Did you dump your Android phone for an iPhone 6?

A strange thing kept happening to me at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week: Whenever I was standing in line for food, for coffee, or to speak to someone at a booth, and using my iPhone 6 Plus to help pass the time, people came up to me to ask how I liked it. That's usually my move. I'm the tech writer. I'm the one who's supposed to be asking how they like their phones. Yet this time it kept happening to me. The story was almost always the same — the person asking had switched to the iPhone 6 Plus from a big screen Android phone, they were loving it, and they wanted to know if I was loving it too. And that made me curious...

These people were almost all vendors or locals, not the tech crowd who'd descended on Vegas for the week obsessed only with the latest and greatest. They were the mainstream. They varied in age and gender. What most of them didn't vary in, however, was their distaste for what they had before. It was unfriendly or inconsistent or otherwise inaccessible to them in some way or another. By comparison, one gentleman told me while we were winding our way through the massive Starbucks line, the iPhone 6 Plus was a breath of fresh air.

For a while now I've thought the move to bigger iPhones would resemble the move to multiple carriers in the U.S. Back at the end of 2010, everyone who wanted an iPhone and could live with AT&T had an iPhone on AT&T, and everyone else who wanted an iPhone but couldn't live with AT&T settled for not-an-iPhone on Verizon. Then, in early 2011, the iPhone hit Verizon and suddenly people could have the phone they wanted on the carrier they wanted. That made them happy.

Likewise, prior to the fall of 2014, everyone who wanted an iPhone and could live with a 4-inch display had an iPhone, while everyone else who wanted an iPhone but needed a bigger display had a not-iPhone that was bigger. Then, in fall of 2014, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit the market and suddenly people could have the phone they wanted at the size they wanted. That also made them happy.

I wanted to interview the people I spoke with in Vegas and get all the details, but because of who they worked for, or who they partnered with, or simply because they didn't want to appear on a website, they demurred. But it got me thinking. Anecdote may not be the singular of data, but what if what happened in Vegas was happening everywhere?

So, I figured I'd take advantage of the iMore community and ask that question right here.

Did you recently switch from an Android phone — a Samsung Galaxy or Nexus, an HTC, Moto, or LG — to an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Do you know anyone who did? If so, I'd love to know some of the details. What Android phone did you switch from? What motivated you to make the switch? How do you like your new iPhone? Let me know in the comments, or forward it on to your family members, friends, or colleagues who made the switch so they can let me know!

Rene Ritchie

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  • I came from a note 3 to Iphone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • What prompted the change and how do you like it? Sent from the iMore App
  • Same here! Everything is better.. Apps look better, no more lag and countless problems with Android, no more lag, camera (front and rear) are so much better. Never took so many photos in my life until iPhone 6. Build quality.. Everything is better, works better and feels better. And Jailbreak vs Root big difference... Jailbreak is so much easier even a 10y old kid can do it and go back to stock.. Had iPhone 4 then switched to Note 2, later Note 3 (with both awful experience). My iPhone 4 was better than them.. Now with iPhone 6 everything is the way it should.. So happy :)
  • I too switched from Android to iPhone as well as my wife. But this I dont agree with. The widespread believe that Android is somehow less stable than iOS. In my experience that just isn't true. I've in fact had just as many glitches in iOS than I've had in Android. Whether it be third party keyboard issues, screen orientation lock issues or the occasional force close of an app. I'd argue that the stability of both platforms is about even. I still have my HTC M8 at home and i came from an LG G3. My wife came from a Note 3. I had always bounced between my Android phones back to my 5s. The 6 gave me a reason to stick with iOS and I haven't went back.
  • I have the samsung galaxy s4 zoom and i never have any problems and it has an the best camera ever. I'm not sayin this is everyone, but every1 i know with an iphone 6 or iphone 6+ either got it as a present or just bought it because it's the newest iPhone but personally i prefer samsung galaxy s6. And also, i would never even think about getting an iphone because i cannot use a phone without a back button.
  • Hello. There is always a back button when needed just like android phones same symbol on screen. It is a little weird to get used to though like backing out of menus and having to hit the menu button again instead of a back button. I always like android because of the customability as far as rooting ect! I currently have an iPhone 6 plus and I think it's a great phone but there are no jail breaks anymore! I can't find one:( it makes me wanna switch to the s6. Why would apple block the jail break? As fas as iOS and android operating systems iOS is way more stable you must have had a bad phone and there are a lot out there. I think you should try a new I phone out. How do you like the s6? Is that what you have now? Thank you
  • Change was prompted by iPhone FINALLY got the thing that was holding me back... Screen size. Period. My note was a bit big, but I liked it a lot. But everyone else in family had Apple Products and had been trying to get me to switch daily. I was rooting my android etc so was a "above Average" user. I have not jail broke iphone because when I got it, I vowed to just use it as intended so I always had a phone that works. Apple ecosystem limited in many ways, but their overall integration and cross device communication far superior to that of android. If you have any other specific questions, email me. Blaine07 at gmail. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am a huge Android fan, since day one. I realize they are all good phones, something a lot of people can't seem to objectively admit here. I did try the iPhone and had it for a day and had to switch back. Android had the phones with the most premium quality (Htc, and now Samsung) and I couldn't stand to (READ THIS THE PERSON ABOVE) ..there is NO back button. Period. In some apps maybe. Also having no app drawer is tedious. Sure you could create one with folders. And not having my sports widgets open to look at is also bothersome.
  • I came from four consecutive Nexuses to the iPhone 6, but my heart hasn't come from Android to iOS. Rather, I came from the universally craptastic cameras and lofty promises of Google and Android OEMs to a camera that is fast, reasonably good quality and performs well under every circumstance. I miss the functionality, extensibility, and most of all, stability and reliability, of Android almost every day, but I enjoy carrying one less heavy camera even more than all of that. There was an editorial recently on the Verge that paralleled what finally made me switch: my wife and I, trying to take a picture of the Hope Diamond - my standing there fiddling with settings for nearly four or five minutes, while my wife came, stood over my shoulder with her 5S and snapped and off she went. That's the moment I decided to hell with Google's promises. I'll live with the terrible Bluetooth stack, the general crashiness, the inability to choose default applications and the terrible Orwellianness of Mother Apple - just because of the camera. But if someone finally delivers a brilliant camera on Android that checks the same boxes the iPhone camera does, back I go. Gods only know how I'm ever going to export everything back to Android though - it was easy bringing things over, but getting out of iEcosystem feels like a paid minefield of crap.
  • Hey, Nokia Lumia 1020 still has the best camera, simply because of the bigger sensor. So if it's that much important to you, then you need to get that sort of phone. It's a bit old tech though.
    Otherwise iPhone 6, yeah, great hardware (including camera), some nice things in the software as well, but it's expensive, and it's, Apple! Can't afford it even if I wanted to.
  • It was actually a forced move for me. I was happily using a Nexus 5 but was issued a corporate device. I was given the choice of iOS or Windows Phone, which to me was no choice at all. I am using a new iPhone 6. It is a HUGE shock to the system. I see now how much customization I was able to do in Android that I can no longer do. The walled garden is definitely making me not like this device much but I'll have to get used to it. The other thing that bugs me is going from having a Micro USB cable/charger everywhere to a single crappy short Lightning cable. I'll have to try to procure many more of these cables to leave everywhere since I'm not in the habit of keeping one on me everywhere I go. I miss Google Now and it's related functionality from my Nexus 5 very much. But alas, it's an opportunity to delve into a new operating system and see how it grows.
  • I felt the same way about the Chargers when I first switched too. However Apple sells a Lightning to Micro USB adapter for $20 that I keep in my wallet that allows me to use those old cords
  • Yeah I might have to get one of those. I have two Lightning cables now and they seem so fragile. It's no wonder why people complain they break so easily. I haven't broken a Micro USB cable ever but I foresee myself breaking at least one of these due to regular use.
  • I hear ya. Take them to an Apple Store if the Lightning end begins to scrunch up.
  • They are not fragile if used properly. Sometime in elementary school we learned to never pull on plugs by the cable but by the actual plug itself. People stupidly pull and push on cables by the cable and that's always wrong, with any sort of cable made by anyone.
  • I'm the opposite. I've had tons of micro USB connectors go bad, including on my last Blackberry. Not one single issue with any connector I've had from Apple since, both 30 pin and Lightning.
  • I wouldn't call the Lightning cable crappy, it's one of the great benefits of iPhones. The micro USB connector is crappy, most will get loose over time and won't work well anymore unless held at a certain angle. If you compare the positive and strong click and connection of lightning with its port and the junk that is micro USB, you'll understand why Apple went that route. I've owned several Android phones and my wife as well and the micro USB always gets loose over time, not to mention it's not reversable so annoying to plug in in the dark.
  • I've never broken a micro USB cable or port in any of the dozen+ devices that I've owned. Neither has my wife. All of Apple's own sites even show terrible reviews for three poorly made cables. It's the same for the Macbook chargers as well. They use such a high gauge of wire that it is almost designed to break. The whole "I can't see which way to plug my cable in at night has never been an issue for me either. The connectors have different feels to them on either side so it's easy to know which way I'm plugging it in. My wife's Galaxy S3 and my Nexus 5's ports are still as firm as ever. I guess they don't get loose unless you pull on the cords like some sort of child. Micro USB 3.1 with the Type C connector will be the saviour to all cables.
  • You must not be a longtime Mac user. Apple "went that route" because Apple changes its desktop and iOS device connectors every few years because to generate a guaranteed income stream. Apple has announced an "innovative," "new," "lightning-fast" connector every three or four years ever since leaving behind SCSI in the mid-1990s. And in response, hundreds of thousands of Apple customers are forced to purchase not only the new cables, but adapters, too, in order to ensure backwards and sidewards compatibility. Meanwhile, on the PC side of things, USB has been just fine for the same two decades. There's a reason for that.
  • How do you like it? I'm thinking of doing the same.
  • I dumped the Samsung Galaxy S 5 for the iPhone 6 and it was the best thing I've ever done !!! Never going back !
  • What do you like better about your iPhone 6?
  • My long time android using brother came from an Note 3 to the 6 plus like mysef.
    The switch was because of the bigger screen, finally able to use features like air play to our Apple TV. Syncing with my MacBook and iPad is now a treat. The bigger screen along with some of iOS 8 changes from iOS 7 is what helped him and myself.
  • I moved from the Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 6 plus. I was an iPhone user in the past (3G, 4). I also bought the 5S but I sold it because the screen was too small, the battery life was also not that great and there was no option to replace the battet. Once the iPhone 6 plus was announced I knew I'd switch back as I prefer iOS and it would make sense as I have 2 iPads and an Apple TV, so I was entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. Even when I used android phones I always had an iPod touch. I'm really enjoying the iPhone 6 plus and I'm glad that I made the switch. The battery life is awesome, as is the camera and the screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • I used android since 2009. The android was a good SO but now it is nearly dead for most of the people (except Samsung fanboys). In 2015 with the Internet full of malware, cyberwar and the word most famous is hacking no one wants a SO without updates.
    The future is simple and safe things, connected each other and social networks...
    Microsoft knows that and will connect all devices with windows 10 for desktops and mobile. Apple did that with continuity on Mavericks.
    Google will do that with chrome OS or a plugin for Google chrome? Please... In this moment if you want a cheap and good phone go to windows phone, if you want the best at any cost choose the apple ecosystem.
    I wait until Apple moved to large screens and now I am a happy user of iPhone 6 plus since October
  • I had the 3G, 4 & 5, and had gotten tired of the same old thing. Seemed that Apple was loathe to make any major changes, and I was long past ready for some. I switched to a Galaxy S3, then S4, then Moto X, and an S5. I loved them all.
    What Apple did with the 6, was a refreshing change, and restored my faith that they weren't simply stuck in a 'size box' or a 'feature box', and I remember telling my wife that the 6 was 'impressive'.
    For me, a veteran of wireless sales & support, that's rare. Sent from the iMore App
  • I came from note 3 to iPhone 6 plus and I do love it
  • Terrific, what are you loving?
  • I switched from a Iphone 4 to a Galaxy Note 2, then, then Galaxy S5 and now have a iphone 5s. Shortly I'll be upgrading to a iphone 6 Plus 64GB model. I switched back to apple so I can use Apply Pay. My wife has always been on iphones and has a iphone 6 now.
  • I bought a gold 64GB 5s when it came out! Love my Mac and MacBook! Got a chance to buy a oneplus and bought one to give it a try! I like Google but when I saw the facts behind it that makes me worry about security! Just check out Google dashboard and see what Google all collected from us! I bought a iPhone 6 because always found 4.7 is the best size of a phone
  • I totally agree about the screen size. I managed with 5" but never loved it. Two of my favorite phones are the HTC One X and now my iPhone 6 because of not only the size but the screen resolutions.
  • I came from a Nexus 5 to an iPhone 6. I've previously had an iPhone 4s. A combination of things brought me back. The size was a little bit of factor. I quickly became accustomed to the size of the N5; 4.8-5 inches is pretty much ideal for me (I think the iPhone 6 Plus is unwieldy - for now), but it was iOS 8 that clinched it. I was impressed with iOS 8 on my iPad mini 2 and owning the iPhone 6 would bring me back to being on iOS/OS X only again. I've had no issues whatsoever with either system (despite it being the worst iOS ever, quality is dropping, and Apple is doomed, yadda, yadda, yadda /s), and I'm pleased with it.
  • I wouldn't characterize it as "dumping" my last phone but I did switch from a Galaxy Note 2 to the 6 plus. For me, I don't really care about the operating system. I never really used the widgets in Android and I've yet to do anything with the Notification Center widgets on my 6 plus other than play with them for the first day or so. Why I made the switch was two fold. First and foremost, my employer really only supports the iPhone or Blackberry for mobile email. Being with them for 20+ years allows me to have a little bit of flexibility when it comes to things like what phone I want to use but I was getting tired of not using my phone in certain circumstances. Secondly, I liked when my family was all on one platform. It made support easier and it made it easy to share app purchases. My wife made the switch at the same time (same Note 2 for a 6 plus) and it was a hard switch for her. She's a creature of habit and was used to doing certain things to get a result. We've had the phones for a little over a month and she's still in a learning curve. Sent from the iMore App
  • While I thought that I wouldn't used the widgets, I have to admit some of them are very useful. However, I have noticed this sluggish performance on the 6 Plus when activating multitasking but it's worst in notification center when the phone is locked. I have tried everything even restoring the phone as new but that lagging behavior remains. It is however not present on the iPhone 6. I have tried different iPhone 6 pluses from friends and they all suffer from the same thing. So does my iPad mini as well. Maybe the software is not optimized well enough for the big screen. Can anyone else try to replicate this on his iPhone 6 Plus?
  • I work in a store where we sell iPhones and I've never encountered this. What exactly are you doing on the phone when you encounter this.
  • I simple pull Notification Center when the phone is locked. Bringing the multitasking window some times behave the same way. It gets worst when you activate Assistive Touch.
  • I moved over from the Note 3. Had four android phones prior to that and before that several blackberry phones. For me widgets and notifications made it ok to switch and I was curious if it was worth the hype. I've absolutely loved it and gotten an iPad and now even use a Macbook.
