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Did you dump your Android phone for an iPhone 6?

A strange thing kept happening to me at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week: Whenever I was standing in line for food, for coffee, or to speak to someone at a booth, and using my iPhone 6 Plus to help pass the time, people came up to me to ask how I liked it. That's usually my move. I'm the tech writer. I'm the one who's supposed to be asking how they like their phones. Yet this time it kept happening to me. The story was almost always the same — the person asking had switched to the iPhone 6 Plus from a big screen Android phone, they were loving it, and they wanted to know if I was loving it too. And that made me curious...

These people were almost all vendors or locals, not the tech crowd who'd descended on Vegas for the week obsessed only with the latest and greatest. They were the mainstream. They varied in age and gender. What most of them didn't vary in, however, was their distaste for what they had before. It was unfriendly or inconsistent or otherwise inaccessible to them in some way or another. By comparison, one gentleman told me while we were winding our way through the massive Starbucks line, the iPhone 6 Plus was a breath of fresh air.

For a while now I've thought the move to bigger iPhones would resemble the move to multiple carriers in the U.S. Back at the end of 2010, everyone who wanted an iPhone and could live with AT&T had an iPhone on AT&T, and everyone else who wanted an iPhone but couldn't live with AT&T settled for not-an-iPhone on Verizon. Then, in early 2011, the iPhone hit Verizon and suddenly people could have the phone they wanted on the carrier they wanted. That made them happy.

Likewise, prior to the fall of 2014, everyone who wanted an iPhone and could live with a 4-inch display had an iPhone, while everyone else who wanted an iPhone but needed a bigger display had a not-iPhone that was bigger. Then, in fall of 2014, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit the market and suddenly people could have the phone they wanted at the size they wanted. That also made them happy.

I wanted to interview the people I spoke with in Vegas and get all the details, but because of who they worked for, or who they partnered with, or simply because they didn't want to appear on a website, they demurred. But it got me thinking. Anecdote may not be the singular of data, but what if what happened in Vegas was happening everywhere?

So, I figured I'd take advantage of the iMore community and ask that question right here.

Did you recently switch from an Android phone — a Samsung Galaxy or Nexus, an HTC, Moto, or LG — to an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Do you know anyone who did? If so, I'd love to know some of the details. What Android phone did you switch from? What motivated you to make the switch? How do you like your new iPhone? Let me know in the comments, or forward it on to your family members, friends, or colleagues who made the switch so they can let me know!

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I came from a note 3 to Iphone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • What prompted the change and how do you like it? Sent from the iMore App
  • Same here! Everything is better.. Apps look better, no more lag and countless problems with Android, no more lag, camera (front and rear) are so much better. Never took so many photos in my life until iPhone 6. Build quality.. Everything is better, works better and feels better. And Jailbreak vs Root big difference... Jailbreak is so much easier even a 10y old kid can do it and go back to stock.. Had iPhone 4 then switched to Note 2, later Note 3 (with both awful experience). My iPhone 4 was better than them.. Now with iPhone 6 everything is the way it should.. So happy :)
  • I too switched from Android to iPhone as well as my wife. But this I dont agree with. The widespread believe that Android is somehow less stable than iOS. In my experience that just isn't true. I've in fact had just as many glitches in iOS than I've had in Android. Whether it be third party keyboard issues, screen orientation lock issues or the occasional force close of an app. I'd argue that the stability of both platforms is about even. I still have my HTC M8 at home and i came from an LG G3. My wife came from a Note 3. I had always bounced between my Android phones back to my 5s. The 6 gave me a reason to stick with iOS and I haven't went back.
  • I have the samsung galaxy s4 zoom and i never have any problems and it has an the best camera ever. I'm not sayin this is everyone, but every1 i know with an iphone 6 or iphone 6+ either got it as a present or just bought it because it's the newest iPhone but personally i prefer samsung galaxy s6. And also, i would never even think about getting an iphone because i cannot use a phone without a back button.
