The Competition: Palm webOS 1.3.5 Brings Speed, not iTunes Hackery

So according to sibling site,, Palm is now updating all proud Pre and Pixi devices to webOS 1.3.5, but among the list of features we can't help but notice...:

  • App limit fixed.
  • App Catalog downloads continue even after leaving the app's page.
  • App purchases have been expanded to US territories (sorry Europe, Canada, etc).
  • Switching between days in Calendar is now faster.
  • Sprint Navigation can be launched from a Contact.
  • Palm Profile app restores happen in the background, letting the user get to the phone faster.
  • Future webOS updates can be downloaded over 2G wireless (1xRTT).
  • Notifications now work in landscape mode (which has strangely lost the rounded corners).

...the utter lack of iTunes sync hackery. Congrats Palm! Here's hoping you can enjoy some OpenGL gaming in the near future, and a Verizon launch asap.

What, wait, they're getting on Verizon before the iPhone?! And another update while we still wait for iPhone 3.2 iPhone 4.0!

(I know Palm -- and Dieter! -- did this deliberately just to mess with us during the Smartphone Round Robin!)

Rene Ritchie

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