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Mobile Nations Monday Brief: August 15, 2011


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Google buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion [Updated]

Google has just announced that they're buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in an attempt to supercharge the Android platform. While the move will bring Google into the handset manufacturing business for the first time, potentially setting them up to deliver the same type of unified, integrated experience Apple is famous for, Google maintains they'll be running Motorola as a separate business. Which raises some important questions:

  1. How will the play out for other Android licensees like HTC and Samsung? (Microsoft making the Zune killed the PlaysForSure alliance.)
  2. Will all future Nexus-type devices come from Motorola going forward?
  3. Will all future Motorola phones run stock Android going forward? (no more Blur.)
  4. Is Motorola's patent portfolio strong enough to provide cover against Microsoft and Apple lawsuits?

Quotes from Larry Page and Sanjay Jha after the break.

[Google PR, Google Blog, Android Central coverage]

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Google asks for re-examination of 2 Lodsys patents

Google has filed a request with the United States Patent on Trademark Office (USPTO), asking that 2 of the patents Lodsys is using the troll iOS and Android developers be re-examined.

“We’ve asked the US Patent Office to reexamine two Lodsys patents that we believe should never have been issued,” Google senior vice president and general counsel Kent Walker told in a statement. “Developers play a critical part in the Android ecosystem and Google will continue to support them.”

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Apple Store opens in BlackBerry hometown of Waterloo

Apple opened a handful of new Apple Stores today, none more amusingly placed than the one in Waterloo, Ontario, the hometown of BlackBerry maker RIM. Starting today, anyone in Waterloo who wants an iPhone rather than Bold, iPad rather than PlayBook can just wander on over. And according to @Steve_Gamble, they seem to be doing just that:

At the new Apple Store in Waterloo today. The number of Blackberries going dark is astounding!

Anyone else attending the opening of Apple in Waterloo? Any CrackBerry protests going? Let us know!

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Cupertino posts rendering, plans for Apple's new "mothership" has posted a bunch of PDF files pertaining to Apple's very Pixar-flying-saucer-esque new headquarters, planned for the old HP lot they acquired. The building, formed like a giant ring with apricot orchards, massive underground parking, and room for 20,000 employees, will make use of the same kind of leading edge design and manufacturing Apple has used for everything from their products to their Apple Stores, especially in constructing those huge, rounded glass panels.

It also looks like it might be able to detach and break earth orbit if our world ever becomes too aesthetically displeasing to Apple.

If you haven't already, watch the ( via @havvac]

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NxtApp 4 Kids now available for iPhone and iPad

NxtApp 4 Kids, an educational math app, has updated with universal support for iPhone and iPad. The goal of the game is to complete number sequences by choosing which number comes next.

I'll admit, the misspelling of the world "next" in this app's name really bothers me, especially since it's an educational app targeted towards children; but putting that aside, NxtApp 4 Kids looks like a great app for learning about sequences.

[App Store link]

Details and screenshots after the break.

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Meon, a puzzle game for the iPhone

Meon, by Manbolo, is an iPhone puzzle game where the goal is to direct beams of light into the Meons with the help of tools such as prisms and splitters.

Even though I personally find the music in this game to be a little annoying, I really do enjoy playing it. Meon is challenging, fun, and addicting.

Details and screenshots after the break.

[App Store link]

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Non-iPad tablet sales put into perspective

Marco Arment decided to compare the sale of non-iPad tablets (excluding the TouchPad, as no numbers are available) with those of obscure gaming devices past. The result is the graph above. Note:

I didn’t include the iPad’s approximately 30 million units on here because it distorted the graph’s scale too much.


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New iPhone on October 7, no new iPad until spring, 2012

iMore has learned that Apple's next generation iPhone, be it an iterative "iPhone 4S" or a completely revamped "iPhone 5" could go on sale as early as October 7 in the US. That's a Friday, which is typical for iPhone launches. Originally Apple was considering a second week of October launch, more like October 14, but it sounds like they may be ready to go earlier now.

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His Adventure for iPhone now available

Pezzini Games has released their new iPhone game, His Adventure. In this game, tt is your job to guide "him" through the hand-drawn worlds by controlling the little platform - he is constantly walking and needs your help.

This game looks like a lot of fun! Platform games are one of my favorite genres of games, and His Adventure is like a platformer - with a twist! I can easily see myself getting sucked into this little world for hours at a time.

Details, screenshots, and video after the break.

[App Store link] [lite version - App Store link]

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