  • Always had a iphone as far back as the 3gs, but in 2013 i changed from my iphone to a samsung galaxy note 3, could not wait for apple if or not they were going to make a bigger iphone , so went for a bigger phone note 3, but when the new iphone 6 came out, i change back and went for the iphone 6 plus and loving the new iphone 6 plus.
  • Made the switch from the Note 4. Before making the switch, I used both the Note 4 and 6 Plus for a month thinking it would be nice to have two devices for a change. I love both android and iOS so I don't have a bias towards any OS. After a month of owning both though, I knew it wasn't very practical so I had to get rid of one. Ended up selling my Note 4 last week. Overall, it was an excellent device. Camera was phenomenal. Great big screen in a slightly smaller package than the 6+. Didn't really care much for the S-Pen though, but I can see how some people find it very useful. I stuck with the 6+ because the overall experience was better. Battery life on it is great and very consistent. With the Note, there were times it lasted more than a day and others where I had to charge it before the day ended. Battery life just jumped all over the place and it's hard to tell what the culprit is. High Android System/OS battery usage doesn't give me much info, yet that's all that shows up and the bunch of apps/processes those encompass. Disabling location services on it helped a little, but I have location aways enabled on the 6+ and battery life doesn't seem to take a hit. The fingerprint scanner isn't even close. 6+ just outperforms the slide implementation on the Note. That said, I change phones every few months so I'll probably be back on android when the new HTC or Samsung flagship get released. For now though, I am more than pleased using the 6+ as my daily driver.
  • Not met anyone thats jumped either way, everyone I know who's got Android are still using Android phones and everyone I know that are using iPhones have stayed with iPhones. Most of the iPhone owners I know hated the idea of a bigger phone but brought it because it was the latest iPhone and they just wanted a new phone. Not sure if there's any data yet to back this but I think any big migration is unlikely either way. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Some reports are already suggesting that Apple's market share is growing because of the larger screen. I also don't think it would happen right away anyway, at least in the US. Most people are in the middle of contracts and are not about to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade early.
  • In the last year I had a Note 3 and most recently an LG G3 that I have up for my iPhone 6plus. I had no major issues with Android, but I always said if Apple comes out with a truly bigger screen I would switch back. I had a 3GS and a 4S. I am immersed in the Apple Eco system so it only made sense to try again. I must say I am very happy with my decision, and for once I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. Only time will tell as new phones are released later this year though. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from the nexus 5 to an iPhone 6 last month, and so far I am loving every bit of the iPhone 6. From hardware to software to me the experience is delightful. The nexus 5 was a great phone when I first got it even with lollipop the experience was great but not perfect. I always came across hiccups and gaming on it wasn't that great, since games are developed using metal, they always looked smoother and better on iOS. Most importantly for me, the App Store has movies and songs for purchase compared to google play which lacks the ability for me purchase movies and songs because Google doesn't support that yet in my region - sigh. iOS 8 app extensions, notification, widgets and third party keyboards were the strongest point of android over the years but that's bo longer the case now, in fact I prefer Apple's implementations of these features in iOS compared to android. Not to mention that every member in my family has an iPhone 6 and 6 plus either as a primary or as a secondary phone and so it is easier for me to share apps and songs with them. I don't regret my purchase and I'm not missing android not even for a bit.
  • I switched from a Galaxy Note 4 to a iPhone 6 plus 64 gb and my wife came from a galaxy s4 to a 6 Sent from the iMore App
  • Nice! How are you both liking them?
  • I came from a Note 3 to an iPhone 6. I have had an iPad for awhile and had been wanting an iPhone, but couldn't deal with the small screen. As soon as the the bigger screened iPhone's came out, I jumped all over it. I was also intrigued with Apple Pay and was tired of not getting timely updates on Android devices. I'm happy with my purchase and unless an Android manufacturer comes out with something really enticing, I don't see going back. Android doesn't really offer me anything useful that I can't get from the iPhone
  • Ah... android, the poor mans smartphone! Sent from the iMore App
  • Poor man's smartphone lol you do know pretty much all Android flagships are the same price as an iPhone and in some cases can be more expensive. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • While maidton83's taunting wasn't called for, I'm not sure the existence of higher end Android flagships really proves anything. Given the average selling price of Android phones are in the $200+ range (as opposed to the $600+ range for iPhones), it's clear that the vast majority Android customers are indeed purchasing very low end devices. This also speaks to the notion that most Android OEMs have trouble making any significant profit to speak of. Sure, Samsung is still making money, but they're on the decline. What's worse are the testimonies in this thread. It seems that at least some percentage of the Android customers that were willing to buy high end devices are switching to iOS.
  • Of course this is a apple centric device so it's going to overwhelmingly have people saying they did jump ship. Ask the same question on Android and you would get same answers. I don't think there has been any rapid decline in Android market share to suggest that people are jumping ships just like that. As for the taunting, it's a valid reply because to still have apple fan boys say that Android is for poor people is pathetic. Even if it was so what. To suggest that only rich people can afford iPhone is old and stupid. I know plenty of people who are not well off but still own iPhone because in many countries you can get various iPhones on a free contract or Same price as other phones. As for Samsung yes they had a 1 bad year but before everyone rights them off let's see how 2015. Sure they are not making several billions like before but they are still making billions in a marker that has several Android oems. They still make more than all other android oems combined and more. It was always going to be difficult for Samsung to maintain its huge profits in Android as they are not the only Android maker. Example if 100 people want a android device they don't have to get a Samsung, they can get LG, htc Sony etc etc where as if 100 people want ios all sales go to apple. So imo the whole Samsung is on the decline and doomsday stuff is just the Android market balancing out. Samsung was never going to dominate Android forever not when there's dozens and dozens of competition just within android itself. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Taunting or fanboyism aside, there is plenty of statistical evidence that upper class folks prefer iPhones. You can google it but there are studies which used Twitter tweets location and source to essentially map iOS vs Android usage patterns across the country. It did show clearly higher concentrations of iOS use in high cost of living cities. For instance, Manhattan would appear to be at least 75% iOS dominated. This study assumes a normal distribution for Twitter users across both platforms of course. It's interesting.
  • You have a gold iphone don't you? PS.. It's not gold. You're not that special.
  • You do know that saying things like that makes you look like a pretentious tosser, right?
  • That's just ignorant. Sent from the iMore App
  • I ditched the iPhone 4 for a Galaxy S4, then an LG G3, for the increase in screen size. When the iPhone 6 was announced I had no intention of getting one b/c I was happy with the LG G3. But when my credit union announced it was on board with Apple Pay, I jumped on the iPhone 6+, paid full price and waited 7 weeks for delivery in early November. Couldn't be happier with my 6+ !
  • From Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from a Nexus 5 to an iPhone 5S. I was frustrated by the inconsistent camera on the Nexus and I wanted a smaller phone that would be more pocketable. I've been a die hard Android fan forever but have always kept an eye on iOS. iOS8 finally got enough of the features that I knew I'd be missing if I switched so it seemed a good time to try it. I'll probably pick up a 6 next year once I can get a used one for a decent price. 4.7" seems about the max size screen that I'd want.
  • And how are you liking it?
  • I have been a Android user for as long as I can remember and really like the android OS, but recently had a experience that made me switch to iphone. The wide has been a iPhone user for awhile now and her birthday just passed and I couldn't FaceTime her with the kids because I had Android so my birthday is right after hers so I went to best buy and purchased a iPhone 6 but I think I want the 6 plus because I have owned the note 4 and just stopped using the lg g3 and I like the bigger screen but I'm still debating. If someone could do me a favor and tell me about there experience with the 6 plus that makes it better I would really like to know so that I can make up my mind. Thank you!
  • I own an iPhone 6. Similar situation. Kinda wish I had gotten a 6+. The bigger and better screen with 1080p resolution and higher pixel density and more screen real estate is a huge advantage on the +. I've even heard people say they no longer need an iPad mini or Air because of it. I'd also like to take advantage of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) which only the 6+ has. That combined with the fact that the 6+ has a much larger and better battery. Supposed to last much longer than the 6 which for me seems to have pretty poor battery life. With all that said though I still don't know I could use such a large phone on a daily basis. I also love to use my phone for video recording and holding a 6+ for a long time at a concert would be a lot more difficult than the 6 due to its increased size. But since I've never owned the 6+ I don't know if those points are really deal-breakers or not.
  • I'm on the other side of the fence. I bought a 6+ at release and find myself yearning for a regular 6. The 6+ size is the issue. Its just too big to do anything one handed. I love the screen and the battery life- they are the only reasons I haven't "downgraded" to the 6 yet. I keep going back and forth on it. MY wife gets an upgrade next month and she's already declared she wants the smaller 6. My fear is that handling her 6 will make my waffling even worse. First world problems...
  • I was one of the Verizon customers that had to wait for the iPhone 4. We switched at that point and my wife never looked back. I have always jumped back to Android for different reasons not the least of which was screen size. I bought the 6 Plus at the end of November and have had no reason to switch since then. The 6 plus does everything I need it to do and does so on a big beautiful screen. I will always appreciate other technology and I am sure I will buy other phones from Android, Windows and Blackberry, but I don't see any reason to change my daily driver from the iPhone anymore.
  • I just came from a windows phone, lumia 1020, I enjoyed windows phone but the apps are just not updated as often as their counter parts on ios or android. There was no app gap for me at least just not as up to date. I got a 64gb 6+ and love it the battery life is awesome.
  • I came from Note 3 to iPhone 6, can't be happier!! :)
  • Great, what's making you so happy?
  • I previously used an HTC One S because at the time I needed a new phone the iPhone was not available through T-Mobile (mid-2012). While I liked the phone at the time, I discovered that it didn't fit well with the rest of my workflows, which are all Apple-based (iPad, Macbook Air, etc.). (I was a feature phone user prior to the HTC.) I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus because I liked both the larger screen (I'm nearing 60) and the longer battery life. The HTC One S had a poor battery life (less than a day for how I used it), although I did find a power management utility that made it at least useable. The size of the iPhone 6 Plus wasn't an issue for me as it was not much larger than the HTC. What turned me against Android was not the OS, but the lack of upgradability through HTC. Back in 2012 Google promised that all then-modern Android phones would be getting future OS upgrades. HTC followed that a couple months later with a "yes, but" and told One S users they weren't included in Google's promise, so I never escaped Ice Cream Sandwich as I watched other users continue to upgrade. This meant no patch for the SSL bug (among other problems). If I were not so otherwise Apple based, I might have gone with a modern Android phone, but it would have been a Google Play Edition phone to ensure I got OS updates as soon as they became available (and never another HTC regardless of its reviews). So, even though my HTC passed end-of-life last July, I waited for the release of the 6 Plus (and then some as they could not be bought anywhere). When it finally became available I switched and haven't been disappointed (after a little more than a month of constant use).
  • yes, switched from Samsung Galaxy S3, like the iPhone 6 this far
  • And how's it going for you?
  • So I have been with android since the Tmobile G1 and while i have been a fan thus far I found myself lusting for something different. The last android I owned was a galaxy s3 and I just recently purchased the iphone 6 64gb version, as I figured 16gb is childs play and 128 is for heavy heavy users. Anyways what made me want to switch has nothing to do with the age old argument about iphone being easier to use or anything like that,I simply wanted something new and something that just simply works. Don't get me wrong android does work and it works well,however ios works BETTER all around. I have owned it for a little over 3 days now and I'm still amazed by things like the battery life,the way the screen looks in and out of direct sunlight and overall the performance of this device. I mean it has 1 gb of ram and a 8 megapixel camera and I have compared photos with that of something like the note 3 and 4 and if the iphone's pictures did not win by a landslide the came out so close that I was still overly impressed. It has half the specs and battery life of the competition and does more than deliver.
  • I find this comment very interesting. People have become so conditioned to comparing specs as opposed to actually seeing how devices perform. It's good to see that you were open minded enough to give it a try.
    Very technical people understand concepts like cramming more pixels in a small space doesn't necessarily improve image quality as each pixel receives less light, etc. Similarly, Android devices need more memory than iOS devices to avoid stutter and lag due to each operating system's respective approach to memory management. Android does periodic garbage collection whereas iOS relies on automatic reference counting, etc. The details aren't important. What is important is getting people to accept the fact that specs in and of themselves isn't necessarily a meaningful comparison when all things are not equal. Just because a 1GB device would be slow on Android doesn't mean you'd have the same bad experience on iOS.
  • I love both systems and am always interested in how people experience each. As someone who has used both, can you comment on moving from a platform with lots of customization to one that is more closed? I personally love customizing, but found that I was always changing everything and couldn't settle on something. The actual lack of choice in iOS makes it possible to just "let go" and focus on using the phone and apps. I wonder what you think.
  • "...but what if what was happening in Vegas was happening everywhere?" What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Haha sorry.. I had to... Please don't flame... I love my iPhone.
  • Exactly what I was playing on :)
  • I switched from Lumia 1520. Not planning on leaving Windows Phone until Microsoft started prioritizing iOS and Android over their own phone OS.
  • I went from a Galaxy S5 and actually paid to go back to iPhone. I am a Mac user at home and the hand off features are awesome. Plus it is far more convenient to have everything on the same ecosystem. Beyond that over the holidays I tried taking pictures with my S5 camera and the shot it showed me right before the snap was not the shot I got. Either blurred or dark and grainy, this on a supposed better camera. Also miss iCloud where I take a pic and it is automatically on my Mac and iPad. My S5 was also 16gb (never saw a 32 gb in the wild) and that was without the bloatware. Samsung phones on ATT come with lots of bloatware apps I can't uninstall without a jailbreak which honestly I didn't want to do. But space was at a premium all of the time. My new 64gb iPhone means I can put what I want and likely never have to think about it. I still use Google Play music but works just as well on the iPhone. Other random things I notice is the Bluetooth connection to my car happens a lot faster and is more reliable. It isn't as big in the pocket as people think at least as compared to the S5. I also like the fact that updates are not carrier controlled. I get the update with everyone else period, no waiting. I do miss widgets, and third party keyboards they I can set to default but outside of that I am loving my new iPhone 6. Well worth the $130 I had to pay to break contract. I think Android is a perfectly good OS, just not for me. Sent from the iMore App
  • Oops 6 plus lol Sent from the iMore App
  • Prviously I was an iPhone 4 user before I moved to android for more screen real estate and more customizability. I am in the process of moving from my lg optimus g pro to an iPhone 6+ because honestly the android scene is feeling crowded and rushed. The 6+ runs all the google apps I love smoother and better than my android device and I can now use both multimedia environments.
  • I just made the switch to the 6+ from the S5. I had the iPhone 5 before that but I was extremely unhappy with the screen real estate. I got the S5 and I was happy with the size but after just being on iOS i wasn't happy with android anymore. I tried making it work as long as possible but a few problems made it so that the phone had to go. My 6+ is the first phone that I've been completely satisfied with!
