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2020 has taught us a lot. For instance, there's no denying now that a professional website delivers a ton of value for businesses and individuals alike. Having a website paves the road for new connections — whether it's customers, friends, or anyone else. Therefore, if you're looking to build a website from scratch, and reach more people online, you need to check out Wix.

In addition to website creation, Wix offers a spectrum of tools and features to help your site and business succeed. If you want to create an online store, Wix has a full ecommerce solution to not only launch your store but also to grow and manage it. Wix also helps you market and create brand awareness with tools for promotional videos, email marketing campaigns, a customized logo and more. In addition, you also get built-in SEO tools to boost traffic to your site and grow your SEO discoverability.

So how do you begin your Wix journey? There are several options that cater to different levels of experience. For beginners, Wix has the ADI (advanced design intelligence) tool that creates your website for you based on your needs. If you want to take more control over the creation process you can choose from over 500 designer-made templates to customize it with the intuitive Wix Editor.

For experienced developers, Wix offers an open-source development platform designed for building advanced web applications. This provides serverless computing, hassle-free coding, and total design freedom to create, manage, and deploy your next web project with ease. This allows you to always remain in the driver's seat, steering how your site looks and functions.

Websites powered by Wix are also mobile-optimized. As a staunch supporter of mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad, you already know how important it is for any business to be mobile optimized. Wix makes that possible right out of the box, giving you responsive websites that look professional and function seamlessly for every-sized smartphone, tablet, and desktop device.

Anyone can benefit from the connective power of the internet. Make it happen today, across all your Apple devices, by building a professional website from the ground up with Wix.