Daily Tip: How to use column headers for better iTunes browsing

Irked by the poor browsing experience in iTunes and wondering how to turn on column headers to make it better? With column headers on, you can change what's being sorted and which way, and quickly and easily see your all your music by the same artist, or in the same album, all sorted together. And luckily, Apple just posted a brief tip showing how to do it.

Make browsing your iTunes library even easier by sorting, rearranging, adding to or subtracting from the column headings you view. Click any of the headers (like "Name" or "Artist") to reverse the alphabetical or numerical sort order using that column as the key. If you want to get columns side by side to better compare them, just click and drag the headers where you want them. And if you want to see more or fewer columns, use the View Options command in the View menu to bring up a panel that will let you turn various columns on and off. In the iTunes Store, you can click on column headers to re-sort search results, track listings for albums, or even the listings within in the quick view windows available via the small "i" icons.

[Inside iTunes]

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