Charge your new iPhone X on the go with these smart handbags

Sure, bags are great. Everyone looks good when they accessorize with one, and they hold all your stuff so it's within arm's reach at a moment's notice. However, FYB London took the concept of bags to the next level earlier this year by creating what it calls "the world's smartest handbag." First introduced as a Kickstarter campaign back in May, the bag is made from real leather and features the following:

  • Charging pocket: Each bag is outfitted with a Qi-certified wireless charging pocket. If your phone is running low on power, all you have to do is drop it into the wireless charging pocket and then go about your business, and the built-in 5000MaH power bank will do the work for you. If your phone isn't already wireless charging-enabled, each bag also comes with a wireless enabler that plugs into your phone and fits underneath most phone cases. You can get three full charges out of the power bank before needing to recharge it.
  • RFID protective card holders: Multiple pockets in FYB London's smart bags are RFID protective, keeping your sensitive credit card, debit card, passport and ID data safe from RFID skimming.
  • Laptop pouch: Both the City and Travel models of FYB London smart handbags come with a padded pouch specifically built for tablets and laptops. The City bag can hold up to a 13.5" device, and the Travel tote can hold up to a 15" device.
  • Biometric fingerprint lock: Many people keep their entire life in their handbag. ID, phone, cash and cards — it's a lot to lose. That's why each smart bag has a biometric fingerprint lock that keeps thieves from getting their hands on your valuables. Each lock stores up to 100 fingerprints too, so you can still ask your significant other to reach in your bag and fetch things for you. Best of all, these locks are TSA-approved, so you'll be able to get through airport security without any fuss.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: All of FYB London's bags are also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you extra fingerprint access through the FYB London app. You'll also receive proximity alerts when you stray too far from your bag, ensuring that you never leave it behind at the restaurant or movie theater. And, if the worst happens, you can use the FYB app to track your precious belongings.

Now that FYB London's smart handbags are fully funded, you can get your own on FYB London's website. There's a City version, a Travel tote version, and a Mini version, currently priced at $279, $293, and $120 respectively.

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Tory Foulk

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