  • Read your own forums much? This has been talked to death. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dropped the s5 for a iPhone 6. Wanted the plus but they didn't have any at Verizon on launch day. Miss some customization of android and the ability to download files online that play nice w chrome cast. Other than that, happy about it. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from a WindowsPhone 8.1 (Lumia 920) to a iPhone 6 Plus. My main reason wasn't because of "App Gap" but rather Microsoft didn't have any good hardware (HTC M8 One is a nice phone but terrible camera and the L830 is hardly a Flagship phone compared to my L920) out at the current time my contract was up and my L920 wasn't holding up so well internally. I thought I would give Apple another shot since my last iPhone 3GS almost 4yrs ago. I'm very pleased with the screen resolution, battery life, device size, and app quality. Some dislikes are iOS8 is still kind of buggy at times and does weird things, email/messaging/camera functionality were light years better on WindowsPhone. I have no regrets in the switch and I'm keeping my eye out for Windows 10 OS running on mobile devices in the feature. For now I can only hope that Apple rolls out improvements to iOS8.
  • I used a Note 3 for about 6 months then upgraded to the Note 4. Was not impressed so switched to the LG G3. Eventually the iOS ecosystem was to strong and I came back to the iPhone 6 plus. (Before the Note 3 I had the iPhone 5). Main reason I came back to iOS is bec wife has an iPhone 5. Was afraid I'll regret the move but so far have not. Loving the iPhone 6 plus and iOS.
  • I came from a Note 3 and now have a 6+. I really have no problem with Android but it is clear to me that iPhones deliver the most consistent experience across the board. I just don't know how else to say it. And iMessage is the best cell phone feature/functionality that people don't talk about. The iOS camera is also great but iMessage is really the one thing that makes it DIFFICULT to switch back to other platforms. A lot of iPhone users don't even know iMessage exists. That's how good it is.
  • I left Android back in December 2013 for an iPhone 5S, and for the past year I enjoyed it. But when an invite came my way for the OnePlus One this past November, I jumped at the opportunity. Now, although I'm currently using that as my daily driver, I can say without a doubt that come December I'll be switching back to the next iteration of the IPhone when my contract is up. I'm already saving a putting a little $$ aside each week to save up for it, and I can't wait to dump Android again to go back to iOS.
    While I'm liking the 64 GB of storage and the battery life, there are just too many nagging little OS bugs which have been ruining the experience for me, something which never happened with the 5S.
  • I have been an android user since the Nexus One and a Symbian and Blackberry user before that. I bought the original iPhone and the 3G and returned them within the return period for a variety of reasons - mostly battery life. Later versions didn't give me either the screen size or the personalization ability that wanted - besides, I'm kind of a geek and liked playing with ROMs and add ons. I was using a 2nd Gen Moto X and decided to give the 6 a try since both of my kids, my girlfriend and most of my friends use iPhones. All in all, I'm satisfied, though not blown away. I like the size, the quality of the apps, iMessage and FaceTime and the overall experience of iOS. I dislike the relative inability to customize the interface, So far, the pluses outweigh the minuses.
  • I came from the Note 4 and I will never go back to android unless it's a Nexus Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm the opposite- i just switched from an iPhone 6 plus to a Note Edge (first time android buyer)! The only thing I miss is the battery life (the plus is unbeatable unless using Google Maps) and the simplicity of having the same device as my wife.
  • This is exactly the position I'm in just now, have always been android, switched to iPhone 6 plus last week and so far actually really like it but also really like the look of the edge and have 1 more week to decide whether to change to it. Can you go into detail about what you like about the edge compared to the 6 plus?
  • I did not switch from anything, except an iPhone 5S. I LOVE IT! It is like a totally new experience. Just wanted to put my two cents in. Sent from the iMore App
  • I came from an LG G3 and got an iPhone 6 Plus. I had gone from one of the first Galaxy Phones (the Captivate) to an iPhone 4 and immediately fell in love with iOS. Then, Android wasn't as refined as it is today. From that iP4, I picked up an iPhone 5, but quickly switch over to a Windows Phone (Lumia 920). I liked the hardware and the camera was excellent, but vacations are the make-or-break times for me and it just didn't cut the mustard while the wife and I were in San Francisco for a week. When we got home, I picked up another iPhone 5. After the 5, I bought the G3; I thought I'd give Android a shot again and I love LG products. It was a good phone, but I was constantly tweaking it to get the most from the battery. I could get it to last all day, but I had to baby it (I can get nearly 2 days of medium to heavy usage on a single charge from the iPhone 6 Plus). I rooted the G3 and make it into a beast, but ultimately threw it into a bootloop. I was sad and I could have fixed it (I did later to sell it on eBay), but honestly, I couldn't wait and used that as an excuse to pick up the iP6Plus. By now, my wife doesn't even ask "why?" anymore. iPhone, to me, is like a pulling out your favorite blanket straight from the dryer on a cold morning. It's just so familiar and comfortable. While there aren't any flash-in-the-pan "CHECK THIS OUT" factors to iOS, it does what it does very, very well. I had the LG G Watch and now I have a Pebble and Pebble is similar to iOS to me - it doesn't do a vast amount of things mediocrely; it does just the right amount of stuff near-perfectly.
  • I switched from a Nexus 5 to a iPhone 6 just a week ago. So far I am glad I made the change. The primary motivations for me were the hardware quality, better camera and my dislike of the bright Android 5.0 Lollipop colors. Except for a few weeks with an iPhone 5s in 2013, I've had a succession of Android phones for more than 3 years. One of the reasons I decided to try the iPhone again was because iOS 8 introduced some of the features that I had missed on my last iPhone attempt, such as third party keyboards, widgets and the ability to share between apps. They're not without their issues but I expect will get better. I do have to say, though, I haven't found iOS to be any less buggy or easier to use than my Nexus 5. Apps and settings still freeze up, there's no ability to tell me what my battery usage was since the last full charge (would like to know why my battery drops 3% overnight from a fully charged phone) and the number of settings to review, toggle, research, etc. is pretty intense. It's a good thing I like to tinker with my gadgets!
  • I've been on an iPhone since the 3G, but my wife dropped her GS5 for a 6 Plus. She had previously tried a 4S but returned it in a week for her Galaxy-whatever-that-model-was. The difference this time around? Screen size. She likes a bigger phone, and Apple never had one. Now they do. She also was/is a Swype addict, and now she can get most of what she had in ios as well. She misses Google Now and some of the more tightly integrated services, but she loves the iPhone camera more, so she is not going back - at least not this generation.
  • I went from only buying higher end Androids to the iPhone. I couldn't pass up the sprint deal they had, plus I'm very much in all this mobile, so I've had WP8.1, Android, and now Iphone 6. I do really like it, but I miss the customization of Android. Two things that really bother me that could easily be fixed: 1.) Allow for custom icons without jailbreak. At least allow the users for some minor customization without exploiting their devices. Icon packs could be a huge way for the app store to make more money as it does on the Google Play Store. 2..) Allow for typing questions to Siri. I dont want to talk to her in the middle of a public area like a weirdo if I want to look something up quick. Sure I can "try" to use spotlight, which well....Isn't that great, or the the Google app...But really, this feature should be built into the OS. Not everyone wants to talk to their search assistant with their voice...I miss that aspect of the Google Now launcher on Android...
  • I had an iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S (kept each for 1 year). Then I switched to a Galaxy Note 4 last month, just to see what it's like on the other side of the fence. I had used Android phones somewhat before the Note 4 and I was a die-hard Android user before the iPhone 4S.
    I sold the Note 4 after 2 weeks and got the iPhone 6. The problems with the phone were more Samsung issues than Android. The biggest was the battery. It was simply atrocious. The whole 2 weeks I tried everything I could to somehow figure out what's causing the 1-2% drain per hour on idle. I could not.
    Another weird issue was the amount of lag in apps, which is absent on a Nexus 5. Small amount of animations would stutter like crazy. It was infuriating. Long story short, I could not be happier to get back on the iPhone bandwagon. I go to sleep with 100% battery, and I wake up 7 hours later with 100%.
  • I switched from a Nexus 5 when the iPhone 6 launched. I've had android Phones ever since the EVO 4G and switching wasn't an easy decision but ultimately it came down to the camera on the iPhone's camera, nothing on android really even compares to that and after having my first kid this year I find it more important to have a good camera than anything else. Don't get me wrong there are things that I don't like about my iPhone, I HATE the notifications on it, I want them to be more like Android in that respect, I also dislike how you'll get a notification for something but the app itself wont actually be updated with that information, normally its not a problem unless I'm opening up my phone in a place with no reception. The app experiences has been a bit better on my iphone but aside from a few games there doesn't seem to be much that iOS has that Android doesn't. Apple pay makes me actually want to use my phone to pay for things where as it was a harder sell on on Android (Mostly because all my transactions were obfuscated under some mastercard charge). Keyboards on iOS are still not as good but they're not awful. I wish swiftkey was like it was on Android.
  • Long time Android user, I ditched a Nexus 5 for a Nexus 6, then I thought let's give iPhone 6 a chance and I love the experience. Even though I feel like I used to do things more quickly on an Android phone the iPhone has huge advantages for instance #1 Camera, every single shot looks great, stand by time is awesome I remember not charging my Nexus overnight and the thing was nearly drained completely, not the case with iPhone. The size seems perfect for my needs and the Nexus 6 was a little to big for me. Battery life has been great on a daily basis, where the Nexus 5 has some sort of bug were it would drain very fast and had to charge it 3 or 4 times a day, with iPhone just once, sometimes twice. Apps, oh apps... Not a single app crash I've had with the iPhone and the UI consistent, stable, everything I've asked for, although I miss some of Android apps like the uTorrent for my Nexus 7, Google Keep amongst others but well, I can live with that and Apple has a huge gallery of apps that can replace those, but the experience can be resumed in "quality apps" because on Android I had a lot of crashes and ram sucking apps, always had to use an app cleaner, cache cleaner all the time, every day. Before I get attacked by fanboys let me tell you that don't get me wrong, I love Android and what Google has been doing but I think Apple has more quality over features and gimmicks (Samsung). Maybe someday I'll switch to Android again, but for now Apple had me at "continuity".
  • I had the origninal iPhone as well as the 3Gs, but left when the 4s came out because I wanted something with a bigger screen. After using Android for a few years with a Galaxy S2,3,4 and Nexus 5, I switched back by getting an iPhone 6 Plus.
    The main reason I went back was the camera. No matter how nice my android based phones were, their cameras just stunk. They took pictures in well lit areas and outside, but in most other places they were a blurry mess. Plus, with every device I owned there was always some sort of hardware issue that caused me to send it back to get fixed. The most recent Nexus 5 had a GPS issue that I just ended up fixing myself. I know that with an Apple device that I can just take it to my apple store and they will take care of me. That is a big part of the experience that cannot be overlooked.
    There are things that I miss that still have me using my Nexus 5 using wifi only, but I'm happy with the iPhone. After looking at my Nexus, I do wonder why the iPhone is so fat on the top and sides because it seems larger than it needs to be. I understand the need for space for the home button (love touch id), but the top seems too big.
  • I'll add my two cents... I originally owned an iPhone 3G, jailbroke it, and loved it. Hopped to a Pantech quick messaging phone then jumped to a Galaxy S III. Once the warranty was 80% gone I made the big jump and rooted the device. After I loaded a custom Android ROM onto the device, I never looked back. I really enjoyed having a device I could truly customize and use in a way I wanted to. I really appreciated the larger screen size of the S3 and what I could do with it under Android. When the iPhone 6 was introduced with it's more-usable screen size, I was hooked. I purchased a 64GB Space Grey and it's a great device. Yes, I've jailbroken the iPhone already. Yet, a jailbroken iPhone is better than a rooted Android device because the recovery/restore process is leaps-and-bounds easier and less risky. It's good to be back in the iPhone world.
  • Our previous phones were the HTC EVO and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. When It came time for new phones, I was leaning towards the new Moto X. I've always liked the build quality of iPhones, but had thought the screen real estate was too small. Then Apple introduced the 6 and I thought that maybe it was time to give it a whirl. We decided on the 6 as I still prefer some one-handed use and have been very pleased with our decision. When people ask me about the switch, the best way I can put it is, there's nothing that makes me want to go running back to Android and there's nothing that make me wish I jumped sooner. I, like others, miss the customization and the dedicated back button that works across apps, but features such as build quality, Continuity (which is *huge* if you have other Apple products), and TouchID are deal-sealers which will make it hard to leave. As a bonus, I feel like I'm now "in the club" with regards to my friends and family who are also on iOS and the social features that it provides.
  • Actually tried a Note 2 for screen size and customization. Sold it and came back to a 5s and waited out the screen size coming to iPhone. Customization was over rated. iOS is just more coherent. I missed iMessage. Also, almost all apps look better and work better on iOS. Also, better camera. Sent from the iMore App
  • Moto X to an iPhone 6. Only general complaints are the lack of proper keyboard support and the fact that I'm afraid to carry my phone around without a case. Otherwise the speed and consistency is comparable to my old Lumia and I love it! Sent from the iMore App
  • I was a longtime Android user, mainly the Samsung Note 1, 2, and 3 and other Samsung phones, but as the the phones became filled with Bloatware I spent more time rooting them and installing more ROMs to get rid of the Samsung UI and all the Bloatware installed. I put up with doing this because the phones were bigger and thats one of the main reasons I left the iPhone in the first place, I have owned every iPhone. I change out phones almost every 6 months, like testing and having the newest phone. I went through 2 to 3 phones a year, but this will change now that I am back on the iPhone. When the iPhone 6/6 Plus was rumored I finally decided to go back to the iPhone by getting the 5s, big change going from the Note 3 to the 5s, but I wanted to get back into the iOS ecosystem. At the same time I bought the iPad Mini 2 with LTE giving me the bigger screen also. So I learned to use the 5s for less and use the Mini for more. This got me back to iOS and was relearning what I wanted each to do and rebuilt up my app collection to do this for each device. So when the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus was released for sale I decided to go with the iPhone 6 since I was using the iPhone less and the iPad Mini more, can be much more productive on an iPad then the iPhone. I thought the 6 Plus was a little big and didn't plan to use as much since I mainly use the 6 for texting and twitter. Moving from Android to iPhone was a great decision, now I spend no time rooting and flashing ROMs and don't have to worry about Bloatware, I get to use a phone with a clean UI. On a side note when I decided to move from Android to iOS I also thought about trying out Mac's also. I made the choice to sell my Microsoft Surface Pro and bought a used MacBook Pro to try out OS X. I can now say that was a great decision and will be upgrading to the new MacBook Pro when they come out. I believe Yosemite and iOS has been great for all three devices allowing them to better communicate with each other. I do plan to buy the Apple Watch and the iPad Pro when they come out.
  • Back to iPhone (this time 6 plus- jailbroken) after having a Galaxy S5.