  • Hello. There is always a back button when needed just like android phones same symbol on screen. It is a little weird to get used to though like backing out of menus and having to hit the menu button again instead of a back button. I always like android because of the customability as far as rooting ect! I currently have an iPhone 6 plus and I think it's a great phone but there are no jail breaks anymore! I can't find one:( it makes me wanna switch to the s6. Why would apple block the jail break? As fas as iOS and android operating systems iOS is way more stable you must have had a bad phone and there are a lot out there. I think you should try a new I phone out. How do you like the s6? Is that what you have now? Thank you
  • Change was prompted by iPhone FINALLY got the thing that was holding me back... Screen size. Period. My note was a bit big, but I liked it a lot. But everyone else in family had Apple Products and had been trying to get me to switch daily. I was rooting my android etc so was a "above Average" user. I have not jail broke iphone because when I got it, I vowed to just use it as intended so I always had a phone that works. Apple ecosystem limited in many ways, but their overall integration and cross device communication far superior to that of android. If you have any other specific questions, email me. Blaine07 at gmail. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am a huge Android fan, since day one. I realize they are all good phones, something a lot of people can't seem to objectively admit here. I did try the iPhone and had it for a day and had to switch back. Android had the phones with the most premium quality (Htc, and now Samsung) and I couldn't stand to (READ THIS THE PERSON ABOVE) ..there is NO back button. Period. In some apps maybe. Also having no app drawer is tedious. Sure you could create one with folders. And not having my sports widgets open to look at is also bothersome.
  • I came from four consecutive Nexuses to the iPhone 6, but my heart hasn't come from Android to iOS. Rather, I came from the universally craptastic cameras and lofty promises of Google and Android OEMs to a camera that is fast, reasonably good quality and performs well under every circumstance. I miss the functionality, extensibility, and most of all, stability and reliability, of Android almost every day, but I enjoy carrying one less heavy camera even more than all of that. There was an editorial recently on the Verge that paralleled what finally made me switch: my wife and I, trying to take a picture of the Hope Diamond - my standing there fiddling with settings for nearly four or five minutes, while my wife came, stood over my shoulder with her 5S and snapped and off she went. That's the moment I decided to hell with Google's promises. I'll live with the terrible Bluetooth stack, the general crashiness, the inability to choose default applications and the terrible Orwellianness of Mother Apple - just because of the camera. But if someone finally delivers a brilliant camera on Android that checks the same boxes the iPhone camera does, back I go. Gods only know how I'm ever going to export everything back to Android though - it was easy bringing things over, but getting out of iEcosystem feels like a paid minefield of crap.
  • Hey, Nokia Lumia 1020 still has the best camera, simply because of the bigger sensor. So if it's that much important to you, then you need to get that sort of phone. It's a bit old tech though.
    Otherwise iPhone 6, yeah, great hardware (including camera), some nice things in the software as well, but it's expensive, and it's, Apple! Can't afford it even if I wanted to.
  • It was actually a forced move for me. I was happily using a Nexus 5 but was issued a corporate device. I was given the choice of iOS or Windows Phone, which to me was no choice at all. I am using a new iPhone 6. It is a HUGE shock to the system. I see now how much customization I was able to do in Android that I can no longer do. The walled garden is definitely making me not like this device much but I'll have to get used to it. The other thing that bugs me is going from having a Micro USB cable/charger everywhere to a single crappy short Lightning cable. I'll have to try to procure many more of these cables to leave everywhere since I'm not in the habit of keeping one on me everywhere I go. I miss Google Now and it's related functionality from my Nexus 5 very much. But alas, it's an opportunity to delve into a new operating system and see how it grows.
  • I felt the same way about the Chargers when I first switched too. However Apple sells a Lightning to Micro USB adapter for $20 that I keep in my wallet that allows me to use those old cords
  • Yeah I might have to get one of those. I have two Lightning cables now and they seem so fragile. It's no wonder why people complain they break so easily. I haven't broken a Micro USB cable ever but I foresee myself breaking at least one of these due to regular use.
  • I hear ya. Take them to an Apple Store if the Lightning end begins to scrunch up.
  • They are not fragile if used properly. Sometime in elementary school we learned to never pull on plugs by the cable but by the actual plug itself. People stupidly pull and push on cables by the cable and that's always wrong, with any sort of cable made by anyone.
