Daily Tip: How to add a phone number to an existing contact [Beginner]

Want to know how to add an additional phone number to an existing contact? Ever run across a situation where someone texts or calls you from a new or second number and you want to save it? Why bother trying to remember the number, or manually trying to add it to the existing contact, when there's a much easier way to do it. We'll show it to you after the break!

Add a number from Recent Calls

  1. Tap the Phone app
  2. Tap Recent Calls
  3. Tap the blue arrow next to the number you want to save
  4. You'll see a call info screen, at the bottom you see an option to Add to an existing contact, choose that option.
  5. Your address book will pop up, scroll through and tap the contact you want the number to save to.
  6. Change the type of phone or number if you like, and tap done!

Add a number from a text message.

  1. Tap Messages
  2. Scroll to the top of the conversation.
  3. Tap add to contacts
  4. An option will pop-up, select Add to existing contact
  5. Scroll through your address book when it pops up and select the contact you'd like to add the number to
  6. Make any changes you'd like and tap done!

These are 2 ways you can easily save additional contact numbers for one person without having to manually enter them. If you have any questions, or know any better ways, leave them in comments!

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  • What I would really like to know is how to reorder them in that list without deleting and reading them!
  • To clarify, I mean edit the order of phone numbers within one contact
  • Ya got me there. I don't think there is one. : /
  • When I edit or create a contact it only gives me a spot for iPhone number and mobile number. No home number. Any ideas?
  • @ Jason, when tap where it says mobile or iPhone, that takes you to a new screen which says Label at the top. In the top right hand side, it says Edit. Tap that and scroll to the bottom and tap Add Custom Label.
  • EDIT the word "when" I didnt mean to type that
  • Wow. Didn't know that one. Thank you. Wasn't that big of a deal as most people I know only have cell phones but there are those few that still have home phones
  • I find it annoying that in gmail contacts I may have a contact with two mobile phones and it doesn't show up in my iphone as such. Ideas please?
  • @uberspeed tap where it says mobile then for label go to other and it will let you make a custom label. so you can put mobile and mobile 2 or however you want to label it.
  • So far I am disappointed with this I Phone phone. Not what I expected.
  • Question: I recently updated my IPhone operating system and all my contacts are gone. Anyway to get them back? Can't believe it!!!
  • if your itunes made a backup i believe it's possible. I've had that problem before though and had to re-insert all the phone numbers again.
  • Huh I don't get the option to tap "Done" when finished adding a number. Just "Cancel" wonder why that is. :(
  • Huh I don't get the option to tap "Done" when finished adding a number. Just "Cancel" wonder why that is. :(
  • when I try to add a contact from recent call list, I do not get "add to contacts" choice on the next screen. I get add to favorites
  • can you put a phone number in a calendar appointment?
    converting from the dark side to the rebel alliance (BB to iPhone)
    using exchange365 (cloud)
    must find a way to make iPhone CALENDAR appointments from:
    1. calls into calendar 2. email into calendar