Check out the all-new iMore header!

Look all the way up! iMore got a shave and a haircut! Well, no. It's a lot more than that. A lot more design. A lot more code. A lot more work. And a lot more smarts. The new iMore header is a reflection of our growth over the last year and the many more stories, and types of stories we're covering. Our old wedding-cake navigation menu got us through some great times, don't get me wrong, but it was static, it was manual, and it was already past its limit. Our new header is fluid, responsive, dynamic, and gives us a foundation from which to grow even better, faster.

We have a variant of the iMore logo top left, and little Mobile Nations brand beside it. Then we have our main sections, the ones for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, for how to and the best, for apps and games, for our shows and for our forums and store. Next is the search, your profile and account, and the hamburger menu. Yeah. Ham. Burger. Click or tap on the hamburger and you get the sidebar where you can quickly browse the latest news, features, apps, games, reviews, forums posts, how to, contests, and podcasts, contact us, read more about us, follow us on all the social things, and see what's popular right now.

The story blocks on the home page will show you what our editors think are the most important pieces from the last few days, the stuff you really don't want to miss. On the inner pages, those smarts will start to take over and we'll show you a mix of what's new, what's recommended, and what's popular.

At the bottom we have the hot topics that everyone wants to know more about, including us!

All this brought to you by the minds of Marcus and Kevin, the pixels of David and Jose, and the bits of Tom, Steph, Mike, Nav, and the iMore/Mobile Nations tech team.

Since it's brand spanking new, there could be a few glitches at first. If you notice anything, please let us know! We'd also love your feedback on the new design and functionality both. I realize people can be change-adverse, but please do give it a real try, and some time, and then leave a comment below with any thoughts and suggestions you might have.

It was made entirely for you, after all, and to make sure you have an even better experience here at iMore.