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It's no secret that problem-solving skills are in high demand right now. Regardless of the industry, employers are on the lookout for creative thinkers whose intuition and analytical prowess allow them to solve complex problems in untraditional ways, and having a solid foundation in math and science is hands-down the best way to foster this important skillset.

But if you were turned off to anything that remotely resembled math when you were a student due to boring exercises and monotonous memorization drills, you're far from alone.

That's why Brilliant offers a revolutionary platform that makes it easy to build a variety of quantitative skills within an environment that's fun, intuitive, and completely interactive.

With Brilliant, you'll learn how to develop critical problem-solving skills by engaging in fun and challenging interactive activities that will allow you to see math and science in a completely new way.

Unlike traditional online computer science and math education that revolves around a series of underwhelming and ineffective puzzles and brain-teasers, Brilliant utilizes powerful visualizations of complex topics that will help you build your skills from the ground up—making it easier to retain your new knowledge and apply it in the real world.

All of Brilliant's courses are crafted by award-winning teachers, researchers, and professionals from MIT, Caltech, Duke, Microsoft, Google, and other leading institutions from around the world, and you'll find material that's both engaging and challenging regardless of your experience level or age.

You'll have unlimited access to over 60 courses on everything from pre-algebra and basic physics to machine learning, multivariable calculus, chemistry, special relativity, algorithms and much more—all within a platform that incorporates storytelling and interactive challenges in order to make your education fun and effective.

Do your mind and career a favor by learning how to see the world through an entirely different lens. If you're one of the first 200 people to sign up for Brilliant right now, you'll knock 20% off the cost of an annual subscription.