Daily Tip: How to manually set (or reset) your iPhone clock

Carrier time not quite right, or simply not right for you, and curious how to manually re-set your iPhone clock? If you are trying to keep yourself on time, and think setting it ahead a few minutes would help, or if you live and work in towns with different time zones (it happens!) you may want to take your time into your own hands. Hit the jump and we'll show you how!

  1. Launch Settings from your device.
  2. Select General.

  1. Select Date & Time.
  2. Make sure you have "set automatically" switched to off.

  1. Set your time zone.

  1. Set your own time.

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  • The clock on the iPhone, or at least on mine, drifts. Compared to an NTP app's time, I've seen it off by two minutes. To fix, set a manual time as shown, exit and see that the new time is shown, the return and set back to auto. The phone will reset to carrier time that way.
  • is the silent status display in the status bar a jailbreak?
  • Yes, it is a jailbreak feature. I believe it comes with the lockinfo package.
  • If the year is off, then spin the month wheel forward only a couple of years worth in the right direction and come back to the General Settings page. Repeat. Be patient if the year is way off. If the date spins back to "today" then you might not spin in the right direction.