CruxSKUNK iPad keyboard seeks Kickstarter funding, thinnest iPad keyboard yet

The CruxSKUNK keyboard for iPad has appeared on Kickstarter and is looking for backing to fund its development and eventual manufacture. Forget the name, as it doesn’t do this iPad accessory any justice at all and take a look at this amazingly thin keyboard that could take typing on your iPad to the next level. The CruxSKUNK keyboard is only 6mm thick which is the thinnest keyboard available for any iPad. When you put the iPad into the keyboard case, the whole package is only 19mm thick which sounds very exciting.

The CruxSKUNK maintains the simplicity of the iPad while staying true to Apple's design aesthetic. It perfectly complements the style of the iPad. In fact, most of the people we've shown the CruxSKUNK to have mistaken it for a Macbook Pro. We of course take this as a compliment since we want to give our users an experience that is seamless between the iPad and the CruxSKUNK.The CruxSKUNK features a full-sized QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is raised above the plane of the surrounding aluminum—which makes it extremely easy to type on. In addition, you'll be typing on a full-sized keyboard with full-sized keys. You won't have to compromise on this keyboard since all of the keys are exactly where your fingers remember. Last but not least, we've added special function keys to the top for those functions you use most often.

The CruxSKUNK connects to the iPad through Bluetooth; so once the first pairing has been done, it will always connect automatically in the future. It is powered by an inbuilt rechargeable 350mAH battery which should only need to be recharged once a month. Another innovative feature is a 360 degree hinge which allows you to swivel the iPad into a tablet like form factor without having to remove it from the keyboard case.

If you like the idea of the CruxSKUNK, you can become an early adopter with a pledge of $135 or more to secure one should they make it into production. The CruxSKUNK currently has around $61,000 of pledges and it needs to hit over $90,000 to gain enough to be funded; it still has 38 days to go. As with all of these Kickstarter projects, just because a particular item reaches its funding total doesn't guarantee it will go into production so be careful with your money.

Do you like the look of the CruxSKUNK keyboard for iPad or does the name put you of a bit?

Source: Kickstarter


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