PDFs are great until you realize there is an error that you want to correct, and don't have access to the original file used to create it. There isn't always enough time to recreate the document, and using something that has an error isn't a great option either. Luckily, there is some great software available that will help you through this process, and right now you can save big on it.

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Meet PDFConverterOCR 5, a simple way to convert those documents into Word, PowerPoint, Excel or other files to easily edit. You'll retain the same original fonts, images and formatting when scanning it in, so you don't have to redo a bunch of work to correct single issues, which is great.

Some of the other great features include:

  • Convert native & scanned PDFs to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, editable PDFs, and more
  • Retain original fonts, images & formatting when converting
  • Convert images w/ text into text docs
  • Scan text in any of the 49 recognized languages
  • Save converted documents that look just like the original
  • Get up to 99.8% character recognition accuracy w/ advanced OCR technology
  • Even convert encrypted PDFs

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Normally this would set you back around $70, but right now you can pay much less than that. Priced at just $19.99 for a limited time, this offer is quite a bargain. Being able to convert images with text into documents, scan in 49 different languages and much more makes this software super powerful, so don't miss out!