Flarup Ios Icon BookSource: Michael Flarup

What you need to know

  • A new book is in the works that will highlight the very best icons iOS apps have to offer.
  • Icon designer Michael Flarup's iOS app icon book is now available via Kickstarter.
  • Prices start at around $70.

If you're of the opinion that a great icon helps make a great app you're going to love The iOS App Icon Book by designer Michael Flarup. The book is available for order via Kickstarter right now and is a must-have for design fans.

The new book will be around 150 pages which should give you an idea of how many icons will be in here. Don't just expect pages upon pages of images, though — there's much more going on here. Expect explainers, a "primer on designing app icons," and more.

The iOS App Icon Book features hundreds of works of art from individuals and teams around the world. It serves as an inspiration and as a historical collection covering more than a decade of design on the iOS platform. The icons in this book have been carefully curated to showcase conceptual and executional excellence in icon design and covers a broad range of applications, topics, and styles.

Flarup Ios Icon Book ApolloSource: Michael Flarup

Flarup says that the book is now around 90% complete and that everything should be finalized by the end of January. Those placing orders — prices start at around $70 — should see their books arrive in April 2022, the Kickstarter page notes.

This book is going to be a great love letter to some of the best iPhone apps in the world, all carefully laid out and printed in what is sure to be a collector's item of a book. If you've ever scrolled through the App Store and been taken aback by an icon, this book is for you!