  • I'm the opposite. I've had tons of micro USB connectors go bad, including on my last Blackberry. Not one single issue with any connector I've had from Apple since, both 30 pin and Lightning.
  • I wouldn't call the Lightning cable crappy, it's one of the great benefits of iPhones. The micro USB connector is crappy, most will get loose over time and won't work well anymore unless held at a certain angle. If you compare the positive and strong click and connection of lightning with its port and the junk that is micro USB, you'll understand why Apple went that route. I've owned several Android phones and my wife as well and the micro USB always gets loose over time, not to mention it's not reversable so annoying to plug in in the dark.
  • I've never broken a micro USB cable or port in any of the dozen+ devices that I've owned. Neither has my wife. All of Apple's own sites even show terrible reviews for three poorly made cables. It's the same for the Macbook chargers as well. They use such a high gauge of wire that it is almost designed to break. The whole "I can't see which way to plug my cable in at night has never been an issue for me either. The connectors have different feels to them on either side so it's easy to know which way I'm plugging it in. My wife's Galaxy S3 and my Nexus 5's ports are still as firm as ever. I guess they don't get loose unless you pull on the cords like some sort of child. Micro USB 3.1 with the Type C connector will be the saviour to all cables.
  • You must not be a longtime Mac user. Apple "went that route" because Apple changes its desktop and iOS device connectors every few years because to generate a guaranteed income stream. Apple has announced an "innovative," "new," "lightning-fast" connector every three or four years ever since leaving behind SCSI in the mid-1990s. And in response, hundreds of thousands of Apple customers are forced to purchase not only the new cables, but adapters, too, in order to ensure backwards and sidewards compatibility. Meanwhile, on the PC side of things, USB has been just fine for the same two decades. There's a reason for that.
  • How do you like it? I'm thinking of doing the same.
  • I dumped the Samsung Galaxy S 5 for the iPhone 6 and it was the best thing I've ever done !!! Never going back !
  • What do you like better about your iPhone 6?
  • My long time android using brother came from an Note 3 to the 6 plus like mysef.
    The switch was because of the bigger screen, finally able to use features like air play to our Apple TV. Syncing with my MacBook and iPad is now a treat. The bigger screen along with some of iOS 8 changes from iOS 7 is what helped him and myself.
  • I moved from the Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 6 plus. I was an iPhone user in the past (3G, 4). I also bought the 5S but I sold it because the screen was too small, the battery life was also not that great and there was no option to replace the battet. Once the iPhone 6 plus was announced I knew I'd switch back as I prefer iOS and it would make sense as I have 2 iPads and an Apple TV, so I was entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. Even when I used android phones I always had an iPod touch. I'm really enjoying the iPhone 6 plus and I'm glad that I made the switch. The battery life is awesome, as is the camera and the screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • I used android since 2009. The android was a good SO but now it is nearly dead for most of the people (except Samsung fanboys). In 2015 with the Internet full of malware, cyberwar and the word most famous is hacking no one wants a SO without updates.
    The future is simple and safe things, connected each other and social networks...
    Microsoft knows that and will connect all devices with windows 10 for desktops and mobile. Apple did that with continuity on Mavericks.
    Google will do that with chrome OS or a plugin for Google chrome? Please... In this moment if you want a cheap and good phone go to windows phone, if you want the best at any cost choose the apple ecosystem.
    I wait until Apple moved to large screens and now I am a happy user of iPhone 6 plus since October
  • I had the 3G, 4 & 5, and had gotten tired of the same old thing. Seemed that Apple was loathe to make any major changes, and I was long past ready for some. I switched to a Galaxy S3, then S4, then Moto X, and an S5. I loved them all.
    What Apple did with the 6, was a refreshing change, and restored my faith that they weren't simply stuck in a 'size box' or a 'feature box', and I remember telling my wife that the 6 was 'impressive'.
    For me, a veteran of wireless sales & support, that's rare. Sent from the iMore App
  • I came from note 3 to iPhone 6 plus and I do love it
  • Terrific, what are you loving?
