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Check iPhone 3G Availability

Not willing (or able) to wait in line in the am? Don't fret, just be sure that you head on over to this Apple page before you head to the Apple store -- it will let you know whether the flavor of iPhone 3G you're hoping for is in stock.

  • Rediculous - I am standing in line at the apple store in Clarendon VA and the line hasn't moved in an hour and 10 minutes. It is taking way to long to sign everyone up. They will lose more customers from this slow process than they will ever have lost from people hacking the phones. I'm about to bail - have to go to work. Steve needs to think more about this process.
  • Sold out in Apex, NC within an hour. AT&T will take your money and have one shipped to the store within 3-5 business days. I also hear that they're being sold online as well.
  • Prepare to be F'd if you're an existing AT&T customer who is not eligible for a new 2 year agreement. You will be charged $499 for the 16Gb phone, instead of the ADVERTISED $299...or you can laugh and walk out like I did. Since when has any cell phone service provider told you that you cannot sign a new 2 year agreement? My experience has been that they want you to sign a new 2-year to keep you locked in. But now AT&T is F'ing their existing customers and trying to charge us $200 more. HA! It's cheaper to cancel your frickin' contract ($175) and start a new one...what a joke! I'm going to cancel my contract for sure...but I'll start a new one with Verizon, not AT&T.
  • Apple stores are back to regular hours on 12 JUL, aren't they? There's still a note on the check-availability page that says sales start at 8a. I reckon that was just for 11 JUL.
  • I so badly want an iPhone!! :)
    Unfortunately for me in our country only 250 were available on lauch and the price is the most expensive in the world! :( Almost $1000 for the 16GB iPhone.
    Wrote a story about the iPhone ordeal at called:
  • The "check iPhone availability" page does not work. It looks like it works, but it doesn't. Yesterday, it said they were available at the store near me. Went in to the store and was about number 10 in line. The store people came out and said "we have no iPhones." We said "The web site said you do." They said "The web site looks nice and all, but it doesn' really indicate what we have."
  • Same thing here this morning. The website said my closest store had all models in stock, but they basically had only the 8GB model (and a tiny amount of the white 16GB). They still had a 4 hour line. I decided to go home...
  • The availability of the new 3g iphone is a joke. checking availability daily indicates either 1 or none available throughout the US. How can apple spend large advertising dollars to plug an entry date of July 12th and not be able to satisfy customer requests.
  • Vayanse a la verga todos!!! Pinche Apple ya me tiene hasta la madre...
  • When Iphone 3GS will available in Saudi Arabia