  • Have used the iPhone since iphone 5. I bought the 6+ 64gb, and friends who are Samsung users all felt it was a better experience, after borrowing to use for a few hours, out of curiosity. Three of them switched to iphone 6+, but said they would've done so earlier if Apple had made the bigger screen models running this particular OS. One of them had used an iPhone prior to iOS7, and felt it lacked a bit of functionality. She said it was now way ahead of Android now, because of Continuity and Extensibility. The only complaint was that iOS8 is still buggy, but then so was Android. Another thing I noted, was that they all felt more secure with iOS. They feel that the sandbox system gives them piece of mind. They couldn't see much difference in cameras either, which surprised me, as I had always been led to believe was an area where Samsung were ahead - but apparently it's a dead heat. Sent from the iMore App
  • I've been using Android since the Samsung captivate and most recently had a Moto X 2014. Before that, I was a loyal iPhone user up until the 4. Recently, I've stuck with the nexus line of hardware mainly due to the more regular updates and uniform experience. While I do enjoy the flexibility of Android, the main thing holding me back from Apple was the screen size. Using Android phones did have one major downside for me, all our computers are Macs, I use an iPad and everyone else in my family uses an iPhone. This wasn't a huge deal until ios 8 and the additions of handoff and sms relay. I was also unhappy with the battery life of the moto so I was in the market for a bigger phone that didn't require me to keep a charging cable plugged in at work. With the larger screen option, I decided to give Apple another chance and picked up a 6 Plus. I'm two months in and mostly happy with the experience. The main frustration I'm running into is how badly iPhones handle the Chromecast (constantly losing connection or not finding it at all.) Other than that, it's all pretty good. It's fast, the apps generally look better than the Android versions and I have around 75% battery left when I leave work at 5. On top of that, it's the best camera i've ever used on a phone.
  • I switched from 2.5 years with the Motorola droid Razr max to the iPhone 6+. Prior to the droid I had been using BlackBerries. Two years before switching to the iPhone I had purchased a MacBook Air, followed by an iPad mini. I have been so impressed with the ease-of-use, performance and reliability of both that I was anxiously waiting for the iPhone 6 to be released especially when the apple developers conference started showing continuity/connectivity among the three Apple platforms. My droid Razr max had been really struggling for over six months, with very slow responsiveness and other problems. My iPhone 6+ was up and running within minutes, Has performed really well, and has met or exceeded most of my expectations. I still however am having some problems with my contact list on Gmail sinking correctly with the Apple platforms. I did have similar problems syncing and not losing data on the contact list between Gmail and the droid phone.if anybody has any advice on how to remedy this, I'd appreciate it.
  • I switched to Android two years ago...after getting talked into trying it from listening to pundits like Leo Laporte and Andy Ihnatko. I bought the HTC One (m7), which was the top-of-the-line Android phone at the time. While initially I enjoyed it, the one thing they don't mention while praising Android (on and on...even on their fricken Apple-centric shows) is the lack of apps I use. Yes yes yes, Android has the big, major apps that iOS has. But it there are a ton of apps that are iOS only that I just missed too much. Things like Downcast (and now Overcast), and Dark Sky and all the apps from Omni Group. Yes, there are apps on Android that are _kind_ of like the ones I use...but they're not the exact ones I use. I like _those_ specific apps. Finally, the upgrade cycles bugged the hell out of me about Android too. You had to wait for Google to release their updates, then hopefully the phone manufacturers will update their phones, then sometimes you get interference with the carriers. For instance, there isn't an update to the HTC One (m7) for Lollipop...for a phone that's not even 2 years old yet (well, it turns 2 years old in March of 2015). So I came back to iOS. And now with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, there's really nothing that Android has that I long for. It has all the apps I love and also when Apple releases an update, I'll have it that same day.
  • I've been on Androids since 2009 and I switched from a Nexus 5 to a IPhone 6. For me I wanted something different and I was having way to many problems after the 5.0 lollipop update.
  • I am a gadget whore. So I regularly go from iphone to android to windows phone. Between the 6+ and my ipad air 2, this is the least happy I have ever been with iOS. Apps crash all the time. I regularly have to reboot, reset wifi, and swipe away recent apps (all three). Despite the bigger screen, the keyboard seems less accurate now. I will be switching to an android or windows phone much sooner this time.
  • No, but for an iPhone 5s!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • And how are we supposed to know if one gets an reply or not? This app needs notifications.... Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from a note 3. Two things I love about the iPhone 6. Spotlight search and indoor camera pics. I got the iPhone 6 because I had a baby and wanted the best camera. Things I don't like about the iPhone 6.
    1) Battery life is much worse than the note 3. I have to carry a power brick with me around work.
    2) keyboard options are far better on android. Why doesn't swift key or swipe have an option for a microphone key.
    3) notifications are just simply better on the android system.
    4) widgets in places where I want them. I always had my events and to do list on one screen, and I miss that. Also I had a 2x2 picture frame on the main screen that would go through my favorite photos every few seconds.
    5) the ability to do what I want with movies. If I download a movie, I can just click and drag it onto the android phone and Chromecast it to the tv. For iPhone, I have to make it a MP4 file, then use iTunes, then Apple doesn't allow the option to Chromecast videos unless they are in your gallery.
    6) Google now is just way better than Siri at doing what you need to do. When I say navigate to nearest Starbucks, it uses google maps rather than the apple maps. Google just does a better job at searching answers to questions than Siri also. A feature I used all the time was "navigate home" and I just don't have that unless I use Apple maps. Apple maps is fine but doesn't incorporate traffic data and fastest routes, so in a place like Chicago, that's just not going to be my best option. If an android phone develops a better indoor camera or search feature, I would probably switch back.
  • I love Chicago!!
  • A much easier solution to playing video on your Chromecast from any IOS device is to try something like Plex. It will stream the media directly from your computer to your Chromecast, your phone or tablet just controls the process. Plex handles most formats seamlessly too. Being a PC owner, I'm not sure off the top of my head how it would go with a Mac, for example, but it's worth a look! It literally changed the way we watch any content in our house.
  • Yes, Plex server works fine on a Mac. I have a Mac Mini set up as a headless Plex server. Also, the Plex server will handle any video format you throw at it. Plus you have the option of using your Chromecast or AppleTV (Or Roku if you have that).
  • Android was nice, but the lack of good apps that I love on iOS was the main reason I went back to iOS. There's not a good podcast app for Android, for instance, that is anywhere near as good as Downcast or Overcast...and I tried them all. No Omni Group apps, as they're all Mac/iOS is another example. There are apps that are "like" the ones I use, but not the exact ones. Plus the fact that you have to literally wait months for software updates on your phones after Google releases them...all at the whim of the manufacturer (if they bother updating a year old phone at all, I seriously doubt my HTC One (m7) will ever get Lollipop, and it's not even 2 years old yet). With iOS at least you have the update the same day as when Apple releases it (for good or bad).
  • I want to keep my feet in both the Apple and the Google camp. So I have two SIM-cards of one account (with T-Mobile, Netherlands). This allows me to connect either through my Nexus 5 or my iPhone 6 (one at a time).
    If I could have had my Nexus 10 tablet with a SIM-card slot, I'd use it correspondingly alternating with my iPad. (I now have dual SIM-cards in my iPad Air 2 and its backup iPad 2.) I love the assumed tweakability from Google, I love the integration of the Apple ecosystem. (Yes, that is crudely put, and there is more.) By the way, when the first iPhone made me want one, I bought a Windows Mobile device instead. I enjoyed having Windows XP and similar Windows Mobile 6.1 alongside each other. But I have since lost confidence in Microsoft's ways to growing extents.
  • So this is completely off topic. Has anyone updated their iPad mini 1 to iOS 8? How is the performance? Better/worse than iOS 7.1?
    Thank you!
  • LMAO, why would you even ask that here? Go to the forums. Geesh!
  • Switching from Android to an iPhone 6+ wad the wordy mistake of my life. While the 6+ is a nice phone and tasks great pictures, that's the only redeeming quality. I 100% agree with what Mitchigan said earlier. And IOS 8.12 was a disaster for me, I ended up rolling back to 8.1.
  • I am about a month away from my T-Mobile contract letting me dump my Galaxy SIII for an iPhone 6 (maybe plus. I'm not sure yet.) and I cannot wait. Like most things Linux, Android only works well if you like to tinker incessantly with your phone, and maybe not even then. You may need the patch from the Romanian high school drop out. No, not that one, the other one. Seriously, though, the built-in game with Android seems to be constant fussing with the settings. Why do I need 3rd party SnapDragon power management software? Why are there 3 phone books that don't share contact information? Why does Google Now insist I work near downtown (where I eat lunch most days) when I have told it in the preferences where I actually work? I have 3 Google Apps email accounts on the phone; none of the Now magic I see on TWiT ever worked for me, so I turned it all off. Why won't cyanogen load on this phone? Got me. It is on the supported list. But would it be better? I doubt it, and I'd rather have the apps I bought for my iPad 3 available anyway. I'd try Windows Phone (the Lumia 520 is the best iPod Touch replacement I've found), but I want Apple Pay. So, there you go.
  • Maybe next year when more than 1 gigabyte if RAM is found in an iPhone. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • True fanboy here I never left Sent from the iMore App
  • My brother wanted to switch from his old Galaxy S3 to iP6 Plus, on one hand, 'to try something different for a change,' and, on the other, being unimpressed by his Android experience overall. When I apprised him of the 1200USD price tag on the Apple phone -- higher than his new iMac's -- he thought, ah, maybe not. I recommended an affordable WP instead. He has not yet made the decision as to what he will buy, though, or if he will buy anything at all at this time, since he does not really care about smartphones as such; a phone is but a mandatory bane for him. I hope he will not buy an iPhone. I am already administering far too many in the family.
  • I've always been a big fan of Apple products, all the way back to the Apple II+. I've had iPhones since they first came out but last year I started experimenting with Android phones. My first Android experiences were disappointing mainly due to the fact that the devices I was testing were low end ones. But the day I first tried a Samsung Galaxy S4 and took the time to customize it to my taste, I must say I was in heaven. For the power user that I am, the fact that iOS devices file system is so restricted had always been very frustrating. I finally felt liberated of Apple's dictatorial ways of telling me what I was and wasn't allowed to do with my device. This being said, the Apple fan in me will always miss the level of refinement of an iPhone, so I currently own an iPhone 6+ and a Galaxy Note 4. I go back and forth in between the two to satisfy all my needs. Too bad the perfect phone doesn't exist yet. :)
  • Hi Michel am using a note 4 and xiaomi mi3... feel like replacing mi3 with iphone 6plus? ? Is it worth using 6plus along with note 4???
  • It certainly is worth it. But I must say that just having one phablet is a lot to carry around, so imagine two. 3 months later I still have them both but most of the time I just carry one around and that is the iPhone mainly because I have yet to see a video-phone app on Android that has the same quality as Facetime.
  • And do u feel marked diff in screen clarity crispness given note4 is Qhd and 6plus only full HD??
  • Yes, everytime I fire up my Note 4, the first thing that strikes me is how vivid the colours are. Although the iPhone still have a very decent screen quality...
  • Might be the only person, but switched from note 2 to iPhone 5s because being a guy who doesn't carry a purse around, carry a big phone in my pocket is noticeable and awkward. and being able to use the phone 1 handed is what I missed the most. Having a smaller phone that fit nice in my pocket and easy one hand use to make calls, read text, play games is a nice change.
  • My Note is still my main phone; it's fantastic. However, I recently got an iPhone 6 Plus and it's also fantastic! I use the line for mainly business. As a tablet, it's my main go to. Kudos to Apple. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I didn't switch from Android, but will offer my story if you're interested. I switched from Nokia Lumia 920 to iPhone 6 Plus, and my wife from Lumia 800 to iPhone 6 (standard? non-plus? whatever the 4.7" size is called). My primary reasons were for the larger size (at 58, my eyes need it), and Apple Pay (want the security to use a debit card without fear of it getting hacked). Secondary is the apps, as Windows Phone has the major ones, but too many smaller ones not there. The iPhones have been great, and my reasons above proved justified. I am somewhat disappointed in the lower quality pictures (Nokia 920 has a superb camera and camera app), a somewhat less stable OS (having it freeze and need to restart every 7-10 days or so, where Windows Phone was never needed). And Siri is just terrible compared to Cortana; so much so that I quit using voice commands. Also, bluetooth integration to my car audio system was much better with the Windows Phone. Then, to top it off, when I (somewhat unexpectedly) switched to a Macbook Pro, using Continuity between phone and laptop has been an unexpected bonus.
  • I have never heard of anyone swithing from a WP to an iPhone -- it seems always to be the other way about. So this is quite interesting. Did not Lumia 1520 or 930 meet your size demands at 6 and 5 inches per screen respectively? It is true that the MS software platform is superbly stable compared to iOS and Android. Software is Microsoft's DNA, so go figure. Combine that craftmanship with Nokia hardware, and you have a marriage of quality no other player in the industry can match today. Still, for me a good dumb phone beats any smartphone any day when it comes to reliability.
  • I looked at the 1520 for the size, and Paul Thurott's comments on the camera were enticing. But, as a ATT customer, I was so p***ed about them pulling the Qi wireless charging that I just couldn't pull the trigger. Then, as I read more about the security of Apple Pay, I just felt that we had to be there (especially after waiting 2+ years on Windows Phone with NFC and no wallet apps). I agree on your comments on platforms, especially as a 20+ year Windows developer. I've had 3 Windows Mobile phones and 2 Windows Phones, even going back to the original smartphone, the Palm Treo. Those that know me are shocked that I jumped to Apple (and doubly shocked when I got a Macbook). But I'm just afraid the Windows Phone ecosystem is going to continue to languish, even if a superior product.
  • Never heard of anyone switching from an iPhone or Android phone to a Windows Phone. 90% of the time it's more like "Windows has a phone?".
  • I've gone back and forth, first smartphone a blackberry, second an android. Back and forth between blackberry and android because I hated Apple. Then I decided on an iPhone 4, loved it, switched to an iPhone 5. Used it for almost two years before switching to AT&T when I picked up another android. I love all mobile tech, and OS's. I loved so many things about the newer android OS but I missed even more about iOS. So I picked up a 6+. Loving it, best iPhone I've ever used. I love all the new features of iOS 8, I love the second nature-ness of iOS for me. The accuracy of the keyboard. And of course everyone asks me how I like it. Great screen real estate, great weight, great feel. More comfortable in the hand than ever before. Sent from the iMore App
  • After been an Android user for years, I bought the iPhone 6 plus on release date. Used it for 2 months and just couldn't bear ios total lack of customization. SwiftKey on ios it's a joke, no option for number row on top of ios own keyboard with the screen size of the 6 plus it's unacceptable for me, also being extremely careful with my phone, it was getting hair line scratches on the screen less than a month after I bought it. Sold it, got a Note 4 and I'm very pleased with my decision.
  • I often would buy an iPhone then switch back to a phone like the Note 3 or S5 simply because of the bigger screen . I had the 4, 4s, 5, 5s and now 6 plus. Several times I would go back to android. I did become use to the integrated Google now and the awesome suite of google apps. At this point I finally got the bigger iPhone I have been wanting, apple pay has been awesome, the camera is superior and almost all those Google apps I use are available on iOS. I hope for more ambition from iOS in the future but either way I'm here to stay with my 6 plus. Sent from the iMore App
  • rather than switch completely to an iPhone, I decided to carry both the iPhone 6 and the Droid Turbo for about a week to see which one I would like more. By the end of that trial run, I ended up siding with the iPhone and leaving the droid at home. Everything is more stable on iOS and the case options are much better. Now I'm using an Otterbox Commuter Wallet case and leaving everything else at home.