  • I switched from a Iphone 4 to a Galaxy Note 2, then, then Galaxy S5 and now have a iphone 5s. Shortly I'll be upgrading to a iphone 6 Plus 64GB model. I switched back to apple so I can use Apply Pay. My wife has always been on iphones and has a iphone 6 now.
  • I bought a gold 64GB 5s when it came out! Love my Mac and MacBook! Got a chance to buy a oneplus and bought one to give it a try! I like Google but when I saw the facts behind it that makes me worry about security! Just check out Google dashboard and see what Google all collected from us! I bought a iPhone 6 because always found 4.7 is the best size of a phone
  • I totally agree about the screen size. I managed with 5" but never loved it. Two of my favorite phones are the HTC One X and now my iPhone 6 because of not only the size but the screen resolutions.
  • I came from a Nexus 5 to an iPhone 6. I've previously had an iPhone 4s. A combination of things brought me back. The size was a little bit of factor. I quickly became accustomed to the size of the N5; 4.8-5 inches is pretty much ideal for me (I think the iPhone 6 Plus is unwieldy - for now), but it was iOS 8 that clinched it. I was impressed with iOS 8 on my iPad mini 2 and owning the iPhone 6 would bring me back to being on iOS/OS X only again. I've had no issues whatsoever with either system (despite it being the worst iOS ever, quality is dropping, and Apple is doomed, yadda, yadda, yadda /s), and I'm pleased with it.
  • I wouldn't characterize it as "dumping" my last phone but I did switch from a Galaxy Note 2 to the 6 plus. For me, I don't really care about the operating system. I never really used the widgets in Android and I've yet to do anything with the Notification Center widgets on my 6 plus other than play with them for the first day or so. Why I made the switch was two fold. First and foremost, my employer really only supports the iPhone or Blackberry for mobile email. Being with them for 20+ years allows me to have a little bit of flexibility when it comes to things like what phone I want to use but I was getting tired of not using my phone in certain circumstances. Secondly, I liked when my family was all on one platform. It made support easier and it made it easy to share app purchases. My wife made the switch at the same time (same Note 2 for a 6 plus) and it was a hard switch for her. She's a creature of habit and was used to doing certain things to get a result. We've had the phones for a little over a month and she's still in a learning curve. Sent from the iMore App
  • While I thought that I wouldn't used the widgets, I have to admit some of them are very useful. However, I have noticed this sluggish performance on the 6 Plus when activating multitasking but it's worst in notification center when the phone is locked. I have tried everything even restoring the phone as new but that lagging behavior remains. It is however not present on the iPhone 6. I have tried different iPhone 6 pluses from friends and they all suffer from the same thing. So does my iPad mini as well. Maybe the software is not optimized well enough for the big screen. Can anyone else try to replicate this on his iPhone 6 Plus?
  • I work in a store where we sell iPhones and I've never encountered this. What exactly are you doing on the phone when you encounter this.
  • I simple pull Notification Center when the phone is locked. Bringing the multitasking window some times behave the same way. It gets worst when you activate Assistive Touch.
  • I moved over from the Note 3. Had four android phones prior to that and before that several blackberry phones. For me widgets and notifications made it ok to switch and I was curious if it was worth the hype. I've absolutely loved it and gotten an iPad and now even use a Macbook.
  • Always had a iphone as far back as the 3gs, but in 2013 i changed from my iphone to a samsung galaxy note 3, could not wait for apple if or not they were going to make a bigger iphone , so went for a bigger phone note 3, but when the new iphone 6 came out, i change back and went for the iphone 6 plus and loving the new iphone 6 plus.
