If you're single or used to cooking for one, the last thing you want to do is turn on a hot stove. Now you don't have to with the Bonbowl Cooktop and Bowl. Normally priced at $150, you can now save $50 during Cyber Monday.

Fast and easy


Bonbowl Cooktop and Bowl

Nonstick goodness

Featuring induction heating at its best, the Bonbowl Cooktop and Bowl uses magnets to heat the cookware. Yes, you heard right, magnets.

Promising to heat faster than gas and electric cooking using half the power, the Bonbowl Cooktop and Bowl is designed for single-serving cooking. In this case, you save on dishes by cooking and eating from the same dish. And because the heat is trapped inside the bowl, there's less chance of getting burnt or causing a fire while cooking.

Featuring sensors inside, the Bonbowl Cooktop and Bowl measures the bowl's exact temperature to cook your food perfectly every time. And the included lid is designed to complete multiple tasks: straining and sealing. When you've completed cooking pasta, place the lid on top of the bowl to strain the water from the pasta. Additionally, you can use the lid when putting leftovers into the fridge. Bonbowl also comes with several easy-to-cook recipes: pasta, eggs, oats, rice, reheating leftovers, and more.

The Bonbowl Cooktop and Bowl isn't the only kitchen tool on sale this Cyber Monday. You can also find discounts on a Ninja convection toaster oven and more.

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