Çingleton 3 is real, and it'll be taking place at Hotel Nelligan in Montreal from October 11-13, 2013. Cingleton is a symposium for iOS and OS X developers, designers, media, and enthusiasts that focuses on big-picture issues like the future of Apple, or how companies scale.

Through a series of talks with industry luminaries, and plentiful meals and mixers, new points of view and opinions get discussed, friendship get made and renewed, and networking abounds. The organizers, Luc Vandal, Guy English, Scott Morris, and Thomas Unterberger haven't let any other details slip yet, but if past performance is any indicator of future performance, it should be a great event.

Speaking of which, Unterberger, who doubles as Ç's ace videographer, has begun posting the videos from the 2012 symposium. Available now are:

  • Jason Snell's keynote and Wrath of Kahn send up
  • Glenn Fleishman on crowd-sourcing
  • Molly Reed on scaling Omni
  • Marco Arment on conquering industries
  • Serenity Caldwell on eBook domination

More videos will be coming soon, and the 2011 videos are still available. Check them all out Çingleton's homepage or Vimeo page, linked below. (You can also check out our photos and recaps, to get some additional color.)

Source: Çingleton