Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt NATO Apple Watch Band review: Durable good looks

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt Nato Apple Watch Band
(Image: © Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

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Bottom line: This Apple Watch band made from seat belt fabric looks sharp and wears tough.


  • +

    Tough, durable seat belt fabric

  • +

    Beautiful reflective sheen

  • +

    Extremely comfortable to wear

  • +

    Your choice of hardware colors

  • +

    Fits all Apple Watch models and most wrists

  • +



  • -

    Keeper loops are a tight fit

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Have you been searching for an Apple Watch band that can stand up to your many adventures but look good doing it? Check out the latest band from Clockwork Synergy.

Tiny seat belt for your watch

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt NATO Apple Watch Band: Features

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt Nato Apple Watch Band

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt Nato Apple Watch Band (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

Clockwork Synergy's Seat Belt NATO Apple Watch Band is the latest offering from one of my long-time favorite band makers. All of their bands are high-quality and yet reasonably priced. The band adapters they use slide on like butter, and stay locked securely in place when in use. Both the adapters and the buckle come in five different metal colors so that you can match the metal hardware to your Apple Watch. All generations and both Apple Watch sizes will fit. There are 10 adjustability holes in the band, so it ranges from 80 to 120 millimeters (3.15 to 4.72 inches) in length, not counting the Apple Watch itself.

The Seat Belt NATO band will look and feel immediately familiar: it's, well, seat belt fabric. Just as a seat belt is designed to withstand the force of a car accident, I feel pretty confident that this band isn't going to rip in even the most extreme situations. It's made to last and withstand whatever you can throw at it. Sports, rock-climbing, you name it. The Seat Belt NATO band has you covered.

The band is relatively thick, 2.2 millimeters, to be exact. It has reinforced stitching and heat-sealed ends. There are two keepers to hold the tail end; one is stationary near the watch itself, and the other is adjustable. These keeper loops are very tight, which can be both good and bad. They will certainly keep your watch band in place, but it does take a minute to jam the tail through them when putting on the watch.

This miniature "seat belt" holds your Apple Watch in style.

I have two of the seven available colorways, as you can see in my photos: Ocean Blue and the Navy & Grey. Some of the colors offered, like my Ocean Blue, have subtle tone-on-tone "stripes" woven into the fabric. This band has such a beautiful sheen to it and looks just like a miniature version of an actual seat belt. The other tone-on-tone colors include Black, Army Green, Khaki, and Light Grey.

The other two colorways, Navy & Grey and Black & Grey, don't have the tone-on-tone stripes, but rather a two-tone pattern. My Navy & Grey is solid Navy with Grey edges, while the Black & Grey has alternating stripes. Clockwork Synergy is offering a special limited-time promo code through March 10 for 20% off: SEATBELT20. If you missed out on that code, iMore readers can always use this evergreen promo code and get 15% off: SAVE15MORE.

Comfort and style

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt NATO Apple Watch Band: What I like

These bands are just fantastic. The subtle woven-in striping and soft sheen are classy and attractive in a gender-neutral way. Once the strap is on, it's so comfortable that you don't even notice you're wearing it. The Seat Belt NATO band is built to last, and you don't need to worry about it fraying or breaking down. Like all Clockwork Synergy bands, the metal hardware used is first-rate and it comes in a variety of colors so you can match it to your own Apple Watch. The adapter mechanism is as smooth as butter. Since I review so many Apple Watch bands, people often ask me to recommend third-party band brands to them. Clockwork Synergy is always one I mention because their bands are consistently high quality at very reasonable prices.

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt Nato Apple Watch Band

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt Nato Apple Watch Band (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

Tight loops

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt NATO Apple Watch Band: What I don't like

This is a pretty minor complaint, but I have to mention that the keeper loops are tight. It does take a few extra seconds to put this band on my wrist, since I have to really jam that tail end through the loops. Of course, the flip side of that tightness is that once in place, that tail end is quite secure and doesn't slip out during the day like some bands do.

I wouldn't mind seeing some more color options. The colorways currently offered are quite lovely, but there are only seven.

Form plus function

Clockwork Synergy Seat Belt NATO Apple Watch Band: Bottom line

The Seat Belt NATO band will be in regular rotation for me. It really does look like a miniature seat belt, except instead of holding you in your car, it holds your watch on your wrist. The band feels just as secure.

It looks quite appealing, with its subtle shine and striping. The band is soft to the touch, and feels incredibly comfortable when you're wearing it. With 10 adjustability holes, the band should fit most wrists. Any size and generation Apple Watch is covered. The high-quality metal hardware is available in five different colors so that you can match it to your Apple Watch.

Be sure to use this special limited-time promo code for 20% off: SEATBELT20 until March 10. Missed that code? Use this evergreen promo code and get 15% off, just for iMore readers: SAVE15MORE.

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