Craig Federighi Ipad DemoSource: The Verge

What you need to know

  • The Verge has released a demo video on the new iPad Pro.
  • Apple's SVP of Software Engineering shows off the new Magic Keyboard.
  • The demo focuses mostly on how to use the trackpad with iPadOS.

Apple dropped a slew of new products today. It dropped an update to the Macbook Air with new Magic Keyboard and a lower price tag. It also updated the Mac Mini with double the base storage. They even released new iPhone and Apple Watch cases with a range of new colors for spring. The biggest announcement of the day, however, has to be the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard with new camera sensors and an actual trackpad.

To celebrate the release of the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, is taking users through a demo of the product.

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In a video shared with The Verge, Federighi shows off how a trackpad will now be incorporated into how people use iPadOS.

"Our goal with iPad has always been to create a device so capable and so versatile it can become whatever you want it to be. And that versatility is built on the power of touch. But of course we give you so many other ways to interact with your iPad, and sometimes you want to type. And for typing, nothing beats the Magic Keyboard. Now it's when typing that you most appreciate the precision and ergonomics of a trackpad."

Federighi goes on to show how the cursor transforms over objects to make it clear what you are selecting, and how you can use it to make more precise edits for whatever you may be working on.

"The shape of the cursor is one most natural for a touch experience. It's round, just like your fingertip. But check this out. As you move over the controls, it automatically transforms to make them easy to select. And of course the trackpad is amazing for text — the cursor transforms into a precise tool that makes it super easy to select text, apply formatting, and even select whole blocks of text and do things like drag and drop to move things around."

He also demos how to use the trackpad to multitask using multi-finger gestures and more. iMore's own Rene Ritchie tweeted out the video as well.

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