Check out these new iPhone and Apple Watch accessories from Apple

Feeling like switching up your iPhone X or Apple Watch's look for the winter? You're in luck — this morning Apple expanded its collection of both iPhone X Silicone Case colors as well as adding a few new colors options to the Sport Apple Watch band style.

In the Apple Watch category, you can now get the Sport Band in three new extremely punchy and high-energy colors: Flash (a neon lemon yellow), Spicy Orange (a pumpkin color previously only available for the Hermès line of bands and watches), and Dark Teal (a deep shade of teal for those who feel like the Midnight Blue color option is a bit too Violet Beauregarde). The Flash and Spicy Orange hues are also available in the Sport Loop band style, but the Dark Teal seems to be exclusive to the Sport Band.

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Apple also ever-so-slightly expanded the color choices for the iPhone X Silicone Case, and is now offering an additional three colors as well: Cosmos Blue (another teal-leaning blue previously exclusive to Apple's line of leather cases), Flash, and Spicy Orange (to match your watch band, of course).

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You can get your hands on all the new hues by clicking the links above or by checking out Apple's website. The Sport and Sport Loop bands are $49, and the iPhone X Silicone case will cost you $39.


What do you think of the newest additions to Apple's accessory lineup? Share your favorite color with us in the comments!

Tory Foulk

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