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Angry Birds Rio updated with 15 new levels and a boss fight

Angry Birds Rio for iPhone and Angry Birds Rio for iPad have been updated with 15 new levels and a boss fight.

The carnival continues!

  • 15 new levels
  • New achievements
  • Boss fight!

I just can't get enough Angry Birds and am looking forward to the boss fight. Have you beaten the boss yet?

Angry Birds Rio is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. Screenshots after the break.

[iPhone iTunes link] [iPad iTunes link]

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iPad 3 parts leak in Taiwan, which has a good track record with such things, has posted a couple pictures of what they say are iPad 3 parts.

We pretty much know an iPad 3 is coming at some point, and we know it will have parts, but for pre-release techno-fetishists and gadget geeks like us, this as close to p0rn as we can post. Enjoy.


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Spotify for iPhone hits the US App Store

Spotify for iPhone has finally hit the US App Store.

Stream millions of tracks from thousands of albums and artists to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Take your existing Spotify playlists with you on the go - listen to them during your commute, in the gym or on a flight. With ‘Offline mode’ you can listen even when no connection is available. Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone to merge your catalogue with ours, no cables required! Download and get started directly from your mobile.

  • Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone
  • Create and sync playlists
  • Receive music from friends via the inbox
  • Star your favourite tracks
  • Scrobble tracks to
  • Access to over 13 million tracks from our catalogue
  • Offline playlists – listen to music with no mobile connection and avoid using your data allowance

Personally, I'll be sticking with iTunes and iCloud for my music streaming needs, but I'm old school and actually enjoy listening to my local radio. However, Spotify is a great alternative to iTunes and offers features that Apple does not. Will you be jumping ship?

Spotify is available for Free for iPhone and requires a free Spotify account. There are also premium and unlimited accounts available starting at $4.99 per month.

[iTunes link] [Spotify]

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Google releases Photovine for iPhone, a photo sharing app with a strange twist

Google has released another photo sharing app for the iPhone, this one called Photovine and actually made by Slide. Slide was acquired by Google some time last year.

Watching the video it appears that it is aimed at some sort of photo word association type game. One person starts the photo conversation with a picture then friends add other photos with a similar theme. It is all a little bit strange if you ask me!

What's also hard to figure out is where it fits in with Google's other photo sharing services, like Picasa, Google+, and Pool Party. When do you use one rather than the other? Is it variety or lack of foucs

[Free - iTunes link, Photovine]

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Thursday, July 14

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Jumping Frenzy: Aliens hold a massive attack against the Earth. All continents are in danger. Two heroes Chidi and Chike need your help! [$0.99 for iPhone - iTunes link]

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Zeke in Orbit now available for iPhone and iPad [giveaway]

Brendan Wood has released his new iPhone and iPad game, Zeke in Orbit. It is an action-physics-puzzle-platformer with a simple premise but challenging gameplay.

Zeke has been launched into him get home! Use Gravity Nodes to push and pull Zeke through 6 unique and challenging Galaxies with never before seen gameplay mechanics! Collect bones, fire missiles and place your own nodes to solve the mind-warping puzzles.

  • 6 Strange Galaxies with 10 Levels each
  • 3 Bones on each level to challenge your abilities
  • Smooth physics based mechanics keep you bouncing around levels for hours!
  • New abilities and obstacles introduced every 5 levels to keep things interesting...
  • Bonus Levels and unique modes of play.
  • Original soundtrack for each galaxy and engaging sound effects!
  • Emergent gameplay: never beat a level the same way twice!
  • Paint the screen with Zeke's Colored rocket tails!

I am such a sucker for these types of games and Zeke in Orbit is no exception. It's a lot of fun and very well made with natural feeling physics. It only took a few moments of gameplay to get me hooked!

Brendan has generously given us a few promo codes to give away! For a chance to win, just let us know which version you prefer, iPhone or iPad.

Zeke in Orbit is available for $0.99 for iPhone and $1.99 for iPad. Screenshots and video after the break.

[iPhone iTunes link] [iPad iTunes link]

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TweetBot update submitted to Apple, will include push notifications but limited to the first 1000 users

TapBots has announced that it has submitted an updated version of TweetBot, their beautifully designed Twitter app, to Apple for approval and the good news is it will now include push notifications. The downside is that the push notifications are classed as experimental and will be rolled out initially to the first 1000 users.

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Apple to hire temporary iPhone Sales Specialists throughout the UK starting August 16, could this be iPhone 5 launch day?

Apple is looking to recruit temporary full time iPhone Sales Specialists for its Apple Stores across the UK. The ads appeared on UK recruitment site The start date for the temporary positions is August 16 with an ending date of October 29. Could August 16 be the release date for the iPhone 5?

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Apple introduces volume purchasing for business

Apple has sent out a notice to developers that they're introducing volume purchasing for business. This is something I asked about recently, after Apple mentioned that Final Cut Pro X would be available in volume, and it's good to see Apple's not keeping it for themselves. In fact, it looks like they're going even further.

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Apple re-aligns international iTunes App Store prices

Apple seems to have taken advantage of the iTunes Connect maintenance window to altered prices in some countries due to exchange rate changes with the US dollar. The countries effected seem to be the countries listed in Apple's scheduled maintenance email, Mexico, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan and Norway.

Three of the countries have seen price increases, while the other three have actually seen price cuts.

The lowest priced apps/games (US: $0.99) are now priced at

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