Cult of Mac: Source confirms iPhone 12 delays and different 5G standards

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What you need to know

  • A source has reportedly told Cult of Mac some details about the next iPhone.
  • They confirmed previous reports that Apple's next iPhone may be delayed until October.
  • They also suggested that the next iPhone will feature different 5G standards depending on which country they are bought in.

A source has told Cult of Mac that Apple's iPhone 12 is delayed until October and that 5G standards will be split by geography.

The report states:

A number of iPhone 12 models currently face delays and may not become available in key markets until later in the year, a trusted source familiar with Apple's plans revealed to Cult of Mac.Options also could be limited in the United States and in other countries, where faster mmWave 5G technology is available. Elsewhere, customers may have a complete iPhone 12 lineup to choose from, but with slower 5G technology, according to the source.

According to the report, Apple is currently hoping to ship the iPhone 12, confirming previous reports the next iPhone is delayed beyond the usual September launch window. The report claims that "most markets" will get all four rumored variants of the iPhone 12 at the same time, however some markets, including the U.S., might see staggered releases where only one iPhone is initially available at launch.

The report also reiterates a recent report that not all of the iPhone 12 models will feature the same 5G standard, depending on which country they are made for:

The source tells Cult of Mac that there will essentially be two iPhone 12 lineups, each consisting of four models. One lineup will support both sub-6GHz and mmWave networks, while the other will use only sub-6GHz 5G.The lineup will depend on where you live. Most countries, where mmWave 5G is not yet available, will get the four iPhone 12 models that do not have the ability to connect to mmWave networks, according to the source. They will use only sub-6GHz signals.

Essentially, this suggests that Apple will not release mmWave capable phones in countries where mmWave is not established, however, all iPhone 12 models will have some degree of 5G capability. The report also states that only one of the iPhone 12 models, the largest 6.7-inch Pro models will feature mmWave. This is the current configuration due to "design and power consumption" constraints.

The report notes however that the situation remains fluid and that timing, availability and 5G configurations could still be altered.

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