.
  • Crop and mask objects to shapes such as squares, circles, arrows, hearts and more.
  • Fill shape objects with colors, gradients or textures.
  • Set object properties such as borders, shadows, opacity and fonts.
  • Add text to objects using in-place text editing with properties such as alignment, margins, fonts and colors.
  • Choose page backgrounds using theme or built-in backgrounds, your own photos or images from the web.
  • Snap to guides at 10%, center and edges.
  • Include movies and voice memos.
  • Add music including album artwork from your iTunes music library.
  • Include web pages that open using the built-in browser or Safari.
  • Add clip art from the included library or images from the web.
  • Start multimedia objects automatically on page turns, or by tapping them.
  • Share your scrapbooks by exporting them in Skrappy or PDF format and share via email or iTunes File Sharing

If you're a scrapbooking fan, Skrappy will not disappoint. If you're not a scrapbooking fan, Skrappy just might turn you into one. It is very robust, runs great, and is so much more enjoyable than the traditional way of cutting paper, handling glue, and realizing you need to redo a page because you've misspelled a word. (Scrapbooking was never my thing).

Skrappy is on sale for $0.99. Screenshots and video after the break.

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Steve Jobs biography renamed to... Steve Jobs

Looks like everyone came to their senses and realized iSteve: The Book of Jobs was good only for the comedy bits it would inspire on The Daily Show, and so it's been changed to the far more dignified Steve Jobs.

The old one, iSteve: The Book of Jobs, was chosen by Simon & Schuster's publicity department. The author, Walter Isaacson, was never quite sure about it. His wife and daughter, however, were. They thought it was too cutesy. And now Isaacson has persuaded his publisher to go with something simpler and more elegant:

Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson.

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Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Thief

Bulletproof Outlaws has released their first game, Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Thief. In this fast paced game, you are a ninja who is being attacked and you must evade the dangers in order to survive.

  • Epic full-screen visuals
  • Behind-the-scenes Bonus Features for game developers and gamers who've thought about getting into the industry
  • Leaderboard support (both OpenFeint and Apple Game Center) so you can compete with the whole world or stick to one-upping your close group of friends
  • Achievements (OpenFeint and Apple Game Center) to give you some extra challenges to shoot for when you've got your skills rockin'
  • Super tight controls, and a difficulty curve that's challenging but not impossible - the AI gets smarter the longer you last but there are a few strategies to discover and master that'll help you survive the most chaotic situations!
  • An abundance of flashy art and explosions!

The graphics in this game look very smooth and the bright colors make for a fun environment. I also love that fact that the developer has included the behind scenes details of the development of the app. Very cool.

Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Thief is available for $1.99. Screenshots and video trailer after the break.

[iTunes link]

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