The internet can be a dangerous place for children to navigate, especially since constant supervision is pretty much impossible — there are too many devices with access points, and there are no precautions in place to keep them from accidentally stumbling on something age-inappropriate.

What you and your family needs is a program that guards your children from the dark side of the internet. You need something that spans multiple devices, and you need to be able to track activity. This sort of thing doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Right now, iMore Digital Offers is offering a lifetime subscription to Familoop's Safeguard Premium 3 Plan. This lifetime subscription normally costs about $400, but you can pick it up now for only $49.99. That's 87% off the regular price!

Digital Offer: Get a lifetime subscription to a Familoop Safeguard Premium 3 plan for only $50!

The Familoop Safeguard app can be installed on up to three devices — the app includes these features:

  • Set time limits for device use
  • Filter age-inappropriate websites and other dangerous locations
  • Block apps from being installed on devices
  • Use the location tracker to keep tabs on your children
  • Receive notifications when your child leaves home
  • Track what your children look at online

Your subscription never runs out, so you can keep tabs on your family until they're grown and on their own. The best part? It's only $49.99 for the subscription. Familoop Safeguard is compatible with both iOS and Android devices — grab it soon before this sale ends!

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