  • I have been an Android user for several years now. Recently, I picked up the Galaxy Note 4. But something about the phone just didn't click. So, I decided to test the Apple waters by trying out the Ipad Air 2. If i didn't like it, then I probably would not need the Iphone 6 plus and the 14 day buyers remorse is in effect. So, I got the Ipad Air 2 last Thursday. And I can not put it down. It is AMAZING and just works so well, apps look better, everything is just elegant. The Ipad Air 2 confirmed to me that I am going to ditch the Note 4 and get the 6 Plus. For years, I bashed Apple, completely pro Android, but after getting a taste of how Apple works, it is time to fully switch.
  • I went from a Samsung Galaxy S3, to an iPhone 5c, then to an iPhone 6 Plus! Best decision ever!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I had a brief case of stupidity and used a Samsung S5, got my iPhone 6 the day they launched... Sent from the iMore App
  • Heck no. I dumped my iPhone for my Android. Best choice I've made in a long time!
  • Seems mostly 6 plus owners are replying here:D Proud 6 owner Sent from the iMore App
  • I also switched from a Windows Phone, (Nokia Lumia 810), to an iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB. I resisted the call of the iPhone for YEARS, and it didn't hurt that I've been on T-Mobile for over a decade, so I didn't have the opportunity to get one even if I wanted one because at the time they didn't offer it. Anyway, I was a big fan of Windows Phone, and I had high hopes for the platform, but Microsoft continued to disappointed me with their handling of the OS, and after following the rumor mill of the iPhone 6, I decided to make the jump. I can honestly say that I will NEVER go back. I've had both Android AND Windows Phone, and iOS is honestly the best and well rounded platform. The Apps are amazing, the performance is great, and the camera is out of this world!! I'm planning on buying a MacBook as well to completely entrench myself in the Apple ecosystem. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from a Moto G to an iPhone 6. Was a 4s user for 2.5yrs, have been an Apple lover since 2007. When my son dropped my iPhone into the toilet, I needed a temporary placeholder until the 2014 iPhones came out. In comes the Moto. Excellent unlocked price, great Google integration and Google Now (loved that the most!). However, something just seemed off. Little glitches here and there, not enough polish to the OS. Maybe it was because I wasn't running Android on a flagship device, I don't know. When iOS 8 was revealed, I was quite excited to hop back on the iPhone train. Love it, and haven't looked back (the addition of Continuity also means I've since ditched using Chrome as my primary browser and use Safari on all my devices - so slick!).
  • I switched from GS5 to i6+. Main two reasons were battery life and the fact that VZW's iPhone 6/+ can finally talk and surf simultaneously without Wi-Fi.
  • Went from a G3 to the 6 Plus. Screen size was my primary driver for going from a 4S to the G3 so finally being able to get a large iPhone was nice. The ecosystem was also a considerable factor. Entire family is Apple. You don't always realize how convenient the ecosystem makes things until you leave it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Now i am using an android phone, i like to change to iphone.. but some things hold me from it...like blutooth sharing, mp3 downloads, movie downloads using torrent........ Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I switched from nexus 5 (and HTC one mini 2) to iPhone 6 just yesterday...
    Some Things I like to share now that I come back from android...
    - Having to press a heavy mechanical button for reaching home or multitasking or unlocking the phone (on android you mostly double tap to wake) is just so annoying... on android doing this tasks is really fast and hassle free. Overall lollipop was really really faster and cooler .
    I strongly believe Google guys really did catch up pretty good except that fragmentation still exist and no one's actually able to upgrade to lollipop.
    - Third Party keyboards on iOS8 are really terrible. I wonder why apple even approved them. For instance With Go keyboard It types the last word of your previous sentence in your current typing… every time!
    and all of them are laggy
    - iPhone 6 drains battery so fast. It's unlike what you expect of an apple product
    Everything on iPhone is A+ but battery is B
    - Build quality... it is sensational. It is so well built you wanna lick it !!Got The Spigen air skin cover and it's so thin you almost fell like the thing doesn't have any cover on it .
    - I was hesitating between iPhone 6 and 6 plus . But the moment I held the plus in my hand the choice was clear. The plus was really not good and ergonomic.
    It's like all the design glory and history behind iPhone has been ignored and It's certainly not magical like the iPhone. You can live with it though but you should buy it if iPhone 6 didn't exist. Only if 6's battery was like the plus :( Overall:
    Switching from nexus phone to android is like switching from a manual mustang to some german automatic car. You don't feel like your'e in control of the car so it doesn't make you feel enthusiastic about it but it is stable as f...
    And stable is what a smartphone should be ( for most people)
  • I was an Android user on Verizon starting with the OG Droid. At that time, there really wasn't much choice and Android was a really more flexible option if you were a straight "techie." I just switched from a Nexus 5 to the iPhone 6 this fall and I have mixed feelings. I miss the system wide flexibility of Android. The ability to attach a file to an email...come on Apple...that's insane not to have that capability. Other than that, many of the news additions, like widgets, are really well implemented. Nice thing about iOS widgets is that you can get to them from any screen - you don't have to close out of your current app. I try telling myself I like Android more...but t's becoming harder.
    Biggest issue with Android is, and always has been, the quality of the apps. So many BIG apps are still not as well developed on Android. That has to change. Apple, on the other hand, has to let down their walled garden approach even more. iOS 9 needs a document / download manager and default application preferences.
  • Well, I didn't dump my android I just added an iPhone 6+. I always wanted and iPhone but those tiny screens kept me away. Do I like it? Yes I like it very much but....there's always a but lol. I don't like it more than my note 4. That's mostly due to the restrictive nature of iOS. Now, I'm not the type that roots my android or does all this crazy stuff but I do enjoy a little customization. I must say though that I am now and probably always be an iPhone owner/user. It is a quality device. Sent from the iMore App
  • I went from the iPhone 4 to the HTC One M7 to the 5c. After nearly a year I had to send my M7 in for a warranty repair so I picked up my wife's old 5c. I realized how much I missed iOS and the small form factor so I gave the m7 to my brother and kept the 5c. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have had just about every android phone that is on Verizon. I can say that the high end android phones feel faster than the 6 plus. The z3v, m8, and Moto X simply out perform the iOS on the 6 plus. That said, iOS has always been smooth. And android has had the reputation of lag, glitch, etc. but the 3 android phones I listed have little to no issues. In fact, using my 128gb 6 plus had me trying to speed it up through jailbreak tweaks and other things just to keep up. The build quality is also matched by android hardware for the most part. Still, something keeps me me on the 6 plus for now..... Is it the simplicity? The screen quality? App Store? Probably a combination of all. Honestly I'd probably prefer Windows Phone if google supported it like it does iOS. Sent from the iMore App
  • After using iPhone 4 through 5S went to the Droid Maxx which was a good phone but the camera was terrible, it was a deal breaker. I love using Instagram and VSCOcam, so I sold the Droid Maxx and purchased an iPhone 6. Haven't looked back.
  • I really, really would like to switch to iPhone 6, but I cant. There is only one thing that is holding me with android - Auto Call Recorder. There is no such thing in iOS, only pre-dial or dial and merge calls, which is not good for me :-/, any advice?
  • I did from IPhone 5 to Galaxy Note 4. Is much better tech phone. There is no difference. I am sick to listen apple sales stories. Do you own stock or are you paid by apple? IPhone 6 is the end of apple anyway, correct begin of the end. They can not grow and on 6 they had to lower profit margins. All phones now are 5.X inch with all stuff and prices will drop bellow cost soon there is no room for they model.
  • I made the switch from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to iP6 . I generally made the switch just cause I was tired of the enormous phone. Tech wise the iP6 isn't much better but it isn't much worse. It doesn't have a whole bunch of features that I won't use on the daily so it's just fine to me. Only thing that urks me is the fact that I can't surf the web and talk while running data. Sent from the iMore App
  • My best friend love his iphone 5s and said that he would not go with a iphone 6, but he went and made the switch to Blackberry and so far he enjoys his BlackBerry, I was soooo shock when he done that. Also he has a Ipad and a nexus 7. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • no way. why would anyone want to be in jail, instead of living in a free world.
  • Agree, tried Apple's jail with the 6 plus and after only a month, glad to be back to Android's freedom.
  • Reading why iPhone users bought their iPhone is some of the most boring discussion ever. Its like asking why people bought a Honda. They dont really have a good reason, they just wanted something easy and reliable to get to work. Oh and their friend has one.
  • I have swapped my LG G3 for employer supplied iPhone 6 16gb, as a former iPhone user 3GS & 4GS the only thing I really like is camera, I feel that iOS is still lock down too much, most links doesn't open in native apps, to me LG running lollipop feels far more modern operate ring system, I really missing Google now, To me Google is winning the software race, Apple makes a nice phone but other make better one these days
  • I switched from a S5 to the iPhone 6. So did my wife. In part because a lot of apps do work better on the iPhone. We missed FaceTime. I missed the overall experience. But, ultimately, I could not live with the fact that still in 2015, Android updates don't come in timely manners. At least with the iPhone, you're will get your update the moment it is released. Sent from the iMore App
  • Came from a Note 4, pretty happy too! Sent from the iMore App
  • Still have my Nexus 9 and OG Moto X but after 4 Droid turbo's I gladly and very happily switched to the plus. I love it, no regrets, no looking back. I also have an LTE Air and Mac Mini. It's great to have a phone that worked right, right out of the box. I still love Android but I like iPhones much better.
  • I switched to 6Plus last month, mainly because of the screen size I always knew that the one reason I stuck with the Android devices was the screen. I knew that if apple ever released a big screen phone I would find it hard to resist switching because I've moved completely to Macs from Windows, I have two iPads and I prefer buying my music from iTunes. The other reason would be iMessage, because all my siblings that text message me do it through iMessage because they all have iPhones. Normally this would not be a problem, but all my siblings live outside Canada which means international text messaging rates for me and I'm not always in Wifi zones so I can't always use the iMessage on the iPad. But now, that is no longer a problem. I do not see myself going back to Android anytime soon. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have had every iphone, with the exception of the 3GS, up until the iphone 5. I wanted the larger screen and so I went with the Samsung Galaxy S4. While I won't say it was a bad phone and there was features I liked about it, I will say that there is no way Android operating system is as stable as IOS. I had too many locks and crashes. I could learn to live with that but the real reason that I went back to IOS is that I live in a dead area only one signal bar and so my cell phone is mostly useless at home unless I can get on to my home network. Android has no decent WiFi texting options to compare with iMessage and so after my 18 months with the S4 I am now back with the iphone 6 plus and it has been great.
  • Came from a nexus 5 to an iPhone 6 and I have enjoyed most of my experiences so far. Sent from the iMore App
  • I was a Android junkie since I dumped my old Palm Pre for the Original HTC EVO. I loved the S4 I came from and there are things I miss. But overall, I have to say, I love my new 6 Plus. The small screens were a huge turn off to me and kept me at bay. I also used to enjoy rooting and messing with custom ROMs. However, I really don't do that anymore, so figured what the hell, I'll give it a shot. It initially started with a dead PC at home and I decided on a new iMac. When I started messing with it, I found that it would be much easier to just have everything the same across all devices in the house (2 iPads, 1 Mini and now an iMac and 2 iPhone 6s). Google has come A LONG ways in the past few years, but there are still some annoying work arounds for different things. Not a ton, but enough and enough on key things I use that I made the change. There are certainly things I miss, but not enough to go back. I miss the real widgets and I really miss being able to customize my screens the way I liked, it's pretty plain-jane now, but not a big deal. The notifications aren't near as smooth and the folders are pretty cheesy. But again, the rest of the positives WAY outweigh these things and I'm 100% happy. The biggest is the ease of use across the devices and with all family members. Anyway, that's my long winded answer!
  • I switched from a Nexus 4 to an iPhone 6+. Reason being I had the Nexus 4 almost two years and while a great phone I wanted something else. All previous iterations of the iPhone were too small for me to use for anything other than phone calling. The 6+ though fit the bill perfectly... especially since moving from Windows to Mac this past year and also with my iPad... it just made sense. I don't think I'd ever go back. The iPhone is awesome and I am very happy with it.
  • YES!!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I would never switch from my vivo xshot to any type of iPhone ever. The camera work is many features, funtouch os, the ability to customize anything plus the very beautiful sounding stereo speaker make this phone a multimedia dream device. Did I mention that this device is quite snappy and fast with 3 GB of ram and 801 snapdragon processor.
  • All iPhone since the original and now I sport the 64 gig space grey iPhone 6 Plus and loving every minute, now I can't wait to get the iPad Air Plus!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Dumped my HTC thunderbolt years ago when the iPhone 4s came out and have been using iPhones ever since. Sent from the iMore App
  • I also recently switched from Android (Samsung S4) back to iOS (iPhone 6+). To be honest, I completely loathed TouchWiz and nightlies became tiresome. I just wanted something that worked - and from memory, my previous iPhone did serve me well although I was lured away by the bigger, brighter screen of the S4. I do however miss the expandable storage and seamless data transfer.
  • Switched from a Samsung Galaxy S5 to an (albeit older) iPhone 5S and I actually like it more. I mainly switched because I wasn't on a contract (T-Mobile) and I felt like the Galaxy S5 was a letdown. Poor design, laggy software and horrible low light photos made me feel like the phone wasn't "personal" to me, something very important in today's time. Even the older iPhone 5S made me feel like I had a closer connection to it because it just did everything with so much more fluidity. Sorry Samsung, it's time you take a serious cue from Apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • Moved from Note 3 to iPhone on T-Mo. Android phones are bricks that cannot be upgraded -- new OS need a new phone. Also, most organizations support iPhone by default. For Android phones, corporate applications support depends on make, model, OS supported etc. Love the iPhone6Plus. Love the Battery life. Love the App support (3rd party as well as corporate applications). It just works!
  • I switched from a Nexus 5 to the iPhone 6 Plus. And I miss my Nexus. What's keeping me from switching back is first and foremost Battery life. The 6+ is a beast! I rarely even have to plug it in at night anymore, just the change it in the car to and from work and I almost never dip below 50%.
    Secondly, the camera. Not much else needs to be said about that.
    Third, screen size. Sure there's the Nexus 6 but it's pricey. So was the 6+ but that brings me to the fourth reason: Sprints iPhone 6 unlimited plans.
    What I miss most about Android is mostly Tasker and Canvas for Pebble. But Battery life and the camera alone are an OK trade off.
    However, if iOS 8.x doesn't clean up its act real quick, I see going back to Android in my near future. 3rd party keyboards are an awful experience, and simple things like accessing the Notification, Camera, or Quick Settings from the lock screen work only about 50% of the time..
  • Yes I did and not because of iPhone6, iPhone5s was more then enough (will get 6 once it goes "s"). Also, I dumped laptop with Windows OS for iPad Air and soon will get MacMini to complete the circle ;-)
  • I carry 2 phones and I used to be Android all the way because as you said I was a Verizon customer and could not live with AT&T. When Verizon got the iPhone I began switching. On launch day I bought the iPhone 6 and recently gave up my last Android a Samsung S5 to my wife for a secondary device and got the Plus. Her primary phone is a 5s. Only reason have the Samsung is still under contract. My son Saturday traded his 5s for the Plus. The 6 fits fine in my front pants pocket but Plus little hard to find a place to carry it although I put it in my back pocket and take it out when I sit down. I love them both.
