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Netflix for iPhone, iPad updated to support iOS 4.3.4 (and iOS 5!)

Netflix released a tiny update, ostensibly to add compatibility for the recent iOS 4.3.4 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (and iOS 4.2.9 for Verizon iPhone) firmwares, yet it seems to have addressed a huge pain point for developers as well -- compatibility with iOS 5.

So if you've been suffering without your Netflix fix, head on over to the App Store and tap the update button.

[Free - iTunes Store link]

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Facebook for iPad found hidden in the latest iPhone app update?

Facebook for iPad has been uncovered in the recently updated Facebook for iPhone. A twitter user discovered a hack to make it visible -- editing a file on your iPad to change the UIDeviceFamily ID in the apps plist file to get the iPad interface up and running app, but you do need to have a jailbroken iPad to be able to do this.

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Will the next generation iPod touch have 3G data connectivity?

An interesting iPod touch screen shot has been uncovered from the just released iOS 5 beta 4. The screen shot shows a toggle switch for cellular connectivity. Could this mean that the iPod touch will be getting a 3G data option when it is refreshed later this year?

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Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial -- We'll Always

Apple is continuing their series of Peter Coyote voiced iPad 2 commercials, this time with We'll Always, which shows why "We'll never stop doing the things we love, but with the iPad we'll do them in amazing new ways."

We'll never stop sharing our memories or getting lost in a good book. We'll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We'll still go to meetings, make home movies and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.

No "magical" mentions but Photos, iBooks, a recipe app, MLB, a video conferencing app, iMovie, and an educational writing app get the spotlight. It's another solid spot, filled with "Kodak moments" that show why Apple is moving tens of millions of these devices through a combination of brand, build, and pitch-perfect advertising.

Video after the break.

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T-Mobile says iPad 2 is slower, more expensive than the LG G-something

T-Mobile has put up a new web page taking shots at AT&T and iPad 2 when it comes to their LG G-Slate Android Honeycomb tablet.

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Blobster hits the App Store, a funky platform game for iPhone and iPad [video]

It looks like Chillingo may have another hit on its hands with Blobster. Blobster is a new platform game that is highly addictive and beautifully presented.

Blobster is an awesome platforming adventure with a twist! Flick the flubbery fella across incredible levels; avoid pitfalls, water hazards, squish pesky bad guys and collect amazing power-ups on your way to cleaning up Blobtopia and defeating Blobzilla!
  • Forty unique levels like you’ve never seen before, with more to come.
  • Amazing level design will have players in awe as they fling their way through the engrossing campaign.
  • Super easy to pick up and play, flick Blobster around using the intuitive control scheme.
  • Collect game-changing power ups, including the ability to rocket through the sky, float like an angel or transform into a giant.
  • A variety of pesky enemies to squash, each with their own special ability Blobster must overcome.
  • Twelve Special Bonus levels—gift them to your buddies.

My daughter asked me to buy her this game for her iPod touch yesterday. As we share the same account, I installed it on my iPhone and absolutely love it! It is a really fun and addictive game and could be the next huge iOS release. Of course there is always a downside; it is not a universal binary. The developer decided to release two versions; one for the iPhone and iPod touch and an HD version for the iPad. If you are still on the fence, take a look at the video after the break!

[$0.99 – iPhone iTunes link]

[$1.99 - iPad iTunes link]

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Location based Reminders working in iOS 5 beta 4?

If location-based Reminders weren't working for you in previous iOS 5 betas, give iOS 5 beta 4 a whirl and see if you get alerted when -- er, where -- you leave or enter an important-to-remember place.

Thanks Ryan!

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Cut the Rope for iPhone updates with new Toy Box

Cut the Rope, the popular puzzle game by Chillingo, has updated with a new Toy Box, achievements and candy types.

Om Nom is jumping for joy with his new Toy Box! Now you can choose to feed him candy, donuts or cupcakes. And Om Nom has been making a special treat for you, too! He has drawn and colored some cute pictures for you to share with your friends, but he has been so busy catching candy he can't remember where he left them! Will you be the first to find them all and get them back to his gallery?

  • A new Toy Box
  • OmNom drawings feature
  • "Gift this app" button
  • Ability to post drawings to Facebook
  • New achievements
  • New candy types

Cut the Rope is one of my favorite iPhone games! When a new iPhone owner asks for a list of must-have apps, Cut the Rope is always on my list. The gameplay is so fun, yet many times infuriating when trying to get all 3 stars.

Cut the Rope is available for $0.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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