Are you a content creator? Live streamer? YouTube video maker? TikTok super star? Instagram influencer? And you don't have a set of Nanoleaf Shapes on your wall changing colors with every donation, follow, or new subscriber? Crazy. Time to change that. Best Buy is having a huge sale on Nanoleaf Shapes right now. All of the Shapes are discounted by $10 to $20 with the Nanoleaf Shapes 3-panel triangles at the lowest price of $59.99. Each of these packages can be combined with the others, too, so mix and match!

Wall color

Nanoleaf Shapes triangles and hexagons sale

Create the shape you want. Nanoleaf's Connect+ unites all the shapes together. Syncs with music. Reacts to touch. Can reflect the colors of your screen. Personalize them with an app that can set schedules and stuff. Pick from millions of colors.

As low as $60

We reviewed the new Nanoleaf Triangles a few months ago and gave them 4.5 stars out of 5 with a Recommended badge. Christopher Close said the Triangles "get just about everything right, from the improved mounting system and new touch controls, to incorporating the music visualizer capabilities right out of the box."

Since the Triangles and the Hexagons can connect together using Nanoleaf's Connect+ technology, you can buy a variety of the packages on sale and put them altogether in some unique shapes. Make your Nanoleaf Shapes all your own, creating patterns in any room.

They even sync with music so you can play your favorite songs and dance to the tunes and the color and light. The panels will react in real time. The panels can also react to touch, dynamically changing colors when you graze them. There are even interactive games you can play or use presets like Highlight Motion for a ripple effect. If you combine the Shapes with Apple HomeKit, you can control devices in your smart home by touching the panels.

In addition to syncing with music, the panels can also react your screen. The colors from your screen can be reflected in the panels for an immersive experience.

Use the Nanoleaf app for all kinds of custimization as well, including setting schedules and playlists. Voice control works via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

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