Love is love. While we like to think we work towards spreading that simple but important message all year round and even wear it on our chests, Pride Month is an excellent opportunity to really shout it from the rooftops. Or, in this instance, house fronts. Whether you're lucky enough to have a porch, fortunate to have your own balcony space, or simply have a window to spread the message, we have got a radical selection of rainbow-themed decorations and accessories to help you show your support for the Pride movement.

Original Rainbow Flag

It's the real thing: Original 8-stripe rainbow flag

Staff Pick

It might seem obvious to include a flag, but this has a twist. It's a replica of the original rainbow flag designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978. This has eight sewn stripes; not one, but two purple hues, and a pink layer to represent "hot sex." It seems the perfect time to reintroduce that angle...

From $35 at Gettysburg Flag Works
Rainbow Paper Hearts

Start a chain reaction: Boieo rainbow paper party streamers

Made from quality craft paper and hand-sewn with thread, this affordable option gives you 10 feet of heart garlands with all the rainbow colors. This would look effective hung in windows, against plain outdoor walls, or even strung from fascias to create more of a kinetic display.

$14 at Sears
Rainbow Arch Balloon

It's a gas, gas, gas: Rainbow mylar foil balloon

Balloons are 101 essential for every celebration, especially more flamboyant ones like Pride. This is an extra-large foil option, measuring in at a generous 36-inches. This balloon ships uninflated, so you can blow it up with ordinary air to create a "down" balloon to hang from on-high, or get it filled with s/helium to create a floating rainbow.

$7 at Sears
Love Is Love Balloons

Word up, literally: "Love is Love" letter balloon kit

Don't waste words with this awesome balloon message kit. The Midas-touched characters measure 16-inches tall, so they will make quite a statement once filled with helium and placed. This kit has the correct type of string to construct the display and instructions on how to do it. The same shop also has a "GAY AF" kit, worthy of a non-PG13 mention.

$16 at Etsy
Rainbow Sun Umbrella

We shine together: Member's Mark 8-foot beach umbrella

Throw haters some shade with this unbelievably great beach umbrella. Perfect for front yard sit-out in the sun, this is made of durable polyester, has a generous eight-foot diameter, and has a metallic tilt mechanism to get it at the perfect angle. Should you want to take it out and about, it comes with a convenient carry bag.

$35 at Sam's Club
Rainbow Roses

Say it with flowers: Tinted rainbow rose stems

If your Pride taste levels tend more towards the Elton John than RuPaul end of the spectrum, consider a gorgeous real flower display as a seriously classy way to decorate the front of your home. These stunning tinted rose stems can be delivered to your home in quantities of 50, 75, or a show-stopping one hundred.

From $90 at Sam's Club
Rainbow Balloon

Somewhere over the rainbow: Rainbow balloon arch kit

This absolutely fabulous kit contains over 100 balloons, made up of all the colours of the rainbow. You also get balloon tape and glue dots to assemble it. We can imagine it's time-consuming to create an effective arc, but just what a stunning centerpiece to your porch this would be once assembled around your front door.

$14 at Amazon
Pride Garland

Get a (Judy) garland: Pride handmade deco mesh wreath

If your decorating tastes fall into the Martha Stewart camp, consider this home-made wreath. It measures around 24-inches in diameter and is approximately 6-inches deep. With a blue and white mesh base design, details include burlap frayed ribbons, the Pride and United States flags, and that all-important "Love is Love" message.

$128 at Houzz

We are family

Any of these decorations will go some way to showing the world your household is all about the Pride. It depends on the space you have, and your budget, as to which will suit you. If time, money and skills are no object, we adore the rainbow balloon arch kit. Such a jaw-dropping display would not only look amazing but placed over your front door, really sends the message that your home is a safe space for LGBTQ+ folk.

Anyone who wants to send a message without all the rainbows, spell it out with the oh-so-glam Love is Love Letter Balloon Kit. This is essentially what Pride is all about, and you can't say it louder than with 16-inch tall gold helium balloons.

However, if we could only pick one thing from this list, we could choose the original 8-stripe rainbow flag. This not only symbolizes what Pride Month means today, but gives a significant nod to the struggles all our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters, and others, have been through since that fateful Pride parade in the late Seventies.

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