The iPhone has been available for an while now and folks have made it a part of their daily lives. Now, with so many applications, surely people are using the iPhone for more than making phone calls. So, I thought I would outline how I use my iPhone 3G on a daily basis. Ready, here it goes!So let's start of with first things first...

  1. Alarm: I use the iPhone for my daily alarm. I set mine for 4:45AM everyday. I am out the door by 5:00AM to begin my daily walk/jog
  2. iMapMyRun: I use this app to track my exercise progress. It uses the GPS functionality in the iPhone to now only track my pace and time, but it also records my travels on a map and tells me verbally where I am in my work out and my pace. Not bad for a free app!
  3. iPod: On my drive to work I listen to a smorgasbord of music from my library, to podcasts, to audiobooks, I really use my 45 minute commute in the mornings to catch up on news and relax.
  4. Evernote: Once I am at work, I use Evernote on my laptop to take meeting notes, etc. However, the iPhone version of Evernote comes in really handy to take pictures of whiteboards or flipcharts. The added benefit of Evernote's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology means I can contextually search those pictures at a later date. very handy!
  5. Getting Things Done (GTD): After my meeting, I usually need to add some tasks to my projects, so I add them to my new favorite app, Things for iPhone. It follows David Allen's GTD methodology and really helps me to stay organized.
  6. Calendar: What usually happens after a meeting? You schedule a follow up meeting! Again, iPhone to the rescue...
  7. Social Networking: Of course when I have time between meetings and work I check out what is going on with Facebook and Twitter. I use Facebook's native app and Iconfactory's excellent Twitteric app too keep up with my fellow Tweeters!
  8. Lunch: Sometimes we might order out at work, but don't know the number or directions on where to call or pick up our food. Google Maps on the iPhone comes in really handy! Of course the recently updated iPhone-optimized Google search is nice too.
  9. Documents: Of course, it is very handy to have some documents available and accessible when you need them. If you are a MobileMe subscriber like I am, the free version of MobileFiles allows you to access your iDisk and save files locally for quick retrieval. I use this feature to access our shuttle schedule at work. We have several shuttles to transport us to different parts of campus. This is a huge time saver!
  10. News: On the shuttle ride I usually catch up on my RSS feeds. I do this with one of two apps: Bloglines (web app) and NetNewsWire (native app). These are two awesome apps to for on the go news reading.
  11. Jott: On the way home, I might have an epiphany or remember a todo I completely forgot about. Jott allows me to audibly record my note which I can review later and add to Things if needed. Truly a life saver for when you are brainstorming and can't write anything down! The value Jott brings to the table over Evernote (Evernote can record audio notes too) is that Jott transcribes your audio note. Cool. (Note: Jott has recently delisted the iPhone app, not sure why. You can still use the 1-800 number, which is probably better anyway)
  12. Dinner: My wife and I aren't great cooks, so sometimes we need a little help with dinner. All Recipes Dinner Spinner has a great app that allows you to enter what "ingredient" you have (like chicken, etc) and help you with simple recipes based around time, available food, etc.
  13. Blogging: I don't blog as much personally as much as I used to, but I try to keep my blog updated as much as I can. A great way to do that is with WordPress for iPhone. This app is awesome and there are some really cool features coming soon to help me be even more severed from my iMac.
  14. Relax: After dinner my wife might want to watch something on Apple TV, so I kick it on the couch and watch one of my own TV Shows or Movies on the iPhone before retiring for the evening.
Well, that about sums it up! Of course there is always time to play the endless amount of gaming to be had during free time, but that is a given! So, how do you use your iPhone on a daily basis? After writing this post, I am not sure how I would survive without mine!

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