  • Yes! I converted to Apple. I got the iphone 6 plus Space Gray 64GB T-Mobile unlocked. I came from using a Nexus 5 and Moto X (2014) Back in November 2014 I broke down and bought myself the ipad Air 2 Space gray 128GB. After one week with it I feel in love. So that's when I decided to get the iphone 6 plus. I switched because the premium look, feel, and build of these decice's is just amazing!!! ios is very clean, simple, and basically just works!!! With Android I would always have Apps force close or not respond, the phones would also have random re-boots, etc.... I have not experienced any on these issue with my Apple devices yet. Also my entire family and most of my friends all have Apple products and now it's that much easier to share things and stay in touch. So now my next decision is this. I have the ipad Air 2, iphone 6 plus, and the Apple TV. Do I pull the trigger and go 100% Apple and get rid of my one year old HP Envy windows 8.1 computer, for a imac 27" all in one computer? I've been shopping around and I'm really thinking about it. I never thought I would say this but "I LOVE MY APPLE DEVICES"
  • Yeah, so.....I went from a Galaxy Note 3 to the iPhone 6 Plus. Best decision ever. See, I've always been THAT girl....the one who had to have the latest and greatest. I was a Blackberry girl when everyone else had flip phones. I was the Android (HTC Droid Eris) girl when everyone STILL had flip phones. I was THAT girl who was on Verizon when the iPhone first emerged with AT&T and for many reasons, wouldn't leave Verizon. I was THAT girl who had ALMOST EVERY SINGLE latest and greatest Android phone that came out. We had 5 lines staggered out so I almost always had an upgrade available, and my poor husband had the same flip phone for years and years. There were times I tried to move to the iPhone, and went back within my 14 day return period because I loved the personalization of Android, and the widgets. At the same time, I was a Macbook owner. I've owned several Android tablets too....but now, I am completely transitioned to Apple products. Not because Android is inferior in any way. Mostly because of the convenience of having all my devices working together as one unit. I own a Macbook Pro, an iPad Air 2, an iPad Mini and an iPhone 6 Plus. But also because of the ability to find accessories ANYWHERE for my device now. With so many Android phones flooding the market, it wasn't always easy to get the accessories that were available for Apple products. My most recent purchase was the phone....because it was just easier. Easier to have all my devices talk to each other, easier to buy all my apps and music on and able to share between. And FINALLY, a screen that was big enough for me to see at my getting much older faster age. I don't see me turning back to Android....again, not because it's inferior in any way. It's just because FOR ME, it's more convenient. And yes....we are back down to 2 lines now, and my husband is toting around an iPhone 5S....because he HATES a bigger screen :-)
  • And one more thing.....I do find myself asking other 6Plus users I see if they are liking it as much as I do. I don't know why.....maybe like you, just a "gauge the crowd"
  • I switched to the iPhone 6 after owning the Galaxy S5. I'm loving it. I like the big but not as big as the S5 display. The battery life usually gets me through the day. It runs great, with only a few hiccups here and there. It really helps me to see how Samsung is pretty crappy. I used to argue for android superiority, but now I'm not too sure. Sent from the iMore App
  • Sold my HTC One M8 on ebay after I got my iPhone 6 Plus.. Touch ID and Apple Pay are really nice and apps are of better quality on iOS than on Android.. I also like how Apple has implemented widgets on the Today shade instead the Google way.. Android Lollipop looks nice but I'll be sticking with Apple from now on.... Sent from the iMore App
  • I came from the Note 4 and a slew of other Android devices. The N4 was and is a great phone like no other but it was just to big and thought I'd try another route. I switched to the iPhone 6 because it works. It does what I need it do and it does it well. Sure, there are quirks and annoyances but they are far and few in between.
  • Live in Canada, bought iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S all on launch days. When the 5 came out, I felt like it wasn't enough of a bump from the 4S and decided to wait. At the time, the Android phones were coming out with 4.7 in models and my 3.5 in 4S was looking kinda small. With the announcement came for the 5S I was really holding out hope for a larger screen. Unfortunately, it only had a 4 in screen like the 5 before it, so instead I figured I would try out an Android and see how the other side lived. I upgraded from the iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S4. I was wooed by the impressive specs, beautiful display and its 5 in size. I was convinced that I had made the right move and drank the Android koolaid. As a phone, it did everything I wanted it to do, and all the apps I used daily were available for it. However, most of my family were still iOS users and I started to miss Facetime and iMessage. I tried to compensate by trying to convince them to use Hangouts with me, but after a few attempts, they weren't very interested. As I also still owned an iPad, I wasn't totally without iOS, however it was obvious how inconvenient it was to not have iPhone in my pocket at all times. Much to my relief, when the rumours of a larger screen iPhone 6 started, I told everyone that if it was true I was going to buy one as soon as they were released. True to my word, I pre-ordered an iPhone 6 and had it on launch day and have never looked back. For me, the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone I have ever used.
  • I'm an Android user, and I prefer Android to iOS because of cost and customization. (I have a OnePlus One, which is in my opinion the best combination of those.) But, if I had unlimited money, it would be tough to choose between the Nexus 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Left the Galaxy S5 for the Iphone 6 Plus. I like android, but the Galaxy phones are laggy and the battery life just wasn't up to snuff. With the 6 plus I have a big beautiful screen, great battery life, no lag, a great camera and great apps. It's the total package! Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched to the iPhone 6 from a Samsung Galaxy S3 back in October. I've been an Android user since the Droid Incredible. I had always wanted an iPhone but due to carrier exclusivity, I couldn't get one without switching providers.. When the iPhone 5 came out, I chose the S3 because of the bigger screen. I bought the 6 this upgrade cycle because of the larger screen. Overall, the 6 is a good phone. But iOS is not a superior OS. I would love to install Lollipop on this 6. With Android, I can tell my phone what to do. With iOS, my phone tells me what it will allow me to do.
  • I switched from the Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 5s...it was and still an awesome switch!
  • After it became obvious that Verizon no longer supports Windows Phone, I took the opportunity to try out Android for a few months. At first, I was impressed with the quantity, but not quality, of apps. However, that was it.
    The thing that annoyed me most about Android was the basic features of the phone were not friendly. The dialer, the contacts, the keyboard, all were just sloppy. For all its short comings, my two year old Windows Phone was a better, "phone." I found myself saying, "This is it?"
    Also on my mind, was the whole updates issue. As a Windows Phone user on Verizon, I know what it is like to have no support, no voice, only empty promises. I found myself looking at newer Android phones, wondering if they would be supported in 12 months. I gave serious consideration to the HTC M8, yet could not get past Android 5.0 or beyond would screw it up.
    So, after much research, two days ago, I took a chance on a 6 Plus, and am pleased to say, I am happy. Yes, it has a learning curve. Yes, it is not as customizable. The screen is beautiful. The camera is just awesome. The apps are better quality. The phone does what I need it to do, in a better, organized manner.
  • Last year I made the switch from a series of Nexus phones (G-Nexus, then N4, then N5) back to iOS after a long absence. I had an iPhone 4 before I went to Android, and I went to Android mainly because I just wanted a bigger screen. And truth be told, I actually prefer Android as a mobile OS. But long story short, after a series of frustrating Android-related issues I kept having, mainly poor battery life and inconsistent camera performance, I decided to sell my N5. The last straw for me was when it randomly drained its battery and died without me even using it. That's just not a problem I want to be having on my "daily driver" device that I rely on as my primary communication tool. After I sold my N5, there were simply no other Android phones that I wanted, so I just got a 5S and just dealt with the annoyingly small screen for a while. That 5S was a very worthy successor to my 4, and it performed nearly flawlessly the whole time I had it, and with its excellent camera and much better battery life, and the convenience of TouchID and the reversible Lightning cable, and the bottom placement of the headphone jack (which I'd been missing from my G-Nexus), it really was a breath of fresh air for me. All those nice little features added up to a more satisfying user experience for me personally. The only thing I hated about it was the small, cramped screen and the soft aluminum housing that got dinged up all too easily, especially along the chamfered edges, despite my 5S having been cased the whole time (I really wish they would've stuck with the stainless steel like on the 4 and 4S). Other than that I loved it. Then in September I traded my 5S in for a 6; my big hands needed the bigger screen and so far I'm very impressed with the battery life and camera, which are even better than on the 5S. My only problem with my 6 has been all the bugginess of iOS 8 (mainly the stock keyboard's bizarre and frustrating behavior and numerous freeze-ups and crashes in Safari), and that ugly camera protrusion on the back. But my case solves the protruding camera issue easily (my phone rarely ever leaves its case anyway). Once iOS 8's bugs get sorted out, I'll be much happier with it.
  • I switched to a iPhone 6 plus from a galaxy s5. Best decision I've ever made. Sent from the iMore App
  • I recently switched from an all-Android existence (frequently switched phones using Swappa.com), to the iPhone 6 Plus. There has rarely been a moment that I have either questioned the change or gone on to Swappa.com to look for the next best thing. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes I admit I switched from a iPhone5 to a Samsung Note 3 because of the bigger size screen and the S Pen. I had trouble figuring the OS out from day one. Screen was too big (never thought I'd say that) and i never used the pen. Camera was so slow, most of my pictures had to be re-taken. Very unhappy with the purchase and couldn't wait for my upgrade. Switched back to an iPhone6, very happy with everything, size, speed, performance, camera, OS...Glad to be back and call me a fanboy but I don't care.
  • I used an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4S back in the day. While I loved my 4S, the world of Android tempted me, and considering I have massive hands, I sold my 4S and picked up a Galaxy S4. Android's extensive customizability was like a breath of fresh air - I am a gadget lover and I had so much fun tinkering around with it. For about a month. Then I started to get frustrated. I got frustrated that I had carrier bloatware. I got frustrated that on a flagship device in 2013 with all these beefy internals, I was seeing lag and stutter on the home screen. I didn't much care for the image processing. I then ditched the S4 for a Nexus 5. I used that phone all of last year. I loved it! Stock Android was clean, simple, and worked fast. Unfortunately, the Nexus 5 broke. The cellular radio just stopped working. I had already had a Nexus 7 break, and, fair warning, Google's hardware product support is abysmal. Out of frustration with all these devices breaking, I decided to go with devices that I knew I could get easy and immediate support on if they broke. I got an iPad and a 6 Plus. I love my phone and tablet. As a Mac user, life with Continuity makes me feel like I couldn't go back to the alternative. I love my camera on the 6 Plus, and I realized that I didn't need excessive customization -- I just stopped customizing my android phones after the initial honeymoon period. Sure, I miss some aspects of Android. I still feel like Chrome on Android is the best mobile browser, for example. But in terms of overall experience, and interoperability between devices, I think I am at my happiest within Apple's ecosystem. I will say that the screen size was probably the biggest reason I considered coming back in the first place. Once you go big, it is really, really hard to go back. I couldn't use a 3.5" or 4" phone after my two year android fling.
  • I didn't exactly dump it I still have HTC and both are running parallel. But I feel iPhone 6 tends to hang sometimes and i have to restart it which is considering its just few months old also HTC one which is 2 year old now seems to be smoother. The only reason I'm sticking with iPhone is because apps are better.
  • I've had iPhones in the past 3GS, 4, 4S and the 5. I switched to android and i love them but I would get tired of the phone and would have a different phone every 3 months just boredom. As soon as I saw the screen size on the iPhone 6 I sold my HTC M8 and got the iPhone 6 the day it came out. Took a few months and I finally got my wife to switch to iPhone 6 from my old Nexus 5. I love android because of what you can do with them but I'm just loving my iPhone 6 and I think this has been the longest I've ever kept a phone and still plan on keeping it and getting the iwatch. Sent from the iMore App
  • Switched from Note 2 to iPhone 6 Plus (128GB). Reasons:
    1. The biggest was that Note 2 never got OS upgrades despite being the most powerful android of its time.
    2. The camera on 6 Plus is excellent.
    3. I use iPad and getting iPhone meant I could use its apps on the phone i.e. my favourite apps are available on the go and I don't have to purchase on 2 platforms.
    4. The eco system. Everything else I got is Apple. Extensions and screen size helped me ditch android.
  • I switched from a OnePlus One to an iPhone 6 and couldn't be happier. I always thought that iPhones were too boring and simple but I'm actually liking it. I also like that Apple controls updates and not the OEM or carrier (the OPO stilll hasn't gotten Lolipop yet).
  • I switched from a Google Nexus 4 to an iPhone 6 (not a 6 plus). I initially liked the Nexus, but over time it really started to disappoint me. Nothing major, just minor niggles that made me miss using an iPhone. I can appreciate that Android devices are very good for a certain type of use - probably one more tech savvy than me - but iOS is easy to use and I've no regrets from switching.
  • I didn't dump my Android phone, I still use it and love it! I have an M8 but I did get an i6, I love it too, but Android still hold my heart.
  • My first smart phone was the G1. i have since then had HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG my last android phone was the Nexus 5. A great product with lollipop. I got the iPhone 6 plus and I am enjoying the new ecosystem not since the G1 i feel like i have purchased something brand new and different. I do find the apps have a more polished feel than android but they cost more.
  • i will tell you that i used to worship Android. Everything in my life was littered with the little green guy around my house. Then the Samsung S4 came out, we had to have it, since you know, it was the latest and greatest. Well the honeymoon stage lasted about a month. we began to receive updates that wiped out my phone two times, having to restore from a back-up, however starting all over with the apps again was annoying. Then the new phone came out 2 months later, which made mine obsolete, but i was okay with that. Point of the matter was that we switched to I phone 5 plainly on the fact that it is accessible, everything is. i love being able to switch between my Ipad and my phone when browsing the internet. taking notes on either device and having them link without installing any apps to integrate. I went to my friends house and logged on to his WiFi via my phone, and it surprised me when my I pad prompted me to log on with the same password my I phone had used. I guess what i am trying to say is, its the little things. Sure Android comes with better cameras, but if that's the only thing motivating you for your phone, then its just a toy. There is definitly room for improvement, and i will say that i am excited for the watch, holding off on my fitbit purchase until i see what apple has to offer.
  • I made the switch from Android to iPhone three years ago. I would never go back to Android. iPhone never disappoints. They get better and better. The iPhone 6 is no exception to this. It's the best yet! Sent from the iMore App
  • I actually bought an iPhone 6 64Gb coming from a Nexus 5. In most hardware respects, I preferred the iPhone over the Nexus 5 (and any other smartphone I have ever owned, actually). The iPhone 6 was just a great piece of kit, but at the end of the return period I just had to bring it back. I was the ideal candidate to keep it. Currently have an iPad and Macbook and I could afford it, but I just didn't feel the purchase made sense. Let me explain. Although I believe the hardware of the iPhone 6 is great, there are certainly Android phones that come close. At least that close that the difference is neglible for me (in the end, I went with a HTC One M8, which is pretty much on par, if you ask me). On a software level, though, I have always preferred Android and I still prefer it. On my last 4 Android phones - HTC One M8, Nexus 5 and Galaxy Note 3 and Nexus 4 - lag or stability were not much of a problem and I like the way it works just so much better. I know that lots a readers here prefer iOS and I think that is cool, but I guess I just wanted to say that it is possible to actually like Android better. Last part, and certainly not least, that caused me to return the phone was money. The iPhone 6 64Gb cost 800 euros. That is expensive, there is just no other way to say it. Being in the Apple ecosystem is expensive, and I just don't see the return so clearly. There is a clear argument to be made for going all Apple (things work pretty well together, it is good hardware, you get best-in-class service), don't get me wrong, but for me it makes no sense. This was probably my last attempt for a while to go Apple. Both my iPad and MacBook will be up for a change in the coming 1-2 years. It will depend on what I do then, whether I am staying close to iOS/Apple or more definitely move away. Right now I am leaning towards Android and Windows. Just my 2cts.
