The world is becoming increasingly visual. People don't have time to sit and read lengthy press releases, instruction manuals, and news articles. Everyone is taking in information in smaller and smaller bites, faster and faster. If you're not keeping up, then your company may be getting lost in the fray of information that is the internet.

With Fleeq Premium, you can create awesome, customer-facing videos, and the best part is that you don't need any prior production experience. Even better (the bestest part?) is that you can get Fleeq at iMore Digital Offers for only $39.99. It regularly retails for $720, so you save 94%.

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All you have to do with Fleeq Premium is plug in your screenshots, insert descriptions, and share them with the world. Each "Fleeq" is trackable with notifications, collectible feedback, and actionable analytics. With Fleeq Premium you can:

  • Demo new products, create customer tutorials & more in minutes
  • Add fleeqs to your email campaigns to boost conversions
  • Share your Fleeqs on a dedicated page or as an embed/popup, GIF, or MP4
  • Get real-time notifications about views & progress and track analytics
  • Easily brand your fleeqs w/ your own colors, logo, domain name & more
  • Localize your fleeqs for any audience in minutes

If you're ready to up your notoriety, educate your customers, launch new products, and increase conversions on your site, then check out Fleeq Premium at iMore Digital Offers, and snag it for only $39.99, 94% off!.

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