iPhone 3G S

After braving 4 hours in line on Friday morning, I was able to walk away with a 32GB iPhone 3GS in white. So what do I think?  There are more than a few things that impress me about the iPhone 3GS. These observations are from using the device, not from mere published technical specifications. Let's start to tackle them one at a time shall we?


Ever since the iPod Nano came out with the volume controls on their headphones, I wanted them on the iPhone. Now, I have my wish. Not only that, but there is a very convenient clip that will keep the ear buds together when you stuff them in your bag, preventing more tangles- nice touch Apple!

Voice Control

I admit, I was calling the Voice Control feature a bit gimmicky out of the gate. However, it actually works! First, voice calls work as advertised, but what surprised me was great was the ability to identify a song; here is my scenario. I was working at Panera Bread yesterday and a song came up on my iPhone I liked, but I had not heard before. At the time, I was reading a web page. I did not want to leave the web page so I held down the home button and asked, "What song is this?". It told me and went right back to my web page. Awesome.

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Did you know that the iPhone has an olephobic screen? That means that smudges wipe off easily and your finger has an even smoother sensation running over the glass. My fingers feel good and no more smudges!


Apple was not kidding, this device is fast. How fast? A really good example is using Spotlight search. As soon as I start to type, items begin to appear instantly. Not only that, when I tap on an email from Spotlights results, it, I kid you not, opens instantly. Wow. It truly does enhance workflow.

The Web is noticably faster too. When you zoom in, it takes all but half a second to focus. Flicking around the screen is much snappier as well.

Moving apps around, appear to me anyway, to move at a sliky smooth 60FPS. Hey, that is what it looks like; animated and really pretty :-)


The camera takes better photos. I would not say the quality is astounding, but the auto-focus feature is nice;  I am pleased. The video camera records video as well as my Flip Mino. Again, no complaints. Photos and videos are copied into iTunes when you sync. The movies import as .mov files. Also, when it comes to movies, a great feature is that when you upload to MobileMe or YouTube, the movies upload in the background, so you can continue doing other tasks; you don't have to keep the app open- good job Apple!


The battery is better, not by much in my few days of use, but it is better. Not bad with the extra performance, etc, quite an achievement actually. Just don't go into it thinking that you battery life has doubled; it hasn't.

Overall I am very impressed. There are other additions as well (the Compass comes to mind) but the items I have listed have made the most impact for me. What about you?