This season everyone here at iMore has been asked to share some of their favorite gift ideas. Now, given I don't write here on iMore as much as some of the others, you all may not know that I'm a rather huge retro gaming and cartoon fan. Luckily, it's a great time to be one thanks to the mixture of revitalized interest and technology. If you have someone in your life that is like me, take a look at my picks below for some great ideas they may like this holiday season.

iCade Arcade Cabinet

I live in an apartment and despite all my want and desire to fill it up with arcade cabinets from the past, I simply cannot. Thanks to ION though, I don't really have to worry about it all that much. The ION iCade manages to bring some of that experience right to my living room without all of the bulk.

Sure, you're losing out on quite a bit of cabinet experience but the nostalgia of it all almost makes up for it. Simply slide your compatibe iPad into the iCade, load up on games and you're ready to rock! Plan for this one to be under the tree though, no way you're getting it into a stocking unless you have one massive stocking.

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe

For years, the He-Man property has remained untouched. Some might say that it was for the best after a run of bad films and video game releases but Mattel has once again let it come out of the vaults. This time around they have teamed up with Chillingo and developer Glitchsoft to create He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe and it's a winner for fans and non-fans alike. The side-scroller built for the iOS platform has been a hit in reviews and has revived the He-Man property in such a way that people are once again wondering what's next for He-Man.

Latest additions to the game itself include the capability to play as She-Ra and once you add in the fact you can unlock drawings and other goodies from the original series as well as the game, you have a great gift for any fan of the 80's -- especially cartoon fans.

BlackBerry Music Gateway

Looking for an amazing little stocking stuffer that packs wonders and is cheap? The Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry Music Gateway just might fit the bill. Rene reviewed it not long ago and his review was spot on. It gets some serious bonus points for being device agnostic and easy to set up.

Connect it to your existing home theater/stereo system, your car or truck, or whatever else you can think of that will support it and you've got your music right there for you. Simple, easy and a cost-effective solution.


Apple TV

When I bought my Apple TV it was just because Apple had made it. I had no idea really why I wanted it but now I use it daily. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and AirPlaying content on the little black box is great. I think a lot of people may be like me as well. You really don't know how much you'll use an Apple TV until you actually own one. At $99, it's an easy recommendation, especially if you already own some Apple products like an iPhone or an iPad.


A lot of people these days use Instagram. Maybe you use Instagram. Maybe you even happened to capture some great pics of family, friends or loved ones using Instagram. Rather than letting those images just sit on the Instagram website, why not print them out in a great way and show them off?

Instacanvas allows you to take your Instagram photos, print them out and display them proudly. They offer a number of packages and sizes available for doing so be it on canvas, framed prints, or even iPhone cases. It's a great and affordable way to do something a little different and a little special.

Your gift picks?

Okay, those are my top picks for 2012 holiday gifts, but I'm sure a lot of you here on iMore have some great ideas as well. So lets hear them! What are your top gift picks this year?

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