  • So many people are using a Touch Wiz experience to judge an Android experience. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I've been exclusively Android since the launch day of the G1. Switched to an iPhone 6 and couldn't be happier......so far. Here is the list of why. -I'm not hard on phones but I've never had an Android phone physically survive a 2 year contract. Meanwhile all my wife's iPhones go the distance. -Even if I weren't selling mine for parts at the end of their life they are never worth as much as a two year old iPhone on the used market -Camera. Android promises and promises and aways misses on this. Maybe the latest phones deliver, but I wanted a "sure thing" for my money this time. -Sharing. I've got a toddler now and the family connections for sharing are more important than ever. It's easier to share, and in more ways with the iPhone than Android. For example: FaceTime. Most of the people I want to share with have an iPhone/iPad/Mac and FaceTime is simple for even the least tech savvy person to deal with. While it's easy enough to use Skype on Android, you get BOTH on IOS. Making it easier to share with more people. (Don't have to walk grandma through downloading and setting up another app like Skype, when all she has to do with FaceTime is accept the call) This applies to several things on IOS where you get both the Apple service and the Andoid/Google service. No longer walled into just the Google service. -Continuity! There are ways to move data and links back and forth with Android/gmail/chrome but not nearly as seamlessly as continuity now does on iOS/OS X. I can pickup my device of choice laptop/tablet/phone and have all my links, windows, phone calls, texts, documents, notes, contacts, etc -I'm honestly "over" having to tweak, poke and prod my phones OS to make it work. I'm beyond the blingy and feel I have more important things to do than mess with my phone. I feel like the iPhone gives all the function without the excessive glitter. My android phones came with great blingy "features" that really never got used. Or the implementation changed so much from one phone/app to the next that it was hard to remember how to get each feature to work in each app. With iOS its consistent from phone to tablet and app to app and for the most part across iOS versions. The bigger screen was the tipping point for me. But not just from Apple. Part of the reason I got an iPhone 6 was because it was the smallest top tier phone screen. It was finally "big enough" but not too big. My last Android phone was a Nexus 5, the leap to the Nexus 6 in screen size was just too much! Lastly, since Apple makes so many devices the support for quality aftermarket and factory accessories is huge compared to any android device. The choices for truly qaulity cases and accessories is much different for an iPhone than Android.
  • I like to switch every couple of years. The last phone I had was a Nexus 5. I prefer the stock Android OS by-and-large, and consider it to be the better of the two in general use now. My main point of contention with iOS is the clunky Springboard. The front page aside, it seems backward to have to put all of my surplus apps into folders. I would find it more intuitive (and simple) to have a grid, and then an index of all the apps not on the grid page(s). Being able to tailor the software to my needs like this, is the main thing I miss. The battery life and the camera are a pleasant step up though. The build quality, given the price difference, is obviously much better than the Nexus range as well.
  • I've been an iPhone user since the 3GS, with one break: after the 4s, I got a Moto X that I used for almost two years before returning to the iPhone (in the form of a 6). To be truthful, I loved the moto--the way I loved the 3GS when I first got it. But as much as I love my devices-qua-toys, they are fundamentally tools, and the iPhone was not up to the challenge when I got the moto. I needed a device I could automate. I was working in the depths of a granite building for several hours a day, which would kill my battery if I didn't remember to turn it off. And if I did remember to turn it off, I would have to remember to turn it back on (three or four times a day). Surely a top tier pocket computer could automate some of this. Indeed, and they call it a moto x. My device could enter into any number of states (passcode disabled, screen bright, wifi off when in the car, which the moto can detect; passcode on and display on auto when not connected to power; even a gradual shutdown of power-consuming activity when the battery level got down to x, and so forth). I returned to the iPhone--I'm tempted to say, "was driven back"--by an iPhone using family that hated my not being part of the Apple ecosystem. To add insult to injury, I got most of my family using the iPhone and then left them. It seems small, but cumulatively chopped up texts, inability to track me via find my friends, not sharing in photo streams, etc., was too much for them. And I've moved on from the granite dungeon, so my needs have shifted. I still sometimes miss my moto, where tweaking and configuring were high art, but I don't miss the things that can go wrong when unlocking bootloaders, installing custom roms, and the like. Life inside the walled garden is nice. And as long as there is no need to be outside the safety and stability of that garden, the iPhone is a joy. But when I need functionality that my phone has technologically, but can't deploy because of intentional software limitations, well, that makes for a dilemma. My wish: Apple will roll out a developer edition with an unlockable bootloader. I know they never will, but a girl can dream ... about having cake, and eating it, and having it still. Sent from the iMore App
  • Switched from a nexus 5. Honestly just wanted a change from android but regret leaving. I prefer stock android over iOS because android doesn't make you feel stupid. At least to me. Ios is just wayyy to easy to operate and doesn't do enough. The hardware though is much better. That's it.
  • I cracked the screen on my Note 2 and decided to try something new and got an iPhone 6 Plus.
    For the most part I am very satisfied with the change. There are, however, a few things which drive me a bit crazy. Perhaps - as I am new to iOS - I don't know the way to solve the niggles in question just yet.
    1. The dialler on my phone keeps beeping and there seems to be no setting to disable this inconvenient and intrusive feature;
    2. I can't simply select a song from my library and set it as a ringtone;
    3. Not all apps support landscape mode;
    4. Original music app is useless in landscape mode (once you start looking around your library you loose any way of going back to "now playing" and controls). Aside from these issues, I quite like my iPhone 6 Plus.
  • I had an HTC One M7, it was great at first but over time the microphone magically broke and the camera quality was utter shit in the dark when using flash wasn't possible (long distance stuff). Battery life was also miserable
  • Went from the HTC Incredible to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to the iPhone 6. I wasn't going to switch until Apple introduced a larger screen phone and allowed third party keyboards apps. Once the iPhone 6 came out, it was only a matter of time. I considered the Samsung 5, but finally made the jump to Apple. Don't regret switching. I started using an iPad before getting the 6 so I think that helped with the transition to the iOS system. Hate having to ditch the USB for the lightning cable, but oh well. Overall, love the feel of the iPhone, seems more solidly built.
  • I went from a Nokia Lumia 1020 to an iPhone 6 Plus. In the past I had an iPhone 3GS and 4S, but the iPhone 5 was a disappointment. They just made it longer and not wider. Plus I wanted a phone built around a camera. The Nokia Lumia was a great phone, I love the very customizable homepage, the integration between apps, and of course the camera. Nothing comes close when it comes to the camera IMHO. But it was the lack of certain photography apps that finally made me convert back to iOS. I love my Nokia 1020... but I like my iPhone 6 Plus a tad better (minus the camera and lack of customization unless you jailbreak).
  • I switched (indirectly) from a Galaxy S III, to an iPhone 6. My first move from the S3 was to a Note 4. I was comfortable in the Samsung universe. I certainly didn't love everything about it, but my S3 certainly was a dependable, faithful sidekick. When examining the crop of possibilities for my upgrade, the Note 4 kept rising to the top in the most "bang for your buck" category. I tried it, and like it a lot. I soon felt like a lot of the features were things I was looking for uses for, rather than them instantly providing me solutions for problems I've had. Ultimately, the camera's low-light performance left me pretty disappointed. The Note 4 was big, but I felt it was designed very thoughtfully, and it felt much smaller than a phone that housed a 5.7" screen. It was incredibly ergonomic for a phablet-class device. Based on my dislike for the low-light camera performance on the Note 4, I decided to take the iPhone plunge. I'm no stranger to iOS. I support iOS and Mac devices for a living. I have had iPads at home for the last few years. I've owned iPod touch devices for many years, and on and on. Because I felt the size of the Note 4 was tolerable when weighed against the obvious benefits, I went with the 6 Plus. My camera satisfaction was instantly served. I was left though, with a very "bare" experience after the Note 4's seemingly endless options and feature set, even though not all of them were useful to me. Ultimately though, the ergonomics and design of the body of the 6 Plus is what irked me. It really felt like a "me too" phone, rather than the usual care that Apple puts into designing it's products. I felt the height of the 6 Plus was it's achilles heel. On top of that, I preferred Zoomed homescreen mode and in doing so, I lost one of the phone "special" features it had, landscape viewing. After some time, I was craving a one-handed, familiar experience, and the iPhone 6 seemed to be the answer, and it was. I only miss the 6 Plus when I'm home on the couch. When I'm running around at work, with a teacher/student iPad in one hand, and my phone in the other, I'm always thankful it's not a 6 Plus that's waiting to go flopping out of my hand. I never rule out going back to Android should their be a better camera offering in the future, but I'm very happy with the perks that come with being 100% in the Apple universe, both at home and at work.
  • I switched from Android HTC One to iPhone 6. I am not happy with my decision. I waited for a larger screen to jump to the iPhone. I decided long before when I won 4th generation ITouch to give the iPhone a chance, I didn’t like the small screens on the iPhone 3, 4 or 5. At the time using the iTouch I liked the interface, also at that time I had a Windows 6 phone. Any chance would have been welcomed.
    The thing I did not like on the HTC was the camera. The camera is better on the iPhone then on the HTC One, I never took a lot of pictures to begin with. I do like the way iPhone integrates with car audio, that I give a 5 star rating. Other than that I like the way you can automate functions on the Android that you can’t on the iPhone. An Android app let me create macros to turn on wi-fi when I entered an area. I don’t like my wi-fi to be on when I do not need it. A second macro to turn on Bluetooth, connect to a Bluetooth device and set the volume by clicking one button. I had plenty of location based macros, which can’t be done on the iPhone. I have tried several one that did not meet my needs.
    It’s the little convenient features that Android or an app can do to make functions within a cell phone so much easier.
  • I moved from an LG G3 to a 6 Plus. My whole family is in the Apple ecosystem and I could no longer abide in the long delay in updates for my Android devices. With my iPhone, everything just works. Also, Google's iOS updates mean that there are more robust Lollipop features on my 6 Plus than there were on my G3. Sent from the iMore App
  • My wife is an apple fan and got me an ipod air for my birthday. My phone was a Galaxy S4. Going back and forth between the two mobile o/s's was a pain, because they are so different. In the end when my upgrade was available a month later I got an iPhone 6. At first it was too thin. With a good thin flex case that issue was no more. I really like the iphone now. I wish there was a way to duplicate MightyText (texting from desktop) and due to issues I had to give up using my third party keyboard, but I switched to using FB messenger and reverted to the stock keyboard. Gave my kids my old chargers.
  • I switched to a Nexus 4 in January of 2013. This was after spending two and half years with an iPhone 4. I loved the iPhone 4, but I was tired of playing the Jailbreak game to keep the power user features I wanted. Plus, I was intrigued by the strides Android had made over the past 2+ years. It was time to see what life was like on the other side. Yes, I loved the customization capabilities Android offered, and I would never go for a non-stock system from Samsung or any other manufacturer. That being said, I was ready to give up the experiment after close to two years of Android. I was completely sold once I heard about all of the new features of iOS 8, and the size of the iPhone 6 is almost identical to my old Nexus 4. Fortunately, I still had access to many of my old apps that had upgraded along the way, and I was more than glad to dole out a little cash for new versions of my old favorites. Needless to say, I'm completely happy to be back "in the fold", and I haven't felt any desire to Jailbreak my current phone.
  • I never owned an iPhone nor iPad.....until recently. I came from a Note 3. I decided to give Apple a try since they came out with a larger screen phone. I even took it a step further and bought an iPad. I'm glad I made the switch. I never knew I could sync the iPad and iPhone and answer calls and send and receive texts on the iPad. Awesome sauce!
  • I switched from an Oppo Find 7 to and iPhone 6. Prior to the Oppo I as using a Galaxy Note 2 and a Galaxy S3, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 3g. The larger screen was not the main factor for the switch back. The iPhone experience is slicker. There's constantly new apps to discover and use/buy. The iPhone works seamlessly with my Yosemite Mac Mini and Macbook pro, iPad 2. The iPhone 6 camera is easy to use and takes fantastic images/video. And my wife made the switch from a Note 3. Further benefits of refreshing ease with FaceTime and iMessages. Effortless fast photo sharing with iCloud photo sharing. Very glad to be back with the iPhone 6 to a very well thought out complete ecosystem for a digital lifestyle.
  • My current personal phone is a Nexus 5, but my work phone is an iPhone 5S. I am fairly platform agnostic, but the ease with which I can do moderately advanced tasks with my Nexus 5 gives it the edge in my pocket. However, the fact that my extensive Google Play media collection is platform agnostic, means that I would have no issue moving to IOS as my daily driver if I had to. Per the camera issue, my N5 takes fine pictures in HDR+ mode, but the 5S's camera is still vastly superior. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Came from a Samsung Note 2 to the iPhone 6 and loving every minute of it. Used the iPhone 4s before the Note and that was a great phone as well. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched my Galaxy S5 for an iPhone 6 two days ago. I didn't care for the USB port cover and was starting to notice lag on the camera and select apps. I just missed the responsiveness of an iPhone. Since the 6 is about the same size and includes NFC payment, I really don't miss anything from the Galaxy. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from Galaxy S3 to Iphone 5c last winter, and ios was just missing too many things that android had, so I had to jailbreak it just to do a few of the things android could do out of the box. I switched back to an HTC One m8 (No more samsung anymore, lol android users can dislike them too) and I love it. ALSO: its worth noting that it isn't the BIG features (that are advertised or talk about in reviews) , that make ios or android better, its the small things, the animation speeds, the restrictions, the options, that you only notice after actually using a device, that make a phone better than another. I would be open to going back to an iphone, if it becomes a more open, more accepting ecosystem, and I can switch over without losing the functionality of Android.
  • I had a note2 and switched to iPhone 5s (as iphone 6 wasn't available in my country yet). I made my wife switch from Galaxy S3 to iPhone 6. What I found was that Apple phones are made for life, not till 2 years or so. My Samsung Galaxy phones started having tons of issues (especially getting sloppy), once they were about an year old. But, my mother's iPhone 3GS (bought some 5 years back), still is fast as if it's a new phone. The apps integration with the phone is best in iPhone. Another most important thing was battery life. My Galaxy phones used to be down by at least 8% overnight, (from 100% - 92%), even after I put it in airplane mode.
  • My entire family (4 of us) dropped our Samsung Galaxy for iPhone6. Various reasons - my son preferred the greater app options. But all of us HATED the photos that the Samsung took. Before buying the iPhone I searched online and compared the photo specs. I'm not a professional photographer, but they seemed pretty similar on paper. But in the At&t store, we did an unofficial experiment. Picked up the iPhone 6 and click, click, click, took fast pictures of the signage display by the phones; then went to the newest Galaxy phone by Samsung and did the same. We could clearly read the text in the iPhone photos; every single Samsung photo was blurry. JUST LIKE MY 2014 CHRISTMAS PICTURES. I have taken dozens of great pictures - very few blurry ones - on my new iPhone 6. No comparison.