  • Made the switch from the Note 4. Before making the switch, I used both the Note 4 and 6 Plus for a month thinking it would be nice to have two devices for a change. I love both android and iOS so I don't have a bias towards any OS. After a month of owning both though, I knew it wasn't very practical so I had to get rid of one. Ended up selling my Note 4 last week. Overall, it was an excellent device. Camera was phenomenal. Great big screen in a slightly smaller package than the 6+. Didn't really care much for the S-Pen though, but I can see how some people find it very useful. I stuck with the 6+ because the overall experience was better. Battery life on it is great and very consistent. With the Note, there were times it lasted more than a day and others where I had to charge it before the day ended. Battery life just jumped all over the place and it's hard to tell what the culprit is. High Android System/OS battery usage doesn't give me much info, yet that's all that shows up and the bunch of apps/processes those encompass. Disabling location services on it helped a little, but I have location aways enabled on the 6+ and battery life doesn't seem to take a hit. The fingerprint scanner isn't even close. 6+ just outperforms the slide implementation on the Note. That said, I change phones every few months so I'll probably be back on android when the new HTC or Samsung flagship get released. For now though, I am more than pleased using the 6+ as my daily driver.
  • Not met anyone thats jumped either way, everyone I know who's got Android are still using Android phones and everyone I know that are using iPhones have stayed with iPhones. Most of the iPhone owners I know hated the idea of a bigger phone but brought it because it was the latest iPhone and they just wanted a new phone. Not sure if there's any data yet to back this but I think any big migration is unlikely either way. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Some reports are already suggesting that Apple's market share is growing because of the larger screen. I also don't think it would happen right away anyway, at least in the US. Most people are in the middle of contracts and are not about to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade early.
  • In the last year I had a Note 3 and most recently an LG G3 that I have up for my iPhone 6plus. I had no major issues with Android, but I always said if Apple comes out with a truly bigger screen I would switch back. I had a 3GS and a 4S. I am immersed in the Apple Eco system so it only made sense to try again. I must say I am very happy with my decision, and for once I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. Only time will tell as new phones are released later this year though. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from the nexus 5 to an iPhone 6 last month, and so far I am loving every bit of the iPhone 6. From hardware to software to me the experience is delightful. The nexus 5 was a great phone when I first got it even with lollipop the experience was great but not perfect. I always came across hiccups and gaming on it wasn't that great, since games are developed using metal, they always looked smoother and better on iOS. Most importantly for me, the App Store has movies and songs for purchase compared to google play which lacks the ability for me purchase movies and songs because Google doesn't support that yet in my region - sigh. iOS 8 app extensions, notification, widgets and third party keyboards were the strongest point of android over the years but that's bo longer the case now, in fact I prefer Apple's implementations of these features in iOS compared to android. Not to mention that every member in my family has an iPhone 6 and 6 plus either as a primary or as a secondary phone and so it is easier for me to share apps and songs with them. I don't regret my purchase and I'm not missing android not even for a bit.
  • I switched from a Galaxy Note 4 to a iPhone 6 plus 64 gb and my wife came from a galaxy s4 to a 6 Sent from the iMore App
  • Nice! How are you both liking them?
  • I came from a Note 3 to an iPhone 6. I have had an iPad for awhile and had been wanting an iPhone, but couldn't deal with the small screen. As soon as the the bigger screened iPhone's came out, I jumped all over it. I was also intrigued with Apple Pay and was tired of not getting timely updates on Android devices. I'm happy with my purchase and unless an Android manufacturer comes out with something really enticing, I don't see going back. Android doesn't really offer me anything useful that I can't get from the iPhone
  • Ah... android, the poor mans smartphone! Sent from the iMore App
  • Poor man's smartphone lol you do know pretty much all Android flagships are the same price as an iPhone and in some cases can be more expensive. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • While maidton83's taunting wasn't called for, I'm not sure the existence of higher end Android flagships really proves anything. Given the average selling price of Android phones are in the $200+ range (as opposed to the $600+ range for iPhones), it's clear that the vast majority Android customers are indeed purchasing very low end devices. This also speaks to the notion that most Android OEMs have trouble making any significant profit to speak of. Sure, Samsung is still making money, but they're on the decline. What's worse are the testimonies in this thread. It seems that at least some percentage of the Android customers that were willing to buy high end devices are switching to iOS.
