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What you need to know

  • Delivery dates for the new iPhone SE are already slipping.
  • Dates range from May 1st to May 22nd, depending on models.
  • Supply chain restraints or unexpected demand are potential reasons for the slip.

The iPhone SE became available for preorder this morning, and delivery dates are already beginning to slip only four hours after preorders went live.

While those who were able to order first were able to secure a delivery date as soon as next Friday, April 24th, others are starting to see delivery dates as late as May 11th.

Here's the current breakdown of availability. Note that this is the availability for the unlocked model, so carrier-specific models may vary:

iPhone SE in White

  • 64GB: May 1 - May 5
  • 128GB: May 1 - May 5
  • 256GB: May 1 - May 5

iPhone SE in Black

  • 64GB: May 1 - May 5
  • 128GB: May 1 - May 5
  • 256GB: May 1 - May 5


  • 64GB: May 1 - May 5
  • 128GB: May 1 - May 5
  • 256GB: May 4 - May 11

It is currently unclear why the availability of the new iPhones are already beginning to slip. One possible reason could be that the phone is still experiencing supply chain constraints as Apple's manufacturing and assembly partners are still working to get back to full production levels while keeping their employees safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

Another possible reason could be that Apple did not anticipate the level of demand for the iPhone SE that it is currently seeing. Trying to anticipate demand on a new iPhone during a time like this is incredibly tricky, so it could be that Apple tempered their original projections a little too much.

Regardless of the reason, Apple is sure to respond to the demand by working with its partners to get inventory up as quickly as possible.

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iPhone SE (2020)

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