Let's face it: there's nothing more terrifying than getting a notification that you're running out of space on your MacBook, iPhone, iPad… Anything! On top of that, keeping things in order can be difficult, especially when there are so many moving pieces to your workflow.

The solutions to this problem normally come from going through and deleting old, "unwanted" photos and videos, documents – anything, really – to make extra room, buying a hard drive to back everything up, or simply crying and panicking as you sort through your memories, attempting to organize and pick which ones to save and which ones to delete.

With the Shoebox Cloud Backup 1-year subscription, you can sort your documents, photos, and everything in between without taking up precious space on your hard drive. This means you can keep your things organized while simultaneously saving sacred space on your Mac.

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Shoebox is a great tool for a number of reasons, one being that you can access Shoebox from any device. Plus, with the 1-year pro plan, you get an unlimited amount of encrypted secure photo backup, and up to 10 whole hours of video backup in the cloud.

Normally you would have to spend $60 for a program like Shoebox, but with iMore's Digital Offers, you'll get nearly 83% off your entire purchace. That means you'll be checking out with Shoebox's reliable services for only $10!

Keep your workflow flowing smoothly and your media collection in order with the Choebox Cloud Backup Pro plan for one year. Your computer – and your brain – will thank you!

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