DearMob Easily Fixes "iTunes Could Not Backup iPhone" Error

Most people are still using iTunes to back up their iPhone, iPad, and iPod data, maybe because it's free, or because they have been using iTunes for many years and are accustomed to using it.. But sometimes backing up your iPhone with iTunes can be cumbersome, especially when you meet problems like:

  • "iTunes won't backup iPhone because there is not enough memory when your PC has lots of space"
  • "iTunes won't backup iPhone because your iPhone is disconnected with iTunes"
  • And "iTunes keeps telling you that your computer is not authorized" even when you are trying to back up your iPhone to the computer which you have backed up your iPhone before.

This can be a headache for you, and if you check in the forums for this problem, you can see that lots of people spend hours, days, and even months trying to solve this "iTunes won't backup" problem.

Instead of spending hours trying methods to solve the problem such as reauthorizing your iPhone to iTunes and the computer, relocating your old backups, and even risking losing all your data by resetting your iPhone, why don't you try to back up your iPhone without iTunes? In this way, you don't have to go through the tedious steps to manually fix the errors. After all, the easiest way to fix a problem is by not having the problem at all.

Besides backing up your iPhone with iCloud, we recommend DearMob iPhone Manager as an efficient software tool to streamline your backup process. Because iCloud doesn't perform partial backups, you can only choose certain apps rather than a specific file under that app for backup. To be clear, selecting only 3 photos under the Photo App or only the chat history of you and your lover in the Messages app for backup over iCloud would be impossible. DearMob iPhone Manager has many more advantages over iTunes and iCloud than many other third-party apps.

Solve iTunes Won't Back up iPhone - Back up iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager

To give you a better idea of how this easy iPhone Manager works to backup your iPhone, let's check out the below tutorial for creating an offline iPhone backup. Before we get started, first you can go to this page to collect a free license code of DearMob iPhone Manager Version 3.4 (iMore readers exclusive benefit!).

  • Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC with the lightning cable.
  • Step 2: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager and click "Backup".
  • Step 3: Click on "Backup Now". A full iPhone backup will be conducted within minutes depending on how big your iPhone content is.

Why Is DearMob iPhone Manager The Best solution for iPhone Backup?

Manage, backup, transfer iOS data without iTunes.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager runs independently without iTunes tyranny while other third-party iPhone backup apps require you to install iTunes or rely on Apple Support Service and Apple Mobile Device Support to be able to connect to and access an iOS device.

Allows you to perform partial backups.

  • Supports selective backup and 2-way transfer of your desired files between iPhone and PC/Mac. File Types include photos, music, video, contacts, books, calendar, voice memo, ringtones, apps, Podcasts, iTunesU, etc. iTunes purchased content is also compatible.

Auto convert a wide range of media formats.

  • Another restriction about Apple is that it is not so widely compatible with other devices. DearMob has the option to convert photo from HEIC to JPG, and also supports converting music, video, and ebooks to the most compatible format.

An easier iOS Manager.

  • Easy navigation: idiot-proof, both beginner and tech-savvy can easily operate and use it.
  • Simple steps: 1-click full backup of iPhone data to revive an old iPhone or switch to a new device, drag and drop to transfer files between iPhone and computer.
  • Fast to load and sync files on your iPhone (e.g. transfer 1000 4K photos within 2 minutes).

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Final Words

In comparison with both iTunes and iCloud backup solutions, DearMob iPhone Manager makes the iPhone backup task very simple and precise - users can choose whichever piece of a message, contacts info, photos, videos, songs/ringtones, podcasts, and eBooks, etc. under corresponding apps for backup - a file-orientated selective backup solution that gives you direct and clear access to specific content. You know exactly which data you are backing up. Also, to prevent any data breach, you can lock down and secure sensitive backup files with high-level encryption.

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