  • Of course this is a apple centric device so it's going to overwhelmingly have people saying they did jump ship. Ask the same question on Android and you would get same answers. I don't think there has been any rapid decline in Android market share to suggest that people are jumping ships just like that. As for the taunting, it's a valid reply because to still have apple fan boys say that Android is for poor people is pathetic. Even if it was so what. To suggest that only rich people can afford iPhone is old and stupid. I know plenty of people who are not well off but still own iPhone because in many countries you can get various iPhones on a free contract or Same price as other phones. As for Samsung yes they had a 1 bad year but before everyone rights them off let's see how 2015. Sure they are not making several billions like before but they are still making billions in a marker that has several Android oems. They still make more than all other android oems combined and more. It was always going to be difficult for Samsung to maintain its huge profits in Android as they are not the only Android maker. Example if 100 people want a android device they don't have to get a Samsung, they can get LG, htc Sony etc etc where as if 100 people want ios all sales go to apple. So imo the whole Samsung is on the decline and doomsday stuff is just the Android market balancing out. Samsung was never going to dominate Android forever not when there's dozens and dozens of competition just within android itself. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Taunting or fanboyism aside, there is plenty of statistical evidence that upper class folks prefer iPhones. You can google it but there are studies which used Twitter tweets location and source to essentially map iOS vs Android usage patterns across the country. It did show clearly higher concentrations of iOS use in high cost of living cities. For instance, Manhattan would appear to be at least 75% iOS dominated. This study assumes a normal distribution for Twitter users across both platforms of course. It's interesting.
  • You have a gold iphone don't you? PS.. It's not gold. You're not that special.
  • You do know that saying things like that makes you look like a pretentious tosser, right?
  • That's just ignorant. Sent from the iMore App
  • I ditched the iPhone 4 for a Galaxy S4, then an LG G3, for the increase in screen size. When the iPhone 6 was announced I had no intention of getting one b/c I was happy with the LG G3. But when my credit union announced it was on board with Apple Pay, I jumped on the iPhone 6+, paid full price and waited 7 weeks for delivery in early November. Couldn't be happier with my 6+ !
  • From Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from a Nexus 5 to an iPhone 5S. I was frustrated by the inconsistent camera on the Nexus and I wanted a smaller phone that would be more pocketable. I've been a die hard Android fan forever but have always kept an eye on iOS. iOS8 finally got enough of the features that I knew I'd be missing if I switched so it seemed a good time to try it. I'll probably pick up a 6 next year once I can get a used one for a decent price. 4.7" seems about the max size screen that I'd want.
  • And how are you liking it?
  • I have been a Android user for as long as I can remember and really like the android OS, but recently had a experience that made me switch to iphone. The wide has been a iPhone user for awhile now and her birthday just passed and I couldn't FaceTime her with the kids because I had Android so my birthday is right after hers so I went to best buy and purchased a iPhone 6 but I think I want the 6 plus because I have owned the note 4 and just stopped using the lg g3 and I like the bigger screen but I'm still debating. If someone could do me a favor and tell me about there experience with the 6 plus that makes it better I would really like to know so that I can make up my mind. Thank you!
  • I own an iPhone 6. Similar situation. Kinda wish I had gotten a 6+. The bigger and better screen with 1080p resolution and higher pixel density and more screen real estate is a huge advantage on the +. I've even heard people say they no longer need an iPad mini or Air because of it. I'd also like to take advantage of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) which only the 6+ has. That combined with the fact that the 6+ has a much larger and better battery. Supposed to last much longer than the 6 which for me seems to have pretty poor battery life. With all that said though I still don't know I could use such a large phone on a daily basis. I also love to use my phone for video recording and holding a 6+ for a long time at a concert would be a lot more difficult than the 6 due to its increased size. But since I've never owned the 6+ I don't know if those points are really deal-breakers or not.
  • I'm on the other side of the fence. I bought a 6+ at release and find myself yearning for a regular 6. The 6+ size is the issue. Its just too big to do anything one handed. I love the screen and the battery life- they are the only reasons I haven't "downgraded" to the 6 yet. I keep going back and forth on it. MY wife gets an upgrade next month and she's already declared she wants the smaller 6. My fear is that handling her 6 will make my waffling even worse. First world problems...
