Darkroom's latest update adds Light Mode to iPhone and iPad app

What you need to know

  • Darkroom is getting support for iOS 13 and iPadOS.
  • The main new feature is a new Light Mode interface.
  • Additional changes take advantage of the iPad's Split View and Slide Over View.

The latest app to get support for iOS 13 and the newly-released iPadOS is the photo editing service Darkroom. The update is rolling out to date that takes advantage of Apple's latest software upgrades.

Oddly enough Darkroom is going in the opposite direction of other apps. Instead of adding a new dark mode, it is adding a new Light Mode. That's mostly because the app's interface—both for iPhone and iPad—was already dark. Now that iOS 13 and iPadOS users have a system-wide Dark Mode they can switch between, Darkroom users can take advantage of it along with a new lighter option for the icon.

Additionally, Darkroom is getting a lot of new features for iPadOS. It now supports the Split View and Slide Over View, which now includes support for the same app, so you can have two Darkroom panels open at the same time.

This leads to benefits like having the same photo side by side or having two Darkroom libraries side by side.

The last major changes are support for Siri Shortcuts and new sound effects along with other minor app-wide enhancements.

The Darkroom update is now rolling out for iPhone and iPad users.

Danny Zepeda