  • My wife and I ditched our HTC for iPhone 5 & 6. After 2 years, the HTC is performing very slowwwwwly and have problems recharging. My iPad 2 of 2011 was still tip top and having no problems whatsoever (except minor lag after updating to iOS 8). So i said what the heck, lets upgrade to iPhone!
  • Upgraded from an LG G2 to my first Apple product ever, an Iphone 6. Wasn't crazy about losing all of my Google Play credited apps to the App Store ecosystem, just to keep settings and as a whole, I'm underwhelmed by SIRI as compared to Google Now's voice implementations, but I do love the fluidity of app interactions on IOS 8 compared to Android version K. Android's ecosystem has come a looong way since Gingerbread, but Apple still edges them in design and polish... I'm still wrapping my head about diving fully into the Apple ecosystem, and not quite ready to go empty out my wallet for an Apple TV and MBA, but I can see the appeal... until I get one of those devices, I feel like I'm missing out on half of the functionality (i.e. handoff). The camera is crazy simple to use and I haven't even gotten around to playing with the time lapse yet!
  • I switched recently from a Note 4 to a 6+ and I haven't regretted it at all.
  • I got an iPhone 6 after 3 and a half years with Android - and I'm loving it! The app selection is better, and the apps themselves are more polished. FaceTime is a smooth pleasure to use while Google's Hangouts appears jaggy and jutters badly. Apple's Find My Friend app with its notifications feature is more powerful, and less of a system resource hog than Google Plus' location services. I would typically turn off useful Google features like location services and Google Now just to save my battery. The camera is way better than any multi-megapixel Android phone I've ever used (coming from the Galaxy S4), and again, the camera apps are just plain better. The battery, although smaller, lasts me much longer than any Android phone I've ever owned. You can take it off the charger at night, and still find it near 100% in the morning. It's still checking for email, app updates, I have location enabled, and chat notifications are running. Any Android phone would typically be in the 80% or lower range by morning. My iPhone 6 runs very cool, never lags, and gets every update on day one. And to top it all off, that all-metal, unibody case with the infinity pool glass front make this phone look and feel amazing! I sold my Android Wear watch shortly after buying my iPhone 6. Although it was a handy utility, I have a feeling Apple is gonna knock it out of the park with the Apple Watch.
  • I had a iphone 3gs for a good couple years, i had a happy experience with iOS and iPhones. Unfortunately, my baby daughter decided it needed a swim in our fish tank. So , it was goodbye iPhone. At the time, i couldn't afford another iphone, so i opted for Android phones. Started with a HTC Desire S (Remember that?), then the Sony Xperia S, and now the LG Optimus 4X. All of them were great..... to start off with.. :( None of them lasted longer than a year and a half, whitout developing some sort of issue.They either became very slow, or developed a fault, or just outdated very quickly and there was no option to upgrade them further. So after going through so many phones in such a short period of time, I saved up and decided to switch back to iPhone (6). I have not turned back since. Build quality feels right, and the OS is simple and less clunky. No touch sensitive [back, home , and menu] buttons to annoy me anymore! (I keep accidentally pressing them when i'm gaming, and i end up back at the home screen, or worse, google search!). The music player app is lovely to see again; the one app i have missed so much. I no longer have to micro manage every setting on my phone, plus i love the new camera, After going through three android devices, not one had a decent and/or responsive camera. So in the end, what i'm trying to say is, don't let your child feed the family goldfish. You got that? :)
  • I had been fighting the switch for years before finally committing to an iPhone, which happened to be the iPhone 6. I made the switch from a galaxy note 4 that my wife now has. For the last few years I had been caught up in the spec war. I am an avid smartphone enthusiast. I have had every flagship phone released over the last 3 years. I read articles, watch videos and disect every published review of every new phone. I have come to the conclusion that most android phones are the same, give or take each individual phones niche forte. They have all become quite boring and regardless of what android fanatics say, all the top end android flagships are starting to follow the iPhone's lead. Perfect example, the new galaxy s6 release. There seems to be a pattern developing in the android community. They dump all the high end hardware/software available and stuff it into a shell that resembles an iPhone. The problem with all those "high end specs and features" is that 90 percent of the time they don't run cohesively with a good user experience. I mean, who cares what kind of technology is stuffed in a phone if it runs like 30 year old dump truck. Maybe that's a bad analogy, but you get the point. I have finally realized that iPhones just work better. Everything runs smooth and the phones look great as well as feel great to hold. It really is that simple. There is always going to be a phone coming out with crazy eye popping specs. However, at the end of the day, these are phones. These phones are meant to compliment are lives in a way that makes living with them easy and enjoyable. I have finally realized that Apple gets that. They build their phones according to those simple principles. The iPhone 6 has really opened my eyes and made me come to the conclusion that all I really want out of a phone is A) one that works flawlessly, and B) one that looks good and makes me proud to show off. The iPhone 6 does both of those for me....... FLAWLESSLY.....
  • I have been an iOS user since almost the beginning and I needed a little change so I got a moto x and it works amazingly and runs like a new Lamborghini.
  • I didn't switch to an iPhone 6, rather a 5. Now I know not a huge upgrade, but I came from an HTC One M7.
  • I actually switched from an iPod touch 5th gen to the moto X 2nd gen and I love it!!! I miss having my icloud music but its totally worth it! Also nothing impresses me on any iPhone
  • i dumped my iphone for an android phone. i bought an iphone 6 recently. But the features werent as varied as my new samsung note 4 and my brother's sony xperia z3. Both phones can variably do well in camera's sony's camera has the slow motion recording and 4k recording which is being now fixed in the upcoming xperia z4. im happy with android more than iphone. My friend is using an iphone 5s and she says i bought it because i love apple due to her craze of ipads and ipods. Now when we do alot of stuffs from our androids she just sits back and downloads apps which are not even free for what we android users do easily without paying a single penny.! as per retina display its the same as 42k xperia z3. see for yourself! iphone 6's touch id and apple pay are now also in samsung as samsung pay and the touch id thing i dunno the name though. So if you are apple fan go for an iphone.
  • I was recently forced by my job to give up my iPhone and get a Samsung galaxy......I HATE THIS FNG THING!!! I want my iPhone back!!!
  • I made the switch from Note 4 to iPhone 6 plus about a week ago. I will never go back! I was going to make the switch back when the iPhone 6 first came out but T-Mobile was all sold out and was not going to have anymore in stock for months. So, I decided to go with the Note 4. I have had all Samsung phones from Galaxy S to the Galaxy S5. The Note 4 was my switch to a phablet type phone. I guess you can say the main reason for my switch to iPhone was the software update (Lollipop) that was out for Android devices. The Note 4 is Samsungs latest and greatest out besides the new S6. Every phone got the Lollipop update except for the Note 4. The Note 3, S5 and I think the S4 even got it. The Note 4 should have been Samsung's #1 priority for pushing out the new software to. So I said the hell with it. I was sick of rooting my phone just to get the latest software. Only to have the custom software to be always so damn buggy. Now that I am a proud owner of the iPhone 6 Plus, I could not be happier. It's a Apple product to the core. It's not bogged down with T-Mobiles bloatware and logos. The iPhone would not have been a go for me if it were not the bigger screen. Can't wait to get a iPad. Apple TV is pretty awesome too.
  • It was prohacx at outlook dot com I hired to help me change my grades. I've been ripped off a couple of times so I was skeptical about payment. I trusted them with the fee and they delivered the job within hours. They also do email jobs, passwords to social network, catch cheating spouse, Name it it can be done. Thanks Sam. Wouldn't know where i would be without you.
  • HTC Evo > Samsung S3 > Samsung S6 > iPhone6 I was extremely disappointed with Samsung S6 and it has nothing to do with the phone as such. It's an awesome phone but what I absolutely HATE about all Android devices is the bloatware that comes installed. My phone has everything from payments to photos and I just don't like the idea that a bunch of useless apps are pre-installed and cannot be uninstalled. If anyone believes the whole BS that you can uninstall all apps on Samsung S6 is pretty much someone with an IQ of a Garden Lizard. That is a COMPLETE lie. You can only disable apps and cannot uninstall them and every time you restart the phone those apps start running in the background. They occupy space on a limited GB device and in many ways are just a battery suck. S6 reminds me of buying a Dell Machine. Even that shit would come pre-loaded with a bunch of BS. The only difference that cleaning and re-installing the OS was simple and that's not the case with mobile phones. At least not for everyone. In summary, F U Samsung for the crap that you install on your awesome phones. You just lost an Android fan to Apple
  • Ok. So here's a huge apple fan posting this. Yes, I use a macbook pro, iPod, had an iPhone, iPhone 3G, 4, 4s, 5, 5s and the 6 (No kidding, tried 'em all). In between I switched to Galaxy S3 and S4, which just made me love the iPhones even more, seriously. I didn't want to use the stock versions of Android for some reason (personal choice). A couple of months back, colleagues and neighbours started buzzing around about the new Galaxy Note 4. I went to a store to have a feel of it and it was first love. Never ever Tim would have imagined I'd cheat on them so easy :) However for me, it was one last chance being given to Samsung (including Touchwiz and android). I had a second phone which was obviously an iPhone 6. This was for me to do an in-depth differentiation of both the devices, eventually to decide and sell the losing one off. So its July 2015. I had bought the GN4 in Jan 2015. Trust me, this is a completely unbiased statement - The GN4 has so far exceeded my expectations from a smartphone perspective. The freedom platform, the OTG, the display, the camera - I mean, WOW! I have never ever used an android device for this lone. Its already a winner. For the last three months, I have been getting lured on the internet, triggering my thought process to shift to an iPhone 6 plus. So good, I went to Apple Store every second day to keep using it from there. It is a beast. But, with all due respect to that super-brand, the GN4 shows off its mighty design, ergo, frames and software, every time I pick up iP6plus for comparison. The Touchwiz has improved so well, that I cannot compare the current one with any other older Galaxy Devices as well. So to sum it up, I use almost all apple products, except a smartphone - You win this time Samsung - a clean sexy win!
  • I'm just about to dump android for iPhone 6 plus, I was a iPhone user years ago and then got sick of the iPhone4 and made my jump to android and I loved it! The problem is android is amazing but I hated all the phones that ran android cause of constant problems over the years and now I have been through 4 android phones and never happy with the phones. I used HTC one, Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung S5 and all of the phones had one or another problem. My biggest deal with the poor camera on android phones, My xperia had terrible overheating issues and I couldn't use the phone for more than 10 mins doing something before it burned my skin!!! Camera was so slow and quality is a far cry from my wifes 5S. So yeah I'm going to get the 6+ tomorrow! I'm going to miss Google keep for sure!
  • I have never had an iPhone until yesterday when work gave me a 16GB iPhone 6. I am pleasantly surprised and as an avid Google/Android fanboy I find myself rather intrigued with the new iPhone. I have pretty much owned every Android phone and especially the Nexus phones for years as far back as the OG Droid. I have been looking for that perfect balance of a phone and have had a Sony, HTC, Motorola, OPPO, OnePlus, and Samsung. In fact, I currently have an S6 Active as my personal device and it is near perfect when it come to Camera, Screen, durability, and is water proof. I have adapted my life to Android and am taking time to see how to transform my daily uses to Apple. I want to give this a fair shake and see if Apple can provide me with everything I have enjoyed over the past couple of years with Android or will this just be a work phone and keep Android as my daily and preferred driver...
  • I actual didn't go with the iPhone 6, but instead picked up an iPhone 5C for a really low price to use on my carrier until contract runs out. My nexus 5 now sits next to me in limbo. I haven't decided to sell it just yet, but I think that's what I'm going to do, along with the Nexus 7 which was replaced by an iPad mini 3 4G. Personally I don't like the larger phones anymore, and the design of the iPhone 6 & 6 + are just not appealing to me. I would have picked up a 5S, but each one I did find had problems. The 5C is the perfect size, even for my large hands. I'm in the process of learning my way around ios, and yes there are a few things I already miss from Android, but I'm willing to sacrifice integrated sharing, for better battery life and camera.
  • I have been an Android User since 2009 (when people still called it the google phone)
    Switched from a Galaxy Note 3 to iPhone 6 Plus here's my story.. Author,
    You couldn't have described it much better... First of all, my carrier is T-Mobile. (which was one of the last of the major carriers to get the iPhone) People have there opinions of T-Mobile but I never had a problem with them in my area, so switching carriers just to get an iphone wasn't a must for me.
    Meanwhile, around 2012 is when Samsung started becoming a major contendor in the smartphone biz, I owned the Galaxy S3, than went to the Note 3. I absolutely loved the Galaxy Lineup, as they progressivley got bigger and better as we know it. The Decision:
    It started when I watched the press conference for the iPhone 6/apple watch. Bigger Screen?!? available in 2 different sizes?, apple watch!?!? what?? Finally Apple was starting to get my attention. Well it just so happens I broke my Note 3 in November 2014 (self conflicted), headed into the store and held a Note 4 in one hand and a 6 plus in the other. This was by far one of the toughest decision in my life. I was so loyal to my Galaxy I felt like a trader, but the store rep convinced me to try an iphone (probably bc he had one) so I did. The Review: The Pros:
    Unboxing and getting it home I was in-love with the sexy smooth design. Got through the setup and had to remember my old iTunes account from my iPod classic days. Setup, not so bad. Downloaded a few apps and messed around with the camera. Apps looked smooth and camera was pretty impressive, especially the slow-mo.. Cons:
    The real test came to Navigating around the UI. Ugh, No back button! This was utterly annoying! I had to reach all of the way to the top corner and hit "cancel" didn't like that and still don't. Than it was time to sync my music (The real kick between the legs). Hooked up to iTunes to sync when iTunes told me not enough space?!? I was pissed but equally embarrassed that I had purchased a 16Gb iPhone. I am a Techie guy and know what specs to look for. But not once did this cross my mind when I had to make that decision of a lifetime. I just said give me that one! Now, I didn't check this because I NEVER HAD TO BEFORE! All my android phones in the past had an external storage option. The crappy part was that I was at sea, I work on cruise ships so couldn't immediately upgrade to a 64gb. So now I have an iPhone that I can't store all my music on and can't fill up with to many pics, videos, or apps (iCloud was not an option for me). This made me angry.. Why would Apple still even make a 16Gb iPhone these days? And how can they charge an extra $100 just to bump up storage.
    Backing up your iPhone, This is just a headache. All I want to do is drag my pics and videos from my phone to my Macbook but they make that complicated to. My Galaxy was all just drag and drop, simple and done. Conclusion:
    Apple, I tried to love you! I really did! But I can't get over the fact that you want to make the simpler things more complicated and you want to nickel and dime me for your convenience. For the price and quality I think I will be going back to a GALAXY, probably the S6 or Note 4. Your Pal,
  • I moved to IOS a year ago, the main reason was that I am losing my eye sight and using apple products like the iPhone and iPad makes my life a lot easier. Another thing is the operating system just works with no issues. Also customer support is second to none, Apple are always there to help. Voice over works so well and I can use my iPhone as good as a sighted person. All good for me I can't praise it enough I love my iPhone and would recommend it to anyone