  • I was one of the Verizon customers that had to wait for the iPhone 4. We switched at that point and my wife never looked back. I have always jumped back to Android for different reasons not the least of which was screen size. I bought the 6 Plus at the end of November and have had no reason to switch since then. The 6 plus does everything I need it to do and does so on a big beautiful screen. I will always appreciate other technology and I am sure I will buy other phones from Android, Windows and Blackberry, but I don't see any reason to change my daily driver from the iPhone anymore.
  • I just came from a windows phone, lumia 1020, I enjoyed windows phone but the apps are just not updated as often as their counter parts on ios or android. There was no app gap for me at least just not as up to date. I got a 64gb 6+ and love it the battery life is awesome.
  • I came from Note 3 to iPhone 6, can't be happier!! :)
  • Great, what's making you so happy?
  • I previously used an HTC One S because at the time I needed a new phone the iPhone was not available through T-Mobile (mid-2012). While I liked the phone at the time, I discovered that it didn't fit well with the rest of my workflows, which are all Apple-based (iPad, Macbook Air, etc.). (I was a feature phone user prior to the HTC.) I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus because I liked both the larger screen (I'm nearing 60) and the longer battery life. The HTC One S had a poor battery life (less than a day for how I used it), although I did find a power management utility that made it at least useable. The size of the iPhone 6 Plus wasn't an issue for me as it was not much larger than the HTC. What turned me against Android was not the OS, but the lack of upgradability through HTC. Back in 2012 Google promised that all then-modern Android phones would be getting future OS upgrades. HTC followed that a couple months later with a "yes, but" and told One S users they weren't included in Google's promise, so I never escaped Ice Cream Sandwich as I watched other users continue to upgrade. This meant no patch for the SSL bug (among other problems). If I were not so otherwise Apple based, I might have gone with a modern Android phone, but it would have been a Google Play Edition phone to ensure I got OS updates as soon as they became available (and never another HTC regardless of its reviews). So, even though my HTC passed end-of-life last July, I waited for the release of the 6 Plus (and then some as they could not be bought anywhere). When it finally became available I switched and haven't been disappointed (after a little more than a month of constant use).
  • yes, switched from Samsung Galaxy S3, like the iPhone 6 this far
  • And how's it going for you?
  • So I have been with android since the Tmobile G1 and while i have been a fan thus far I found myself lusting for something different. The last android I owned was a galaxy s3 and I just recently purchased the iphone 6 64gb version, as I figured 16gb is childs play and 128 is for heavy heavy users. Anyways what made me want to switch has nothing to do with the age old argument about iphone being easier to use or anything like that,I simply wanted something new and something that just simply works. Don't get me wrong android does work and it works well,however ios works BETTER all around. I have owned it for a little over 3 days now and I'm still amazed by things like the battery life,the way the screen looks in and out of direct sunlight and overall the performance of this device. I mean it has 1 gb of ram and a 8 megapixel camera and I have compared photos with that of something like the note 3 and 4 and if the iphone's pictures did not win by a landslide the came out so close that I was still overly impressed. It has half the specs and battery life of the competition and does more than deliver.
  • I find this comment very interesting. People have become so conditioned to comparing specs as opposed to actually seeing how devices perform. It's good to see that you were open minded enough to give it a try.
    Very technical people understand concepts like cramming more pixels in a small space doesn't necessarily improve image quality as each pixel receives less light, etc. Similarly, Android devices need more memory than iOS devices to avoid stutter and lag due to each operating system's respective approach to memory management. Android does periodic garbage collection whereas iOS relies on automatic reference counting, etc. The details aren't important. What is important is getting people to accept the fact that specs in and of themselves isn't necessarily a meaningful comparison when all things are not equal. Just because a 1GB device would be slow on Android doesn't mean you'd have the same bad experience on iOS.
  • I love both systems and am always interested in how people experience each. As someone who has used both, can you comment on moving from a platform with lots of customization to one that is more closed? I personally love customizing, but found that I was always changing everything and couldn't settle on something. The actual lack of choice in iOS makes it possible to just "let go" and focus on using the phone and apps. I wonder what you think.
  • "...but what if what was happening in Vegas was happening everywhere?" What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Haha sorry.. I had to... Please don't flame... I love my iPhone.
