Having fine-tuned management skills is not only practical and appealing to potential employers, it keeps your resume looking crisp, your work-flow under control, and your head level regardless of the massive or minor tasks that're thrown at you. That's why the Project Management Professional Certification, or PMP, is an internationally recognized certification that proves to your employer how efficiently you can complete a project on time, within a specific budget.

While taking business courses and management seminars are a couple of options to consider, they can also be a bit, well… Boring. You may learn at a different pace than what's being taught, or maybe the price is a bit much for the skills you're looking to home. But what if there was a course you could take online that promises pre-project set up, initiation, & planning, with quizzes to test your progress, and interactive elements that connect you with other students and knowledgeable staff?!

Well cue the fanfare, because iMore Digital Offers presents the Complete PMP Project Management Certification Training Bundle which promises to help with your career in project management by preparing for the PMP Certification Exam.

Normally for a course that promises so much – including full access for a year, 21 hours worth the content, educational visual and multimedia presentations, and more – you would have to pay close to (are you ready for this?) $1,300.

Howeverrrrrrr with iMore Digital Offers, you'll save nearly 96%, and you'll only have to pay $39. That's an industry-level course designed by certified instructors with a 98.4% pass rate for less than $40. Plus, if you refer a friend, you get an additional $10 off!

Getting your Project Management Professional Certification is a big deal. It opens doors, gives you a more professional edge, and takes your work quality to the next level, and with iMore's exclusive Digital Offer, you have a year to go at your own pace and prepare. So what's stopping you? Certainly not that tiny $39 price tag, right?

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