Daily tip: How to delete individual SMS Text or MMS messages

Curious how to delete individual SMS Texts (or sexts, we're not here to judge!) MMS from a conversation in your iPhone Messages app? It's not obvious but it is simple, and we'll show you how after the break!

Whether you're a young celebrity trying to avoid the tabloids or just a regular user trying to stay out of trouble, it's useful to know how to delete just certain SMS or even MMS messages without losing your entire conversation.

  1. Launch the SMS application
  2. Open the conversation you have messages you would like to delete
  3. Select Edit in the top right on the screen
  4. Select which messages you would like to delete by selecting them individually or all of them at once if you have multiple messages to delete
  5. Select delete on the bottom left

It is that simple and you will have gotten rid of whatever you didn't want visible and you will still have the rest of the conversation saved.

Bonus tip: If you decide you do want to nuke the entire conversation, go back to the conversation list in the Messages app and swipe your finger left to right. A red Delete button will appear. Tap it and the conversation will disappear entirely.

If you want to learn how to delete even more incriminating evidence personal information from your iPhone, check out our longer guide.

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