  • Exactly what I was playing on :)
  • I switched from Lumia 1520. Not planning on leaving Windows Phone until Microsoft started prioritizing iOS and Android over their own phone OS.
  • I went from a Galaxy S5 and actually paid to go back to iPhone. I am a Mac user at home and the hand off features are awesome. Plus it is far more convenient to have everything on the same ecosystem. Beyond that over the holidays I tried taking pictures with my S5 camera and the shot it showed me right before the snap was not the shot I got. Either blurred or dark and grainy, this on a supposed better camera. Also miss iCloud where I take a pic and it is automatically on my Mac and iPad. My S5 was also 16gb (never saw a 32 gb in the wild) and that was without the bloatware. Samsung phones on ATT come with lots of bloatware apps I can't uninstall without a jailbreak which honestly I didn't want to do. But space was at a premium all of the time. My new 64gb iPhone means I can put what I want and likely never have to think about it. I still use Google Play music but works just as well on the iPhone. Other random things I notice is the Bluetooth connection to my car happens a lot faster and is more reliable. It isn't as big in the pocket as people think at least as compared to the S5. I also like the fact that updates are not carrier controlled. I get the update with everyone else period, no waiting. I do miss widgets, and third party keyboards they I can set to default but outside of that I am loving my new iPhone 6. Well worth the $130 I had to pay to break contract. I think Android is a perfectly good OS, just not for me. Sent from the iMore App
  • Oops 6 plus lol Sent from the iMore App
  • Prviously I was an iPhone 4 user before I moved to android for more screen real estate and more customizability. I am in the process of moving from my lg optimus g pro to an iPhone 6+ because honestly the android scene is feeling crowded and rushed. The 6+ runs all the google apps I love smoother and better than my android device and I can now use both multimedia environments.
  • I just made the switch to the 6+ from the S5. I had the iPhone 5 before that but I was extremely unhappy with the screen real estate. I got the S5 and I was happy with the size but after just being on iOS i wasn't happy with android anymore. I tried making it work as long as possible but a few problems made it so that the phone had to go. My 6+ is the first phone that I've been completely satisfied with!
  • Read your own forums much? This has been talked to death. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dropped the s5 for a iPhone 6. Wanted the plus but they didn't have any at Verizon on launch day. Miss some customization of android and the ability to download files online that play nice w chrome cast. Other than that, happy about it. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from a WindowsPhone 8.1 (Lumia 920) to a iPhone 6 Plus. My main reason wasn't because of "App Gap" but rather Microsoft didn't have any good hardware (HTC M8 One is a nice phone but terrible camera and the L830 is hardly a Flagship phone compared to my L920) out at the current time my contract was up and my L920 wasn't holding up so well internally. I thought I would give Apple another shot since my last iPhone 3GS almost 4yrs ago. I'm very pleased with the screen resolution, battery life, device size, and app quality. Some dislikes are iOS8 is still kind of buggy at times and does weird things, email/messaging/camera functionality were light years better on WindowsPhone. I have no regrets in the switch and I'm keeping my eye out for Windows 10 OS running on mobile devices in the feature. For now I can only hope that Apple rolls out improvements to iOS8.
  • I used a Note 3 for about 6 months then upgraded to the Note 4. Was not impressed so switched to the LG G3. Eventually the iOS ecosystem was to strong and I came back to the iPhone 6 plus. (Before the Note 3 I had the iPhone 5). Main reason I came back to iOS is bec wife has an iPhone 5. Was afraid I'll regret the move but so far have not. Loving the iPhone 6 plus and iOS.
  • I came from a Note 3 and now have a 6+. I really have no problem with Android but it is clear to me that iPhones deliver the most consistent experience across the board. I just don't know how else to say it. And iMessage is the best cell phone feature/functionality that people don't talk about. The iOS camera is also great but iMessage is really the one thing that makes it DIFFICULT to switch back to other platforms. A lot of iPhone users don't even know iMessage exists. That's how good it is.
  • I left Android back in December 2013 for an iPhone 5S, and for the past year I enjoyed it. But when an invite came my way for the OnePl