The 'Curve' is Twelve South's latest MacBook stand and it's gorgeous

Twelve South just announced the launch of a new stand for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The Curve is a modernization of the original iCurve stand created by Andrew Green in 2003. The updated version is sleeker, better designed, and looks great with your Space Gray MacBook Pro.

The Curve is a thin metallic stand that supports the MacBook with a unique hover-style design. The bottom part of the stand curves under, while the rest of it rises upward and angles down over the base curve. It's pretty. Very pretty.

According to Green, the Curve has been years in the making.

I knew someday I wanted to refresh the classic design for the modern Mac universe. In thinking about bringing it back to market, I visualized Curve as a thin metal ribbon – kind of like a Möbius strip. Utilizing aluminum with a matte black finish, Curve is a fresh remix of the original classic that looks simply stunning, especially when supporting the new Space Grey MacBooks.

He's right.

I absolutely love my BookArc möd from Twelve South. The company really has an eye for design. The Curve is visually striking and absolutely meets the standards Twelve South is known for. It's minimalist aesthetic compliments the style that Apple fans love.

The Curve from Twelve South

Besides the material upgrade to the Curve, it's also a little more efficient than its predecessor. There is a front lip that holds the MacBook in place but also makes it easy for you to lift the lid without the entire laptop flipping up.

The Curve is designed so you can use an external mouse (or trackpad) and keyboard set up with your MacBook. You can also position it on your desktop and use it as a secondary display.

The Curve only comes in matte black right now, but hopefully, there will be additional color options to compliment the other MacBook colors, like silver and rose gold.

It costs $49.99 and you can order it from Twelve South right now.

See at TwelveSouth

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