iPhone 12 showing Apple Music with a sculpture in the backgroundSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Chinese firm CSOT is hoping to produce OLED displays for future iPhones.
  • CSOT and Apple are reviewing test displays to ensure quality.
  • A factory in Wuhan, China is designed to produce 45,000 display substrates per month.

Chinese firm CSOT wants to become a supplier for Apple and hopes to be able to produce OLED displays for future iPhones according to a new report.

While Apple currently uses Samsung Display and LG Display for its OLED displays and already has BOE vying for business, CSOT is also now working with Apple to try and bring a Wuham factory online for iPhone display production. A report by The Elec says that the factory will ultimately be capable of producing 45,000 display substrates per month but it remains to be seen whether the quality is where it needs to be.

Apple and CSOT are reportedly evaluating the displays coming off the production line.

CSOT, together with Apple, first review the OLED panel produced from its T4 factory at Wuhan, China, sources said. The factory is designed to house three phases for a total capacity of 45,000 substrates per month. Two phases are currently live.

Depending on how things go with the evaluation CSOT will reportedly "decide on whether it will use T4 to manufacture OLED panels for iPhones or to build another line after the evaluation."

BOE is itself going through a similar process but has so far been unable to meet Apple's standards CSOT will be hoping that it can nip in and pick up business that BOE has so far been unable to nail down.

Regardless, none of this will be in play in time for the iPhone 14 lineup, a collection of four devices that are expected to be announced in or around September and include the best iPhone yet. Until iPhone 15 rolls around, of course.