Uniter LifestyleSource: Arkadiusz Holko

What you need to know

  • Uniter is a new app for converting units from one type to another.
  • Uniter can be downloaded for free from the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.
  • An in-app purchase is required to unlock full functionality.

The world is full of measurements but sometimes you're given them in a unit that you don't want or can't understand. That won't be the case after you've installed Uniter, an iPhone and iPad app that can convert units from metric to imperial to UK and back again, all on the fly.

The App Store is already full to the brim with apps that can convert things, but what makes Uniter different is the way it can do it automatically. For example, if you install the Safari extension you'll see units converted on the page, so you're never left wondering what it is you're actually looking at. You can even point your camera at a book or road sign and have units converted in real-time, too.

Uniter lets you quickly convert units of measure online and in real life. Type in text, import documents, point your camera at text, load photos with text, or use our extension for Safari. Uniter understands the text and intelligently replaces all occurrences of units with those in your preferred system (Imperial, Metric, or U.K.).

You can take Uniter for a spin yourself — it's a free download from the App Store with an in-app purchase unlocking the unit converter for the Camera app as well as photos and Safari. It isn't a costly app, though, and it's a bargain when you consider that Uniter might well be the best iPhone app for converting units we've seen yet.

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